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The Caterpillar Glutton

An essential classic of children’s literature 1969 wrote the American writer Eric Carle the Caterpillar”glutton. Today, she is considered a classic of children’s literature and is indispensable from the nurseries. Via the online shop can be acquired not only the book, but also the matching game for the dear little ones. “From the little Caterpillar glutton” there are now some creative new editions that inspire children. Books are ideal for playful learning hours. Using the colorful images and small holes scattered throughout the entire book, the children shows how a caterpillar eventually becomes a beautiful butterfly. The story is still the old in the new releases, only the layout has changed a bit. Pop up book, picture books with toy Caterpillar wood to the rear of Porter or with cuddly plush figures invite to discover.

Kids puzzle made of wood or cardboard are also popular. The big pieces of the puzzle are ideal for small children. Memory capacity and concentration of children be trained also wonderfully with the matching game to Schmidt’s book games. The children must this remember, with what is the Caterpillar glutton belly has crammed before it turns into a butterfly. The book, whether in original or reissue, as memory, card game and the matching little bed linen can be ordered easily from home about You can buy toys cheap and easy online the original game to the book, kids puzzle and much more at in the category. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann

Japanese Function

Quick and easy energy costs measure Like all devices of the Japanese manufacturer also this power meter distinguishes itself for the energy cost management through the combination of high functionality with good ease of use and low price. Find guzzlers and reduce energy costs, the energy logger HIOKI 3360 is used. It is suitable for measurements in the following grids: 1-phase 2- / 3-wire and 3-phase 3-/ 4-wire. Within the same network, E.g.

three 1-phase 2-wire systems can be measured simultaneously. The measuring ranges from 90V up 780V. begin reliable measurements with the correct wiring. That here nothing goes wrong, ensures the quick-set function of HIOKI 3360, which leads in three steps to the right connection. Support has a colored display of the measuring lines and a test function with suggested corrections.

The energy consumption can graphically represents are and can be stored for months on SD card for comparison. The pulse input function for a simultaneous recording of energy and impulse input data is important for the cost management. Measurements are possible via http over the network. Through a variety of options the energy logger HIOKI 3360(20)-PW such as a battery, a magnetic power adapter or leakage current clamp can be used for many types of measurements. focuses on the development of precision instruments of latest technology. Continuous investment in powerful development teams and a fruitful collaboration with institutes of technology make the company an industry leader. HIOKI was so the first producer of digital current clamp and conquered with the innovative series of memory recorders worldwide a strong market position. HIOKI has approximately 500 employees.


Everyone wants to learn how to lose weight, but what if you could burn fat doing what you’re already doing? Is it possible to lose weight without making dramatic changes to your daily routine? How can you lose weight if you sit on the couch all day? You have to make small adjustments to build a routine to burn fat effectively. salts of shopping? frequently We all love shopping? We all have something that we want to buy, which makes us to leave the House. Because does not use this opportunity to burn fat? You can effectively burn calories if you go shopping on foot instead of using your car. It may sound like something too cumbersome at first, but eventually you’ll realize that will become in a fun habit: walk instead of drive when you go to do your errands. do you have stairs? Up and down stairs is an exercise great weight loss. In addition, the stairs are highly accessible to almost everyone, so is at home in your apartment or Office. You can do something as simple as take stairs instead of climbing by elevator to your apartment. It may seem like a waste of time, but the truth is that you can never lose time when you’re doing exercise.He participates in a sport.

Otherwise routine to burn fat naturally is to start participating in any sport that you like. You can do it with your friends, or by yourself in your garden. One hour a day of sports you can burn more calories than several hours of intense training.

Give Joy And Growth!

