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Pharmaceutical Industries

Life sciences”addressed the Localization World, the leading conference for the international product and corporate communication Berlin 05.02.2010. Follow others, such as Bill Shihara, and add to your knowledge base. With an own topic of life sciences”the Localization World especially the leading conference around the international product and corporate communication addressed the pharmaceuticals and medical technology. Presentations, user examples and in-depth workshops to know how companies can promote their internationalisation projects and optimize the necessary processes. The Localization World takes from 8 to 10 June 2010 in Berlin, held under the motto expertise for global success”. The life science industries show stable even in tough economic times, international markets play a large role here. For example, the German medical technology companies stepped up their foreign sales to over 11.5 billion alone 2009, equivalent to an export quota of 65% (source: SPECTARIS Industry Association). Companies are making their products in the Foreign market are subject to numerous regulations. In no other industry these are for the product-related information (instructions, data sheets, brochures, leaflets, etc.) so extensive and restrictive as in the life science industries. Depending on the country of export, it applies to comply with country-specific standards and requirements. Customers receive products that are accompanying documentation in the national language at a company’s global presence to support currently 25 standard languages per product line. The Localization World as a leading conference in this area is devoted in corresponding focus events of the adaptation of products and corporate communications of the life-science industry for foreign markets. Experts respond to among the different regulations, users discuss successful approaches and show how can be possible stumbling blocks. In addition, panel discussions and roundtables to current issues related to the life are Science localization’ provided. The Localization World in Berlin will take place already for the third time this year. Within the three-day conference program, four Vortragsslots are performed in parallel. Companies explain how they have realized their internationalisation strategy. Experts and users informed about professional localization management, the identification of strategic target markets as well as the realization of multilingual Web sites. “So the Organizer address the localization Institute and the magazine multilingual computing” both decision makers and professionals in the company as also LSPs and translators. For more information, about the localization Institute, Inc. The Localization World in Berlin is a conference with accompanying exhibition. You provide compact knowledge globalization strategies and the localization of products and services. The comprehensive conference program addresses companies that market their products international or appropriate solutions to the Search optimization their localization processes, especially in the translation and adaptation to country-specific features. Editorial Contacts: The localization Institute, Inc. Ulrich Henes 4513 Vernon Boulevard, Suite 11 Madison, WI 53705, United States Tel: + 1 608-1790 PR agency good news! Dr.

ADU Collection Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Debt collection company successfully thanks to individual debt collection solutions in a dynamic industry. Osnabruck, Rafaela: The General accounts receivable and collection GmbH celebrated its 10th anniversary in April. Since the day of establishment of the Managing Director Burkhard cross man on a consistently growing company and a positive company development can look back. The General accounts receivable and collection service has successfully focused on the debt collection of amounts of and offers TuV certified collection, has made a name for himself through his individual solution concepts for clients in various industries. With individual solutions to grow shortly after establishing cross man recorded his first mandates and expanded throughout the company’s history in their number and in scope successfully this.

As well, the number of employees grew steadily. 2002 cross man started his company two – together with his wife. Now work around 30 employees in the team of the General accounts receivable and collection service and care is the successful collection of receivables. We adapt to our clients, pick them up in their current situation, and jointly develop their company-specific workflow. “So we do frequently customized collection solutions and look in another decade on satisfied clients as well as the company keep stable growth”, holding cross man.

New challenges: the debt collection market in flux in this eventful decade has changed significantly the debt collection industry through mergers, acquisitions, and numerous startups. Meanwhile, about 800 debt collection companies operate in Germany. However, the number of enterprises that result in greater amounts of claims in its fleet, has remained close, thus creating greater competition for the individual mandates is. Also legal changes such as the introduction of the seizure protection account, the steady increase in the seizure exemption or the restriction of the collection costs already have the debt collection market changed and will affect the debt collection business in the future significantly.

Zurich Oerlikon

Self storage provider provides free moving vans available from late September to early October it is for many Zurich again: boxes Pack, disassemble furniture, order moving car and move with belongings into the new apartment. MyPlace self”, self storage provider in Zurich, would support this time new selfstorage users when moving. Pacific Mortgage Services may find this interesting as well. During this period, the company has its new customers at two locations in Zurich Oerlikon (Vegastrasse 2, corner hagenholzstrasse 111) and Zurich Wiedikon (Grubenstrasse 28) free vans available. Because experience has shown that it is not so easy to rent a moving truck for these days. New customers can simply call the location, reserve a van and pick up. The free offer is valid while stocks last. Following situation: the long-awaited combination train with a partner or in the first WG is. The joy is great, not the usual place problems were there: where only with the stuff, like the two washing machines, ironing boards or many pots and books? How to make a where even enough space to life remains from two households? Or how it looks in the case, if no basement is one of the beautiful new apartment or it is damp and mildewy? This is not uncommon in large cities.

