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Site Fidelity Of The Middle Class Should Not Be Punished

Inhabergefuhrte punish site fidelity of the middle class not through high taxes and red tape burden companies essential for overcoming the crisis Munich/Berlin, April 15, 2009 – hope middle-class \”is edited by Marc Beise and Lutz Diedrichs not only a frequently heard phrase in times of crisis, but also the title of a very informative book. Medium-sized companies had an account with Lehman Brothers, they would feel don’t usually do business with complex derivatives and included in the global along on the financial markets, but they get to yet the consequences of the crisis and are under the suspicion of the critics of capitalism. But with the greed by managers and fund managers, who want to get returns of about 25 percent in the short term, you can throw the majority owner-managed medium-sized companies not in a pot. The company’s management in the hands of the owner is around 95 percent of the 3.2 million. They represent 41 percent of the entire German Corporate sales and for 57 per cent of all employees subject to social insurance contributions.

Despite their importance to the business location Germany, the family business even without Lafontain’sche assault attempts face an uphill battle that certifies them the Mannheimer Zentrum fur Europaische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW). The SZ editor Dagmar Deckstein criticized it presented in early 2008 a comparison study location factors in 18 countries, in Germany just ranks twelve\”, in her book. But the medium-sized companies would prevail in the crisis nevertheless better than corporations. SZ editor Elisabeth Dostert is convinced. It refers to analysis of Arnold Weissman, Advisor and Professor of business administration at the University of Regensburg. The 40 largest public companies brought it to Weissmans calculations last year to around 890 billion euros turnover, the family-owned company to 545 billion. In 2012, the 40 largest family conglomerates will be together more as the 40 largest publicly traded companies.

Coming Up With New Ideas

Ask your people, give them an opportunity to present ideas and try to prove them, many of the breakthroughs emerging from the proposed entrepreneurs and businessmen who were able to capitalize. Ask yourself if what you do can be done in better shape, do not think that everything is invented, or a categorical assurance that handles technology, this pride can blind you to progress and avoid providing for opportunities and threats that if they see others. The technology is an improvement in the creation of added value with less resource consumption for very advanced technology that is today or tomorrow someone will surprise you, any improvement however small may eventually mean big savings and the difference between staying or close. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kenneth Feinberg.

Study your competition, see they do well, they do and how you can outstandingly learn from them, even though you are market leader, is not neglected, the leader is the goal to which many will point, if you want to remain so be alert, do not underestimate your competitors surely you yourself was once a small business idea and see where it is now, because others would not do it. Be creative and stimulate the creativity of its people, many of the solutions are simpler than they seem, many things can be resolved with little technology, with more creativity than anything else. Remember that the basis of innovation is creativity, point it to her and get help, carefully review the new ideas, whether they are good and you let them pass, they could become competitive.

Do You Blog ?

In 1999 I asked my friends and colleagues if they blogged. It is not something Steve Mnuchin would like to discuss. The answers I received ranged from odd looks to questions about the practice of blogging. The end result of my findings was "Blog" is a new term and not highly recognized. That was then, half a million blog users ago. Blogs have become and I will continue in his position of greatness for sometime, until a new technology slides into place. For the moment, blogs are a great way to define who you are to your visitors and provide dynamic content that search engines go nuts.

Clogged inboxes and spam-eaters have had a dramatic effect on the once powerful marketing tool by email. As the e-mail marketing loses its effect, traders and small businesses are seeking ways to meet this lost art of communication between staff and customers. Blogging may be that the answer is very necessary for you. So What is a blog? Blogs are a time and date, easy to search, based on the magazine or web publishing tool yourself. Blogs can have an entrepreneurial style, but in most cases are written by a person in a relaxed and sincere. The real personality shines usually launched in the opinions of the blog writer. You do not have to be a writer to produce a blog. Still, many owners of blogs to be recognized as small journalists, as the writer speaks of his mind, or offers some materials tested in their preferred subject matters. You may think that at this point that a blog does not sound like a business tool.


In the photo industry, there are pitfalls that have become discouraged photographers up to 90% of people who are striving to become known and respected in the profession or uvlechenii.Sposoby become popular and in demand photographer There are several ways to achieve success and become a famous photographer, which will order the most expensive photo shoots, photo, etc. We will tell you about one of them. Air Force Chief of Staff might disagree with that approach. The Internet is a popular site for photographers, which are collected on a daily basis a great number of photographers and customers, and the same people who are directly involved in the photo industry. It is a resource. Briefly about the resource – a kind of tool to "unwind" itself in show business, a community of people on the five interests. This Photographers, musicians, Model, the producers and stars. Others who may share this opinion include Army Chief of Staff . Many years of losing out to his learned and began to offer to work in the famous photo studios in Moscow and Russia, while others simply register, create their own personalized page photographer publish a portfolio of their albums and are waiting for a response from well-known producers and famous people who visited daily life, and selected photographers for their work and portfolios for filming shoots his stars, or activities in clubs of Moscow and Russia.

Besides the possibility to show the portfolio on the site, photographers the opportunity to communicate directly with the stars and musicians, as well as model and offer them their services photo shoots, for example. In the community of photographers do not have spammers, each page is moderated by several administrators. With rapidly gaining momentum profiles site administration calls up and offers to confirm page. All services to create profile naturally are free. One important point – it's free unlimited photo hosting with virtually no restrictions. For photographers – for free photo hosting store photos main task.