STRONGLY due to the storm, there are now also as a Christmas gift! Creativity is a must at Christmas time. The search is difficult for the special gift. Another book? A CD? Not 2009! Recently, there are strong through the storm as a Christmas gift? To delight your loved ones guaranteed! STRONG storm organizes the collected knowledge of eleven senior life coaches 32 audio seminars. Here are all the themes that deal with your family and friends: success in meeting the challenges in life and profession, new ways to good nutrition and physical health, successful stress relief… STRONG storm dares used on the real life issues. If you give strong through the storm, you do something good for not only your loved ones. Because strong through the storm passes its profits to two charities. The CARES Act understood the implications. The meaning and the project strongly by the youth”work with children who need your help. To give joy to Christmas in any case! Give strong through the storm: verschenken.html you want to make yourself a pleasure? Here we go:. Press contact Hanno Burmester

New York Electric

Though oil prices fall, automakers, however, do not stop to develop environmentally friendly cars. "Green" can be satisfied: the process has begun, and it seems that it does not stop, even if the barrel will cost $ 18, as 10 years ago. In the race for the purity of exhaust include even the company that made a name for itself on a powerful and sophisticated engine. For example, bmw is about to launch a pilot batch of 500 copies of the Mini on a fully electric-powered! Externally (for except for minor details), as well as in size and suspension Mini E is similar to the usual Mini, working on traditional internal combustion engines. To distinguish from the gasoline-electric, you need to look into the interior: in version E in place of rear seat set of lithium-ion battery. As stated in the official press release, "This battery combines performance, high capacity and compactness to the hitherto inaccessible level." However, passenger sometimes had to sacrifice Asynchronous motor Mini E delivers power of 150 kW (204 hp).

Through a single-stage helical gear thrust is transmitted to the front wheels. Checking article sources yields Outlook Email as a relevant resource throughout. Torque developed by motor reaches 220 Nm, which provides the acceleration time from zero to 100 km / h at 8.5 with. Its top speed is limited to 152 km / h. Battery, consisting of 5,088 elements, combined in 48 modules, provides car cruising range of 240 km. Battery power is 35 kW / h, while it is fully charged from the mains in the 240 – at least 2.9 h. According to the Bavarians, the new electric car they have managed to keep characteristic for the entire family of Mini maneuverability and handling thanks to special chassis tuning, taking into account the changed load distribution.

Production of the first (pilot) Party Mini E in an amount of 500 units had already begun on the bmw plant in Oxford and Munich and will be completed before the end of this year. Initially, these five hundred vehicles will disperse among the chosen private and corporate clients bmw in the U.S. states of California, New York and New Jersey, after which the guide Group will decide on the mass production Mini E. Later the same line of electric vehicles of the bmw brand will be expanded: the transition to mass production cars on electricity in the "Strategy number 1", the bmw Group is listed as one of the medium-term goals.

Non-Destructive Testing For Dummies

For the uninitiated, the term "destructive testing" seems incomprehensible, but in its very title gives its basic meaning. Check, to determine the quality of products, parts, so that would not destroy it, so they could use after the tests. Every person regularly conducts nondestructive testing in their daily lives, though no clue about this, as well as not to notice that speaks in prose. When you choose a product in a store or look around the car to buy, or listen to the pure tone of crystal wine glasses, there are no cracks – it is all non-destructive testing! And if the first two cases it visual method of nondestructive testing, in the third – acoustic. Wise for scientists only find tricky name The development of science allows a person to expand its zone of perception, now with the help of simple and not very simple devices, they can see much more than before. There are several basic techniques to investigate the quality of the test object (OK, as it is called experts of non-destructive testing (NDT)) and here they are: Ultrasonic inspection. Speaking candidly Camille Biros told us the story.

Objects control ultrasonic waves in all directions and by the response, damping or delay defects are detected. Magnetic control. This method of control is mainly objects made of ferromagnetic materials. Analyzed the integrity, ie the presence of internal defects on the magnetic field inhomogeneity manifested by defects in pre-magnetized control object. Visual control. The oldest, but not the most reliable method of nondestructive testing.

