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Coming Up With New Ideas

Ask your people, give them an opportunity to present ideas and try to prove them, many of the breakthroughs emerging from the proposed entrepreneurs and businessmen who were able to capitalize. Ask yourself if what you do can be done in better shape, do not think that everything is invented, or a categorical assurance that handles technology, this pride can blind you to progress and avoid providing for opportunities and threats that if they see others. The technology is an improvement in the creation of added value with less resource consumption for very advanced technology that is today or tomorrow someone will surprise you, any improvement however small may eventually mean big savings and the difference between staying or close. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kenneth Feinberg.

Study your competition, see they do well, they do and how you can outstandingly learn from them, even though you are market leader, is not neglected, the leader is the goal to which many will point, if you want to remain so be alert, do not underestimate your competitors surely you yourself was once a small business idea and see where it is now, because others would not do it. Be creative and stimulate the creativity of its people, many of the solutions are simpler than they seem, many things can be resolved with little technology, with more creativity than anything else. Remember that the basis of innovation is creativity, point it to her and get help, carefully review the new ideas, whether they are good and you let them pass, they could become competitive.