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Make An Impression

And if the governor did not pay any attention to slave for several years, her go home with a large dowry, and even allowed to marry the coveted bride. However, most concubines preferred to a power struggle over the heart of the sultan or emperor – harems, like the giant stage, where the talented actors acted out the play for performance. Difficult was the victory in this battle – that's why tricks on which allowed harem beauty surpassed all imagination. Most of the time they spent at the mirror, brushing her long beautiful hair, picking up the jewels to the next addition of silk; prolonged washing, rubbing each piece of skin with sweet-scented oils and ointments have been a daily ritual. Behavior is also changing – concubine learned humility, a beautiful smooth gait, the art of random views But, of course, most focused on physical love – unlike evropeek who are used to keep success on the bed of passion on the responsibility of men, oriental concubines of the past did their best to impress and retain partners artful endearments, to make it again and again, much to the meeting. The main way to impress her lover were surprisingly intimate trained muscles, through which most experienced slaves could crack nuts. It is easy to manage them, they built a man on top of bliss – and the degree of satisfaction was directly proportional to the work, which she invested in mastering the science of love. Invented Several thousand years ago in ancient China, an unusual way to exercise the vaginal muscles quickly gained popularity and has reached our days in an unchanged form.

Master Materials

Nails affected by a permanent building, gradually thins, breaks may uncover some of the surface of the nail bed, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Recovery process of the nail would require a full update. The correction of nails required sawing material near cuticle, here involuntarily already regrown part of the nail. If the same procedure was rude, it is possible to damage the root of the nail, so that may be as uneven nail (wavy growth nail), and slowing its growth. In addition to mechanical damage are also allergic reactions to materials.

For example, even the various components of nail polish can provoke them, for example, can be observed atopic dermatitis in okolonogtevoy zone. It is also possible the rash of urticaria in areas such as varnishing. Allergic reactions to acrylics may appear after a long time from 2 to 16 months. They are accompanied by itch in the nail bed and the development of a felon. Nail bed becomes dry, thickened, and the nail plate itself and crack. For more clarity and thought, follow up with author and gain more knowledge..

Treatment of this reaction continues for several months. It should be considered that even the material, positioned as “hypoallergenic,” All the same can cause allergic reactions. To avoid such problems is important to choose a good master to whom you will trust your nails. Here’s what to draw account, if you came to the procedure of nail the first time: – Master inquire whether you have an allergic reaction to any of the materials and look of your nails, if you have any medical conditions, increase the nails he refuses. – Pay attention to how he will prepare your home fingernails to the procedure. Experienced master must ask you to wash your hands and treated them disinfectant spray, it is necessary for to prevent the ingress of bacteria during the procedure. – Remember that there is no need zapilivat nail plate to the state of the paper, it abused uncertain in its result, the master and beginners. Quite simply degreased nail nail polish remover and nail file to remove only the shine. – Between the natural nail and the material should not be air, if you’ve noticed, immediately ask the master to alter this nail. – All tools should be disinfected. – Materials themselves for nail should be the same company! Since the mixing of materials of different companies causes a chemical reaction that may not explicitly positive impact on nails. – No acrylic or gel cuticle is not “filled”, otherwise the nail will peel off! – The correction (an average of once every 2 weeks), the master must return the nails in their ideal state, that is washed down all irregularities to report material regrown part of the nail. – Work with a professional master-quality materials can not be cheap, so it is also necessary to take into account the health still is not worth saving. If you decide to make your nails very special, it is important to remember about these guidelines to keep your beauty and health. After all, beautiful nails – one of the components of feminine beauty. If you do not have much free time, there are a number of high-quality services to nail home.

How To Lose Weight? Start With The Head !

One of the main causes of obesity in humans – is banal overeating. Person in our distant past had seriously try something to get something to eat, and usually, power consumption seriously outnumbered the amount of energy supplied from food. Creating us, nature as it does not expect to have a huge supermarket, where the shelves are just bursting with food. Now we almost did not walk or even move. It is also quite Naturally, since man is programmed to save energy. In the end – all people, not having a super fast metabolism and have a couple of extra pounds or even more. Fat cell is created by nature to care about us. Every extra calories she caught, processed and postpone for a rainy day.

" And if you make it fast, you end up with double zeal, it will seek out and hide every extra calories, you never know what else you vzbredet head. How to lose weight for such a device of our nature? Many people do not eat all day and night to eat huge award dinner. This is a direct path to obesity, as hunger triggers fat storage. Have you ever seen a fat leopard in the wild? Or a fat giraffe? I am also not, because animals eat only as much as they need for life and not a crumb more. And as babies – Try to force the baby is if he does not want. Chief of Staff can provide more clarity in the matter.

The hormone leptin, which was discovered in 1994 in the adipose tissue penetrates into the hunger center in the brain and inhibits its activity. With obesity are formed various forms leptinovoy failure. Continual overeating leads to violations of work of the center of hunger in the brain, and you do not know when they were filled and when not. The more people there the more he wants. How to break this vicious circle? How to lose weight once and for all? The answer – change the food system. Remember how you eat and why do start eating? For many of us food is a pleasure, partially or completely replace other pleasure (art, communication, travel). Often the reason for eating are fatigue, anger, boredom, bad mood, disappointment, parties, food for the company. From childhood, we get used to eating as a reward (do it and I'll give you candy). That is, food is always accompanied by positive emotions and detracts from the life of trouble. You may find Nicholas Carr to be a useful source of information. The result will inevitably accumulate extra pounds as a protective reaction of the organism from any discomfort, the desire to get food as pleasure, reward or avoid punishment. Why do we? The reason lies in the childhood. Even in childhood the child is experiencing cravings for sweet foods, knowing that she was calm. Sweets and other goodies parents comfort, relieve nervous tension, smooths quarrels, build relationships, are encouraged to implement an unpleasant work, encourage, and punishing, depriving these pleasures. As a result, the child has formed a stereotype food "when I'm bad, I must eat." Understand the cause of your completeness, and you can lose weight quickly. Think of a typical for your family the following signs of malnutrition.