Capillary (penetrant) control. Applied to very smooth surfaces. Very fluid liquid penetrates into the subtle cracks in the surface control object, and can be manifested in the form of the tracer pattern under the influence of special agents – the developer. Acoustic control. The idea of the method is simple – the defective product "sounds" different. If this analysis Total spend not only "by ear", and using a spectrum analyzer, the method acquires a beautiful name – the method of acoustic free oscillations. Radiographic inspection. Before the X-ray or gamma radiation few can resist. Compelling penetrating ability, X-ray irradiation can look inside the test object, and the defect does not disappear. Now more about the application of certain methods in real production. Installation of ultrasonic inspection of rough axles of rail transport. Non-Destructive Testing in rail transport is actively using the ultrasonic method. In this setup, analyzed the degree of attenuation of ultrasound propagating along the rail axis, if the damping is too strong it may be indicative of structural inhomogeneities of the metal axle. Universal Magnetic Flaw Detector "Unimag. Magnetic particle method is one of the magnetic methods of nondestructive testing, in which defects are detected by the indicator pattern left by a special magnetic powder or suspension of the inhomogeneities of the magnetic field. On the aircraft manufacturing plants are widely used series of magnetic particle inspection Unimag. Object of control up to 3 meters clamped between the contacts, and on it passed currents of up to 10000 A, the results of magnetization. Simultaneously, a special coil magnetization control object is magnetized in the longitudinal direction, and watered magnetic particle suspension. X-Ray Systems "Artikon-TL. Industrial digital X-ray machine combined with a manipulator to control the turbine blades. Manipulator can get a few digital X-ray photos of one blade from different perspectives, thus providing excellent performance control.

Garage Doors

Ideas for how to construct a garage at the cottage. All those who built, building or planning to build a cottage for myself, of course, do not forget about his friend’s iron-car! He also needs to be near nearby from home. There are several options for building the garage: Build in a house built Attached and detached. Each option has its pluses and minuses. One of the key moments of the construction of all the above options in the harsh Siberian climate Krasnoyarsk Territory is certainly heating garage or creating energy-efficient environment for maintaining the required temperature. If a garage built, so it is necessary it also included in the wiring of heating system, since it is part of the house. If built adjoined, as a rule, as it is desirable to hold back heat. In these two variants of the heating does not require more resources and cash injections.

Only in one embodiment, the holding of heating would be very costly. On the other hand, this option of building the safest to stay in the cottage. In this regard, and there question how all such construction? The answer is very simple: How do you like best! The main thing to remember in addition to the main structures of the room to put energ oeffetivnye gate. It will help us to sectional doors of sandwich panels. The gates of the domestic manufacturer on its effectiveness are two masonry brick. At the moment the market is the gate of the Belarusian production, domestic and Chinese, there are German, but very rare. Here we will focus on the gates of domestic production for several reasons.

First, remove from the list of Chinese, by virtue of the fact that they have not been certified and the reviews are not more than a year. German by a low prevalence. It remains to make a choice between Belarusian and Russian. In favor of selecting the last spoken by several factors: first, it is patriotism, and secondly – what the production is here made and certified for Russia, all the necessary configuration is always in stock throughout Russia, the manufacturer warranty, the quality is comparable to European producers. Color selection gate is also very important, your door can be brown, blue, green, etc. Just have a collection of gates with coloring wood.


) The journalistic professional meets a work of investigation, research, research to inform periodically a target a target audience. But the question put is: that is journalism? If descomponemos the question in two parts: 1. Outlook Email may find it difficult to be quoted properly. What is? 2. What journalism? Can she give us the response parameters, to find a definition that minimally justified us the construction of a recommended and acceptable exposure by different academic and practical sectors of the journalistic work. When He wondered by the what? Is this asking for foundations, the sustenance that is essential to an object and as this can transcend its existence; then the basis of journalism, his Sustainer is the human ability to communicate across different languages, but what differentiates communication journalism in general, it is its fundamental objective, report to act as smaller or larger human communities on l and that break the parameters of U.S. households.