In the warehouses of MyPlace self”, all things that find no place at home or in the basement can be stored clean, dry and safe. The compartments are to rent from 1-50 square metres in size and already within 2 weeks. Many are looking for a long-term solution, such as the basement out of the House”, others need a short-term and easy storage during the renovation of the House or when, for example, input and extract date clash. The self storage market leader in the German-speaking world sees itself as a service provider for its customers and would like to make as easy as possible the storage of and access to the personal belongings you. On the occasion of the forthcoming appointment of reins can MyPlace new customers as welcome present “take advantage of a very special service and free book a moving van. But there are collaborations with moving companies and rental car services, providing attractive special conditions for all MyPlace customers even during the rest of the year. And if still packaging or boxes are missing for the move, you can purchase these at low cost in the MyPlace shop directly at the site.

MyPlace self”is convenient and easy to reach in any case. The average 1,000 warehouses, storage buildings are centrally located and well connected. The customer enters their personal PIN code at the gate entrance and then take the vehicle directly to the site, where only MyPlace customers have access to the compartments. With the elevators, all items can be brought directly to the compartment, which is locked with its own Castle. Thus has alone the respective owner from 6:00 to 22:00 access to his storeroom. In addition installed cameras for security and from 22:00, a private security guarded the premises. MyPlace self”is now represented with two locations in Switzerland (Zurich), 18 sites in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden) and 8 locations in Austria (Vienna, Graz). Also, 6 more warehouses are in planning or under construction. All branches together offer the 28,000 storage compartments for SelfStorage customers to, in which you can daily store their stuff or pick up again.

Giveawine AG With Matthieu Laine

Glattbrugg, 27.10.2009. Matthieu Laine takes over marketing and project new management at Giveawine AG. Matthieu Laine, since in June 2009 in the company, takes over marketing and project management at Giveawine AG new. MySpace often says this. After his move from Fleurop Europe to Giveawine, Matthieu Laine as project manager marketing was responsible for the timely implementation and qualitative implementation of customer projects. Marc Schmid, CEO who thinks Giveawine AG: a stroke of luck is the experience which Mr. Laine brings with him from his previous tenure at Fleurop Europe, for Giveawine! He will contribute thus decisive for the success of the growth strategy.” Contact: Marc Schmid road 15 CH-8152 Glattbrugg + 41 (0) 79 414 90 41 Matthieu Laine + 41 (0) 44 809 91 85 Giveawine AG Giveawine, founded in the spring of 2006, is the leading premium gift platform for companies and individuals.

Provides the aspiring young entrepreneurs headquartered in Glattbrugg high-quality products from the gourmet and enjoy the world in (wine, spirits, cigars, chocolates, gift baskets, etc.). In addition to the private individuals-oriented E-Gift / E-shop solution is for companies an innovative online gift tool for customers and employees with an own, tunable to the needs gift platform available for free. Intranet-shop solutions for staff round out the offerings. Selected dealer are responsible for the delivery of the goods in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Europe-chef Marc Schmid (41) is CEO of Giveawine since summer 2008 the former Fleurop-Interflora.

Giant Wet Shaver In The Port Of Hamburg Surfaced

U boat brings the world’s first HYDRO, the first men’s care wet Shaver on the surface of the water Hamburg, 22.10.2010. Attention new men’s wet Shaver in Germany showed up! In the port of Hamburg, the world’s largest men’s was spotted wet Shaver. The safety razor manufacturer Wilkinson Sword from Solingen presented its latest safety razor along with the nemo dive tourism, equipped with over 90 patents. HYDRO is the only men’s shavers in the world, who directly cultivates the facial skin of the men with a water-activated gel reservoir on the blade during shaving. A submarine of HYDRO, appeared first men’s care wet shavers of the world in the sand gate port of Hamburg. 3, 50 m length and a blade width of 1, 20 m caused the HYDRO for attention. Wilkinson HYDRO: The world’s first HYDRO convinces with a refreshing and invigorating gel reservoir that directly moisturizes while shaving at each turn. Read more from ZDNet to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

In contrast to conventional men’s HYDRO of skin does not return active moisture wet razors. Another Care highlight the five newly developed UltrGlide are blades with the patented skin guards. This unique Blade innovation allows gentle gliding and reduces skin irritation at the same time. The integrated flip trimmer ensures a perfect shave, even in hard to reach places. Wilkinson Sword / Energizer group Germany: The competences of all brands of Wilkinson Sword GmbH are bundled under the umbrella of the Energizer group.