Breast Diseases

Breast disease – is a collective term of various pathologies of the breast. Distinguish between diffuse or focal (nodal) mastopathy. In women, long suffering from mastitis, as a rule, there are neurotic, vascular, hormonal disorders. Without causing severe rasstraystv health, breast disease, however, often occur chronically, over the years and leads to the development of the patients state of chronic stress and panic fear of breast cancer. Home Depot brings even more insight to the discussion. When problems arise? Fibroids, uterine, breast are increasingly becoming the 'companions' of the modern woman. Why am I having these diseases? Women are overloaded with work, daily cares enough rest, eat properly, get more congestion on the nervous system. The result – serious chronic disease.

A rare woman for 40 years does not suffer from hypertension, neurosis, women's diseases. By According to British researchers, one of the reasons – an excess of estrogen and other hormones that enter the body through food. Meat, napichkanoe hormones, has a surplus of hormones that enter the body and gradually accumulate, causing disease. Many Ukrainian researchers also believe these diseases are hormone-dependent. Due to various reasons, women after 35 years or even earlier, disrupted hormonal balance: hence tumor various sites. The diet of women is not enough raw plant food fruits, berries, vegetables, salads, natural sokov.Kakogo breast form you? Persistently advise women who suffer from mastitis, and seek advice on how to get rid of folk remedies. Do not waste drgotsennoe time, and as soon as possible consult a medical oncologist to determine what kind you have breast disease: diffuse or focal (nodal).

Day Diet

Some have even gone on your subject and also started this best of the best diets first few days everything was so interesting, unusual, you are all strictly carried out, but somehow not really lose weight. You work, you need to run after work, shopping, buy food for the family, and for myself. And then another friend called and said that coming birthday with friends, you have to go necessarily. Well, went well and gorged to satiety, and darling was taken as hungry to start a diet. Everything is great! Here are just a friend refused to diet now, it has at most a week your birthday, and there is no point in continuing until this diet, and so has violated the time such a thing, until you decide to switch to disposable food. And that is very convenient! Day to endure, but having come from work, we can entertain darling, surrounded by family all delicious! Most often you are getting.

Today is not normally eaten, and tomorrow, the day after. A month later noticed that and did not eat properly, and fat, and hungry every day. Diet has long been forgotten, the wrong food. But what's this? And what do you do in the end? For me, everything is clear! You do not comply with axioms, which you know very well. I will remind you of them. Axioms weight loss. 1. Meals should be regular (without the fat, flour, sugar, starch, food, fast food) 2.

Meals should be frequent (at least 3 hours) 3. Serve meals should be no more than 200-250 4. At lunch, be sure to soup or broth. 5. The last meal should be 2 hours before bedtime. 6. Before going to bed to drink kefir. 7. During the day you should drink regular, clean water (from 1,5 to 2,5 liters.) This is the most basic! And you want me to say they did not know about this? That's it! If you guided by these axioms – you start to successfully lose weight on any diet! Good luck to you, and good luck!

First Pregnancy

That's a miracle occurred and a pregnancy test showed cherished two strips. From this moment your life will never be the same as before. But in what direction it will change, depends entirely on you. For pregnancy and following childbirth directly affect the health of your unborn child, as well as on your health. If you are involved in planning, pregnancy and passed the necessary survey, there are no surprises should not be.

But during pregnancy is still work to change your internal organs, as they will have to work for two. Therefore, the observation during pregnancy is absolutely necessary even if the pregnancy itself was uneventful. The first thing you should do if feel pregnant, do ultrasound in Novosibirsk. And this is desirable because There is a danger that pregnancy was attached not to the uterus, ie, ectopic pregnancy. If the doctor sees during ultrasound in utero fertilized egg, then all is well. After the determination of normal pregnancy, you need to decide where you will observed in pregnancy.

It is desirable that the whole pregnancy you saw a doctor. This may be a female doctor consultation in the community or paid the doctor at the medical center. You can, of course, combine both types of Observation: to be tested and observed mainly in the antenatal clinic, and an additional fee to receive advice of another doctor. This will save you some money, but will reduce the effectiveness of monitoring, because in antenatal clinic you no analysis at hand will not give, so the doctor can not reliably determine the state of your health, or have them re-take again. In our center by maintaining a pregnancy with any time. Ideally, it is recommended to register for pregnancies 6-7 weeks. Then the doctor will examine you in the very beginning of pregnancy, immediately identify potential problems and plan the prevention of possible complications of pregnancy. A pregnancy principle: "To prevent is always better than cure" is especially relevant because choice of drugs that can be used in this state, always very limited. What as is the management in pregnancy? First of all, it involves regular inspections of the obstetrician-gynecologist. In the first three months of one every three to four weeks depending on the state of health, in the second trimester of 1 every 2 weeks and then 1 again a week. Before each appointment you will pass urine (renal – a very important indicator of pregnancy). At the reception you will have to weigh, measure your pressure, abdominal circumference and the size of the uterus. You will be fully informed about what can and can not during pregnancy, you will advise and gymnastics courses for pregnant women, will answer all your questions. The doctor, watching your pregnancy is available to you at any time. You can contact him on the phone and get all the necessary consultations. When registering pregnant examining physician, performed an electrocardiogram, then give up a large package of tests: blood count, blood chemistry, the study blood clotting, blood group and Rh factor, blood infections TORCH-complex, hepatitis B and C, syphilis and hiv.