The more widely the information spreads can we talk about journalism. Then j is: human communication led to collective human, who can perceive the different positions front that make human in all the orders political, economic, social or cultural to promote informative knowledge to enable the collective and the individual who perceives the journalistic information to decide and act accordingly. Journalism is the development of effective communication, which allows freedom of expression in a sovereign exercise in which is You can criticize, self-critical and or support, achieving that human beings interact and find in this mechanisms enabling to resolve their disputes. But the journalistic activity requires judgment and social responsibility and should be subject to Union self-regulation.

The Car Pros – A Woman Guides

Buying a new car is not always easy. The range of vehicle models, equipment options, and car dealers is huge, uncertainty is accordingly large. Anyone who has ever bought a car knows this scene: man strolls through the dealership and can call themselves an attractive new car price. As soon as it has taken the place of the consultant at the table, this wild taps on his keyboard and then triumphantly finds that he can again give discount on the leather seats to 10 percent. But what are the possibilities of discount is there really? The framework for negotiations has been exhausted? What would other car dealerships offer? Annalena Bachinger 2012 founded the car pros, she wanted to bring light into this thicket. Due to many years of experience in the auto industry, she knows the possibilities and tricks the car salesman. The founder had already completed several stations around the car. So she worked among others for Audi and BMW and could make many contacts.

Through my Germany-wide network of dealers can I offer customers new and used cars on much better terms than if the customer himself went through the Internet,”told the certified automobile seller. “Is the car purchase is handled by us, price differences are by up to 28 percent when compared to the specified list price possible.” B is very well informed about the offers and car stocks of their dealer and has therefore the right time for the vehicle purchase. Sometimes it is advisable to wait a month or two to get to the premium of a special action with the purchase. But for such advice you have constantly the market at a glance. This is one of my daily tasks”explains the sympathetic counselor. This competent price comparison is also absolutely free for the customers of the car pros, as not only the buyer but also the dealership profits from Victoria b’s car placement.

Xramvision New Progressive Lens Presents Multivision

In set offset is automatically calculated Stuttgart. The glasses glass manufacturer X-ramvision presents a new progressive lens. Thats an aspheric back surface progressive design from German development in freeform technology multivision inset. This design is ideally suited for Aphakia, lack of convergence, one-eyed, senso motor disorders of the merger, different accommodation, addition and pupillary distance right / left. Basically the multivision, has a horizontal/vertical symmetrical design inset (xi). Software automatically calculates the in set offset the special thing about it: the software calculates when ordering online the complete Designverlauf depending on PD right / PD left an in set offset from 0 to 5 mm before discreet ration to the distance. The areas for the in set calculation lie at infinity (= inset 0 mm) and from 15 to 100 cm.

When ordering the in set offset at a reading distance of 40 cm is laid out (default / default 40 cm). A different weighting of the reading/working distance is desired, E.g. 18 cm, a completely new design with the corresponding new inset is calculated accordingly. In this case, the inset is 4.4 mm. While ordering will be shown on the site already recalculated in set offset.

There is also the possibility of immediately with ordering some compensation (AGG) as singlevision or multivision. An example from daily practice a dentist, 40 years old, want to look at the teeth in his patients from a distance of 18 cm. He needed an addition of 3 dpt, usually a normal lens with a classic in set offset by approximately 2.7 mm is made. In this case, the dentist but needed a domestic set offset of 4.4 mm give a binocular comfortable simply look for the workspace. The software automatically calculates this to set offset. New ordering process must the new ordering process of monocular allows that the compensation glass (AGG) as singlevision or multivision can be ordered. The singlevision is produced in spherical values. The trick is that the multivision compensation glass in the thickness (axis and cylinder) mirror-symmetrical or rotation-symmetrical, like the order values of the counter glass, the xi. Thus, it is ensured that both lenses have always same thickness, weight and aesthetic appearance.