In Germany the battery Energizer and Eveready and the suncare brands to the Energizer group in addition to the Wilkinson Sword GmbH Hawaiian tropic brand. The product portfolio under the new roof of the Energizer group includes so blades men’s and ladies wet shaving systems, shaving toiletries manicure / pedicure products as well as technologically advanced batteries, including Energizer brand batteries, Eveready, Energizer e2, Energizer e2 photo lithium, rechargeable batteries and lighting products, and Chargers. Suntan lotion, suntan lotion and after-Sun products round off the portfolio. The Energizer group Germany employs approximately 700 employees at the location Solingen.

Jetset Highlight In Liguria

Portofino-the most famous fishing village in the world flock every summer hordes of tourists in a small fishing village in Liguria. On the Italian Riviera, about 36 km east of Genoa can visit travelers of one of the most beautiful corner of Liguria and the most photographed place in Italy. The travel portal reisen.de explains why Portofino Liguria visitor magnet. The name of Portofino comes from the Latin and means port of the dolphins”. Meanwhile, there are often more celebs and their yachts, which lie in the small harbour of the village of anchor and attract visitors from all over the world on the Ligurian coast.

In the small fishing village has more to offer than prominent inhabitants. For even more details, read what Outlook Email says on the issue. For a glimpse of the picturesque location and the romantic facade of the former fishing village it is worth when traveling (www.reisen.de/ range/flat rate) in Tuscany, on the Italian Riviera or the Cote d’Azur to plan a detour to the most famous fishing village in the world. Fishermen can no longer be considered but Portofino for years. Instead of fishing boats are the impressive yachts of the Jet set anchor in the picturesque harbour today. Residents operate chic boutiques on the main street of the village or living from tourism.

Yet the appearance is maintained, the facades of the picturesque buildings are nurtured and invite culture and architecture to romantic walks. Portofino is an ideal stopover for tourists who are looking for an interesting day trip. Stay is however hardly anyone, in Portofino for the celebrity of the place acts not only as a magnet for visitors, it pushes the prices up. More information: magazine /… Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH


Lively atmosphere in the circle of the seniors at the father’s Day celebration was actually something different planned the May 13 2010. The Club of young fulfilment seniors from the home care in Sulz a.N. had, in collaboration with G. Schmidl (head of the night Cafe’s), is made to celebrate father’s day this year on the large terrace of the House. As to the activities of this group now have gotten around, some guests were expected. Already in the morning was clear, that it probably won’t with the celebration in the open air all then.

It was rescheduled so summarily. Gaby Schmidl was fined about to barbecue grill ordered goods despite the rain in the open air. A large screen was erected graciously (but probably mostly, so that the meat was not wet). The participants of this event preferring to sit in the dry and simply seized the cafeteria “Atmosphere” of the House. It went off at 17:00. First of all was a groan through the number of men. It appeared in fact still 2 more, female Being around to celebrate.

(N) but is trivial, this fact was accepted generously. The ladies should already see what they have. The young at heart seniors are not children of sadness. Brie Williams: the source for more info. They have proved that several times. Soon, first anecdotes from the life and jokes were told. The present ladies no longer came forth out of the astonishment and laughter. The absolute highlight of this evening was young but I guess the solo presentation of Hans Hellstern, just turned 88 years. He had seen off it especially on a lady and showed her just how fit he is mentally still. The conclusion of this successful event: These seniors can do it still. The solo presentation can be seen here: author: Dieter Poplutz

Ibiza Is Burning – Fire In The Cala Benirras Ibiza

Report of the fire disaster in the latest news today images of devastation and destruction draw a “special report” to the great fire at the Cala Benirras Ibiza Cala Benirras Ibiza Cala Benirras, the most spiritual Bay of the island. Where once married Nina Hagen and the famous drum Festival for world peace held, fought on Sunday, the August 22, 2010, approximately 1500 bathers for her life and had to be evacuated with ships on the sea in adjacent bays. Thick clouds of smoke blazed on Sunday afternoon startled the holiday guests and Einheimeische from your bathing pleasure. Panic arose because the roads were largely already blocked. Cars were to fire to protect them from hazards on the beach partly into the sea. People (on a Sunday of course much families with children to the part) were densely port Eden boat garages and waited for help. The fire destroyed not only the property of the residents and the nature, but also the home of spirituality on Ibiza. Miguel threatened many gas tanks, which currently houses exploded in the fire area and the fire in the tourist zone of the port de San with several large hotels and apartments to spill over.