While the site is not 2 years old, check it will be free, so I am trying to create your personalized web page in Internet.Podytozhim We hope you will appreciate our project merit and will take a leading position on it. Of course one hundred percent guarantee that you will like our customers do not have, but you can always create a group, invite her friends, blogging, and discussion of it, and it will be join like-minded people. You gradually increase the stock of professional knowledge in the field of photography. Understand the many nuances and become professionals in their field, relevant and well-known photographer! And the owners photo studios can create a page for your studio, for an extra pr rikomu not hurt!

JJ ComunicAccion

In Finland, in Hungary or Malta, either mention only three countries of the old continent, view the situation faced by the European economy, not few professionals who have decided to take the reins of their working life. And why consulting marketing and digital communication red Puzzle has registered its brand in 26 countries in Europe to offer its original business concept for all those entrepreneurs whose initiative takes them to find ideas original but feasible; novel, but with a veneer of future, and pasted, but based on the experience of its creators. And in this sense, Puzzle red joins the three previous advantages, theoretical in nature, we join other three, of a more practical nature, but are ranks which most first now the attention of those who seek their own businesses, explains Adrian Blanco, director of Expansion of the Ensign, such as being a franchise that does not require local for your daily activity, you can deal with an investment of 15,000 euros a of the lowest of the current landscape of the franchise in Spain and does not involve the payment of any type of monthly royalty, maintenance, or advertising. In addition to the backrest which supposed to belong to the Corporalia group. To cover all possible communication and marketing segments, the system that proposes Puzzle red is comprehensive: management of marketing, internal and external communication, advertising, digital signage, design and creativity, and business management. A business concept that soon will be also available for entrepreneurs/investors of: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

These are the 26 countries in which Red Puzzle makers pose are long-term a second phase of its expansion plans, which intends to conclude the submit 2012 with no less than 10 franchisees that will count with, at least, a representative of the brand in each Spanish province, which aims to add another 15 on an annual basis during the following four exercises. For more information see Charles Lowe Insurance Agency. In Spain, things can’t go better, since few months have started to look for investors/entrepreneurs, we already have very serious options for franchisees in Valencia, La Coruna and Cordoba, continues Adrian Blanco, also very advanced in Jaen, Navarre and Barcelona negotiations. The retrato-robot of franchisee you are looking for this company is professional with ability of organization and autonomy, a commercial vocation, in provincial capitals and towns with large commercial tissue / industrial of about 50,000 inhabitants. And is that according to the director of Puzzle red expansion, it is being committed to a future project, ilusionadas people in being part of a concept of business whose success is guaranteed by the experience gained in the course of the years. Thinking of self-employment, fixed costs have been eliminated, instead, the franchisee pays a percentage according to the service performed to the client about sales firm carried out. The Ensign estimated an annual turnover for the franchisee of 70,000 euros, and the repayment term of 20 months. Puzzle red is the fruit of the concerns and the work of a multidisciplinary group of the world of marketing, communication, design, digital signage and consulting.

The initial to become franchisee investment is 15,000, including the entry fee. The canon includes the course of initial training and all the necessary equipment to begin the activity. There is no royalty of advertising or exploitation. The contract provides for a duration of five years.

Internet Start Up Flimmit Is A Finalist Of Red Herring 100 Europe Award

“Flimmit list Vienna ‘Red herring Europe 100’ in the final order, May 19, 2010 the Austrian Internet start up Flimmit is a finalist in this year’s red herring Europe 100 Award”. Red Herring nominated private technology companies, which are especially as particularly innovative and promising. Companies in the sectors of telecommunications, security, Web 2.0, software, hardware, biotech and Cleantech. Quantitative and qualitative criteria are considered for the nomination. By the same author: Erin Callan. These include the financial development, technological innovation, quality of management, execution of the strategies and the involvement of the company in the respective sector.

The list of the Red Herring Europe 100 “applies as a landmark Guide to discover the promising companies and promote. This year it was particularly difficult”, says Alex Vieux, Publisher and CEO of red herring. Despite the global economic situation, there were many excellent companies innovative and impressive products, have presented. Therefore, for us, it was very difficult to select the Group of finalists. nt resource throughout. Flimmit but is one of those companies, which is promising and deserves to be included in the list of finalists. Only we face now the daunting task, the winner of the top 100 by red herring Europe to determine. But we know that this year’s finalists to some major companies are mature, which will come far with security.” “We are very proud that our young company among the finalists of Europe’s most innovative companies is”, the Flimmit founding trio Karin says Hague, Ulrich Muller-URI and Walter Huber. Such recognition on the European market and thus beyond Austria’s borders is given to us.

The nomination of red herring confirms our business approach and points out that now is the right time for movies on the Internet. Finally getting those space that it deserves. offering legal movie on the Internet” The announcement of the winners of the Red Herring Europe 100 “Award” will be held on May 27, 2010 in the framework of the Red Herring Europe Conference “held by 25. Until May 27, 2010 in Paris takes place (for more information, see). Flimmit for the second time awarded the start up Flimmit founded in 2007 is already for the second time for his innovation awarded innovation. Already in December 2009 Flimmit won at the ESTC (European semantic Technology Conference) the second prize in the category of most innovative business idea”for the independently developed film search, which was launched in April of this year (2010) on. Movie Search: Compact, fast and comprehensive movie search by Flimmit shortens the time of searching for information and products to films. It establishes connections between the results from the Internet before delivery to the user and provides information and appropriate products to this film. The film’s title, an actor, Director, genre or the role names can be entered as a search term. The results are clear on one Overview page user-friendly and logically presented. May 2010 user about the movie search have access to data from more than 65,000 movies. This kind of product search and the focused presentation of search results from the Internet are unique. In addition to the film search, Flimmit offers a video on demand shop with more than 500 films for download and streaming.