Warm Floor – A Good Solution

All lovers of suburban lifestyle already in anticipation: waiting for the onset of warm spring days to get out of town and get some fresh air. However, overnight in a damp, cold house can easily cool interest in such a pastime. Chop wood and stoke the stove? Dubious pleasure. Escape the same on the nature of the end of the working week and freeze all weekend? Too unattractive prospect. Solution is ready offer company Teploff: bring to the country teploplenku – let your vacation will be comfortable. Warm floor "Teploff" is a thin, flexible polymer film with thickness 0.4 mm, which dealt with strips of carbon paste.

The favorable climate in the room with it can create through infrared radiation. With the usual electric warm floor, this design has little in common. The film "Teploff" as it is impossible better suited for heating garden houses. First, unlike electric heaters and floor heating, when used heat is distributed evenly around the room, and a comfortable temperature is kept within structure for a long time. Secondly, this is the only heating technique, which can be used in a room with floor coverings made of wood, because the heating temperature of the film can not exceed 55 degrees. So use in wooden houses does not represent absolutely no threat.

The device is an infrared warm floor looks like. First on the wooden floor is laid Foil heat reflecting coating, and then attach it to the infrared film and is mounted on top floor material (laminate, carpet, linoleum). To set the design requires a conventional power supply (220 V). If this draw a parallel with conventional heaters, it is safe to say that the film will allow you to save on electricity. Setting the same thermostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature and heating time, you can reduce power consumption to a minimum. Power outages, which often occur in suburban communities, teploplenke not terrible – they will withdraw it from the system. With regard to mobility infrared sex – cottage season because the property has come to an end – then this multilayered rug can take home with them, after turning in a roll, and use wherever you see fit. This means no need to buy teploplenku to example, for different cottages, because you can use and carry a one set. And in general, – strong, reliable material, it is not subject to corrosion and degradation, so surely serve you for a long time. When mechanical damage of the building goes, usually a strip or section of the floor and not all coverage. And a few words about the installation. It is worth noting that the infrared film "Teploff" universal. It is suitable for various types of facilities, and it can be used to heat not only sex but also the other horizontal, vertical, inclined surfaces of any area. Installation of floor heating "Teploff is able to produce each, it's easy and special training for this is not required.