Voraussichtlichtlen estimates, about 30 people were injured and all the help came too late for many vehicles of holidaymakers and local residents, they burnt out completely. Now the wind has turned, pushes the fire direction Portinatx and engulfs the entire North West of the island in an acrid burning smell. According to latest reports of the “Diario de Ibiza”, the fire has already reached the Cala Xarraca and it burns continue. Cala San Vicente in the ca. 15 km away is the extent of the fire. One of this heavy rain at the beginning of the autumn would now make sense. Keep the Loschfugzeuge flying and it is to be hoped that the fire is finally under control. In the video of “Fire in the Cala Benirras Ibiza”, you can see the probably the first pictures of the fire disaster in the Cala Benirras on Ibiza. The images were affected directly by the creation of up to the Recorded evacuation. Herbert Froehlich for

Germany Is Over Industrialized

Federal Government sets wrong accents in Dusseldorf/Berlin economic policy–according to projections of the economic week in the next few years, the German industry faces the most. Compared to the United States, we were over industrialized. Only 13 per cent of gross domestic product in the United States prior to the major economic downturn accounted for the manufacturing sector. In Germany, the proportion is almost twice as high. Still, German industry of less services and production have outsourced. That should change now’, improvise the Wirtschaftswoche.

To rise again from the Valley of tears, the industry would have to upside down its entire production strategy, will better mitigate crises to. That have far-reaching consequences for the production site. A company produced so far to 60 per cent in high-wage countries such as Germany, 50 percent this will be by 2011 rather”prophesied the Wiwo report of McKinsey consultants Harald Proff. Find growth mostly on the relocation Outsourcing specialists held: in my experience, this forecast is very conservative. The consolidation of the German industry will be even clearer about the outsourcing of activities that do not belong to the core competencies of the company. You will focus more on the research, development, product finishing, user interface, design, marketing and sales – how it perfect lives, for example, Apple for years.

External specialists will take care of everything else”, so the after sales expert Peter Walker Madrigal, CEO of Bitronic Signals of economic policy, to support companies that focus still on the traditional mass production subsidies are similarly false. To achieve robust growth, we must provide the traditional industries with short-acting tax revenues with a half-life of only minor. Thus delayed transition processes”the Federal Government, criticized weilmunster. Now an economic policy is needed, which departs from outdated productions and single-mindedly working towards an innovative transformation of the economy. The stimulus package of the Government is predominantly the result of defensive strategies. If we make no annual growth rates on the legs with the gigantic budget deficits in the next few years, which will affect destabilizing in the future on the economy”, the Bitronic chief predicts. See also: Service economy is resistant to crisis – why we should say goodbye to the industrial nostalgia.

MyHammer Is Member Of Vdav

MyHammer is member of vdav – Association of German information and directory media e.V. German Association vdav information and directory media e.V. takes MyHammer of craftsmen and service providers see branchenbuch.myhammer.de Berlin/Dusseldorf, April 21, 2010 MyHammer is unanimously as a full member on MyHammer includes YellowPages qualifications, references and reviews immediately due, a voting member in the vdav Association of German information – and media directory As an independent trade association represents and promotes the interests of companies whose products and services based on the publication of contact data of vdav. Thus the community of interests separates clearly is opposite the market behaviour of dubious providers of directory. MyHammer is a sign of the high standards of the MyHammer of industry book in terms of its accession content, quality and safety. The MyHammer directory under branchenbuch.myhammer.de are currently 230,000 craftsmen and service providers including so far listed qualifications approved by MyHammer, carried orders, reviews. Gerrit Muller, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, shows very pleased about the membership. With our entry in the vdav we are joining a strong community.

The rapid and unanimous recording underlines our importance as a serious player in the directory media industry. Rhett-Christian grammar, Managing Director of the vdav, explains: we are very pleased to have won such an innovative company like MyHammer as a member of the Association. r or against this. As part of the community of interest MyHammer shows its responsibility towards its craftsmen and service providers.” The vdav since 1920 and achieved 90 percent market coverage of directory industry, the importance of which is e.g. reflected in sixth place in the media ranking of ZAW (Central Association of the German advertising industry association) with its members. The 160 companies organized in the Association publish over 2,000 different products in all media forms.

By The vdav represents the entire spectrum of the providers of information and directory media city address books via telecommunication directories and search engines. About MyHammer: MyHammer is the number 1 among the Internet portals for trade and service contracts in Germany, Austria and the United Kingdom with over 6 million searches a month. MyHammer will find private and commercial clients fast and free qualified and evaluated by users craftsmen and service providers. The offered range from complete construction over repairs, apartment renovations and relocations to babysitting and lessons. Contracting Authority can with MyHammer targeted sectors, qualification, craftsmen and service providers are looking for region or keywords and contact directly or briefly describe their mission, and interested party get well calculated quotes. The contracting authority awards the order by clicking on the basis of price, reviews, and qualification. Evaluate principal and contractor after execution of the order Each other. Of MyHammer, the details of tradesmen and service providers about their qualifications are checked before they appear online. The MY-HAMMER AG sits in Berlin and has 50 employees. For more information see.