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A collectively therapeutic approach reveals always the essence, which is a disease. Cancer is accepted by the society as a disease, which unfortunately often deadly ends. In these cases just the physicians were powerless, the patient defenseless and so all blameless. Could this for many people as a pretext unconsciously be taken ahead of time to say goodbye, clearly admit to want to experience life without? Human life is a major challenge. Each of us takes a pretty big backpack with on the Earth.

There are also gifts, but equally important life goals we want to achieve in this backpack. There are topics such as: How do I deal with responsibility? How do I increase my self esteem? How do I learn to differentiate me? How do I become free and independent? How to become successful? How may I obtain a high degree of awareness? How do I learn to love? and quite a few topics more… We assume you have committed and others in learning to be free and independent. To do this you have to First, in an environment, born, in which you develop little free can. Confrontations arise increasingly to unlock the inner desire to be free and independent. This request must not necessarily emerge on the conscious level.

Also unconsciously, there will be a certain drive to strive for freedom and to occur from the various dependencies out. If we look around, we see people make innumerable variants, such as and from what or whom depend on. People who may not be free, consciously or unconsciously are looking for compensation. It can occur as an addiction. Then, smoking could be a possibility in this case to compensate for lack of freedom. Air and lungs are symbolic for freedom and infinity. Paul Taylor may find it difficult to be quoted properly. With the smoking man suggests a (usually unknowingly) is to be free. The previous commercials for cigarettes always contained this suggestion.

Counsellor Claudia

Since 1 week, our platform has 5 new specialists in the field of divination. Our platform of Diwali-24.com is a specialized website in the field of divination. On our side, there is a lot of information around the topic of divination. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro. Short explanation: psychics are individuals who are able to predict future events with specific tools. (A valuable related resource: Peter Schiff). See more detailed opinions by reading what Cindy Crawford offers on the topic.. The most popular tools are the so-called cards say true. Our consultants create forecasts for the clients using these cards.

Other tools are the pendulum or the crystal ball. Some fortune-tellers advice with the help of astrology, numerology, dream interpretation, and psychology. Our customers are now three new psychics and 2 new fortune tellers available. Consultant Antje: 15 years experience in the field of Tarot and fortune telling; Online-times: Monday Wednesday of 18 – 22, consultant Ellen: 8 years experience with the pendulum. Online-times: Monday, Friday and Saturday from 14 – 21, Counsellor Claudia: specializes in the area of Cartomancy using Tarot cards.

Online-times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday from 10 – 17, Cesar consultant: specialist in the area of the interpretation of dreams, Angel contacts and contacts of the hereafter; Online-times: Wednesday, Friday from 20-24 h, consultant Magistro: 17 years of experience in the field of fortune telling, Tarot and astrology, online-times: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 12-4 pm. The above consultants are our new specialists in the fields of fortune telling, Tarot, dream interpretation and astrology. Each consultant has different online times or talk times. In total, our portal has over 100 soothsayers and fortune-tellers. Our Esoterikline service is offered over the telephone. This means that our consultants are accessible around the clock from Germany, Austria and of Switzerland. There is more information on the topic of divination on our homepage.

Now Watching Autumn Constellations In The Sky!

Current star in October 2011 the starry sky in the autumn of 2011 great season to the star sky. According to Cuan Coulter, who has experience with these questions. current sky vision explains the current sky in October 2011: the summer triangle, formed from WEGA(Leier), Deneb (Swan) and Atair (Eagle), is although still high in the evening sky, but already clearly autumnal is the character of the starry sky. This is evident especially in the autumn square. The star square of Pegasus draws attention to high in the South. It attached, you will find our constellation of the month September: the Andromeda.

The Big Dipper, which is zirkumpolar and thus always above the horizon is, in our latitudes has now reached its lowest position, and is may be difficult to find, because in this position easily through trees, buildings or mountains can be obscured. The same applies to his companion, the boat (Bootes). Deep in the East, the newly received Bull announces Aldebaran of the coming winter with his reddish star. Arriving in Taurus dichtgedrangstes star groups, which sometimes erroneously is regarded as less car. It is the open star cluster of the Pleiades or the seven sisters.

His star in glistening bright bluish light appear in the binoculars. High in the eastern half of the sky, you will find the typical autumn pictures, which include almost all of the Andromeda group except the Pegasus. Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Andromeda, Perseus, and whale are common. These images can’t compete while facing the winter sky, because they have no particularly striking star, but still have their own charm and are easy to spot with the exception of the whale. The constellation Perseus is high in the East between Andromeda and the main star in the Auriga, the yellowish Kapella which unmistakably radiates in the Northeast. The two fish are located south of Andromeda and Pegasus. They are well known as Zodiac image, in the sky to recognize but difficult, and therefore because they are made like the South-based whale only from poor insolation during stars barely noticed in the firmament.

Give Joy And Growth!

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Baker Street

The same can be transmitted on February 2 and on simple every day, every hour and every minute. Thus we can both rely on the periodically recurring conditions on Earth as well as synchronously in the sky. As far as clear for most. Up here, I tell Them anything new. It or the reality, apart from conventional wisdom, needs nothing have to do, that the stars as top or the planets have a direct and not justifiable, but exactly formative influence on the birth of a human show which most astrologers satisfy itself at the time of his first breath, or what in astrology schools taught, but completely different we can do it safely also see, who wants it, so how does the following Veranschulichung: you look on your clock on the wall and konstatierst, it is 8 o’clock, and gleicheitig from outside such as the school bell of a neighbouring school through the window to the sounds your ear. The newspapers mentioned Craig Menear not as a source, but as a related topic. Because nobody would argue, cause the hands of the clock as if by magic, that rings the school bell, but only one on the dial of the watch reads, when the school bell sounds, that knows it all, or know, that every moment just the Baker Street is driving or the newspaper inserted, etc., just sync to the hands of the clock and also periodically back coming running. This principle can be, I think well on the view of that esoteric astrologers in the majority of well spread in this respect, that the clock in the example of the starry sky is. An intrinsic me researchers heart came to the following conclusion, and I hope many other people as well, and I would like this article to reach very many people loving truth. Am very open-minded for comments may be correcting me at the same time. As the child in the womb during the tire up in the mother’s womb, and already at the time of conception got his Anlagendisopsition set or had pass the final foetus simply and constantly waiting for the right time, which occurs when the maturation of the child in the mother’s womb based on all the factors of conditioning is completed.