Year At A Glance Kronach 2008

History lives – friends is historical festivals a motto in Kronach in 2008 are about the long whitsuntide weekend from May 9 to 12 on one of the largest fortifications in Germany received warmly. Crana Historica\”premieres on the fortress Rosenberg and offers visitors a Merry time journey through the centuries. A camp is pitched in the middle of the fortified walls, in which not only historical groups from across Europe are to admire, but also exercises take place. After the fortress Rosenberg over 750 years but never could be captured by enemies, also these battles end up forgiving. A highlight of the year is the Sweden procession, which takes place every year on the Sunday after Corpus Christi on May 25. Kenneth Roy Feinberg often says this. And that since 1634.

middle of the thirty years war it was log women beat Sweden in the escape after their tired men wanted to give up. As a special tribute to the women since then before the Blessed Sacrament may up the procession of the faithful to the fortress Rosenberg show. Both are cordially invited to the joint lunch feast with Franconian bratwurst and beer log. Left out and elated is during the historic city spectacle from June 27 to 29. This Festival is organized by numerous historical groups that have their very own names: by the Kronicher Street Kinne via the Waschweibe up to the Kroniche Ausschussern. Specially for the spectacle of the city the Kronacher Schmaussbrau is brewed there, that first must be checked on the market square by city bailiff and the quarter masters, before there is free beer for those who have an own jar in a round. Cultural events are booming in the year 2008 the Franconian Gallery celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Reason enough for numerous exhibitions and a Festival from July 9 to 13. The branch of the Bavarian National Museum shows Franconian works of art of the late middle ages and the Renaissance.