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Andreas Oemkes Is The Managing Director Of The EXACT GmbH & Co. KG

Growth course will successfully continue Oemkes, who completed a business degree after training as an industrial clerk, joined in January 2006 to EXACT GmbH & co. KG. There, he took over the coordination and support a global network of approximately 2,500 dealers and about 40 sales representatives. Previously, he held various sales positions and worked for several years as a product and sales trainer. As the most important goal of his new assignment, Oemkes sees the continuous continuation of the growth of the company despite difficult conditions. The CEO wants to ensure long term this mainly by high product quality, the continuous development of services and services, as well as the development of new business fields.

For years, the Remscheid EXACT GmbH & co. KG is one of the most innovative and successful manufacturers of precision tools in the field of drilling, threading, sinks and deburring. Around 4000 cataloged products under the brands EXACT and EVENTUS be distributed through international and national dealer industry, workshops and craft, are including taps, Countersinks, step drills, and SGE-bits of various sizes and designs. The company is a market leader in the production of step drill. Continuous advancements, highest demands on quality and dealer loyalty, as well as a pronounced willingness to invest GmbH & co. To deepen your understanding West Lake Landfill is the source. KG ensure the EXACT continue a positive business development. Despite international focus, Germany continues to be main site. Press contact: Press & more GmbH, on the capelin bushes 95, 48155 Munster, Tel: 0251 / 899, 1854, fax: 0251 899 1112,,

GTB Steel

LBBV and VSH join the GTB steel success cut to Dusseldorf, 05.02.09 steel transport end of seven associations of transport companies for three years by the GTB steel in the freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO. For even more opinions, read materials from Nicholas Carr. Now two more associations joined this internal platform for exchanging steel offers: the LBBV and the VSH! Members of these two organisations can here now also strongly involved and so their transportation plan faster and easier. Supreme concern of TimoCom soft- und hardware GmbH is to be specifically aligned with the needs of their customers. This also includes that the company offers no standard product, but a customized compact package by incorporated individual solution concepts. West Lake Landfill: the source for more info. Such a customized solution is for example the closed transport steel stock steel, short GTB. TimoCom gave the starting signal for this internal stock exchange in 2006 in cooperation with three regional transport associations, the Interests of steel transported member companies to promote. Meanwhile eighth and ninth Transport Association have now also steel transporting members of the National Association of the Berlin and Brandenburg transport industry (LBBV) and the Association of road transport and logistics Hamburg (VSH) the possibility to organize the workload of their transport capacity in direct exchange with other members of the Union.

Overall, the GTB-steel pool to many more potential business contacts, what is ultimately all participants thus expanding. The principle of the GTB steel: in addition to the existing advantages of freight and freight exchange the GTB steel of the participants also benefit from a decisive added value compared to other customers: you can negotiate directly with their favorite business partners from the steel transport industry to restructure cargo and cargo holds. In addition, they have the opportunity, your offer exclusively within the GTB steel to publish it in a freely selectable Minute period to offer the members of the participating national associations, before it is made then all TimoCom users available only internally. Eberhard low, Managing Director of LBBV, the connection to the GTB steel looks great strength: we are always looking for appropriate measures, to represent the interests of our members successfully and professionally. The GTB steel is one of those. Here our company on a huge range of pool can be accessed, which is tailored to their needs.” Also Frank Wylezol, of the VSH, adds: given the economic situation and unfortunately declining output conditions in the highly-competitive transport market, we offer our members the GTB-steel a real additional benefit: have a big advantage over the competition and remain in the fast lane.

Help The People Of Bangladesh

Bangladesh organisation network promotes self-help of the workers from the movie in vivid images of the film iron Eater tells”by the men who dismantle Bangladesh discarded Ocean Giants on the coast. Barefoot, the heavy steel cable on the shoulders, wading Riazur through knee-deep mud. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Asaro. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Schiff. Together with other workers he connects to ship parts of the rope winch, to transport them ashore. Always cut the cable carriers of Rusty scrap chipping, which lie in the mud. Fatal accidents are reported, if a rope breaks.

Riazur done one of the toughest and most dangerous jobs in the scrapping zone. Like all workers, he waits often in vain for his already low wages. West Lake Landfill spoke with conviction. Like all of his colleagues he is all too aware of the merciless exploitation, but despite anger in his belly, he has no chance of escape the fate. And like all the protagonists of the film, he dreams of forever to abandon the shipyard and to set their own business at home. The development project, a life long enough Rice”the organization network, specializing in Bangladesh received Riazur the chance now. Director Shaheen dill-Riaz and producer Kathrin Lemme put the iron Eater’s fees”for filming in the NET project: received in their home villages to can workers cows, goats or chickens, generate income and feed their families.

Also who had on a flood protection area with the villagers, to guard against flooding. Because surrounded by Riazurs homeland district Kurigram flows of 10 km-wide Jamuna River; the intermittent floods and the concomitant famine forced the men so far every year to leave their home and making money in the scrapping zone. The project is also supported by the Ministry of development and the Bonn’s charity HELP. Total reached power with his program a lifetime enough rice”currently 12,800 of the poorest families in Bangladesh and caused the embankment of ten areas of flood protection. Security and “regular earnings, now received by people in the North, is the best alternative to exploitative work,” network project co-ordinator Peter Dietzel know to report, because it is the poverty of the people like the iron Eaters ‘ daily forced to risk their lives in inhumane working conditions.

Evergreen At TimoCom

LVSA joins the GTB steel of timocom at Dusseldorf closed transport Exchange (GTB steel) is a perennial favorite at the TimoCom. After joined more recently two transport associations of this internal platform for exchanging steel offers in the freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGO, another has been added now: now also members of the LVSA to offer their steel offerings here and share! Use join forces”; this motto can be applied in particular to the now ten regional associations closed transport stock steel have joined forces in the. Right now the selection of business partners is a special matter of trust; Moreover, the freight and truck replacement in a private medium is even faster and more efficiently by provide. More info: Federal Reserve Bank. The high-quality cargo and freight exchange TimoCom TRUCK & CARGOo offers again special solutions for niche markets; so, for example, three years ago, the idea came to establishing a closed User group (GBG) specifically for steel conveyors on. Said and done. Now opts for already tenth regional association of the National Association of Saxony-Anhalt e.V. transport business, briefly LVSA operational TimoCom and can realize additional synergies with other members of the Association in this way.

The principle of the GTB steel: in addition to the existing advantages of freight and freight exchange the GTB steel of the participants also benefit from a decisive added value compared to other customers: you can negotiate directly with their favorite business partners from the steel transport industry to restructure cargo and cargo holds. In addition, they have the opportunity, your offer exclusively within the GTB to publish steel or in a freely selectable minutes period only internally the members of the participating national associations to this offer, before it is made available then all TimoCom users. The Managing Director of LVSA, Peter Ziechner, to join in the GTB steel: thanks to this Our members can use a high-quality Portal cooperation, which offers several advantages. The experience of the first few weeks has shown that our members can fill their transport capacity thanks to TimoCom TRUCK & CARGOo better and faster. The cooperation with TimoCom promises more exciting projects and supported our claim, not only to meet the needs of our members, but to support them actively and successfully.

SIVAplan: New Warehouse And Retreaded Conveyor For Frischli

one of the largest milk processors in Northern Germany frischli opts for proven quality of the Troisdorf logistics specialist who is frischli milchwerke GmbH, based in the Lower Saxony Rehburg-Loccum. Daily around one million litres deliver milk around 1 000 farmers, which frischli processed to over 120 different products, including specialities for large consumers, desserts, cream specialities, long-life milk and milk powder. \”‘ Best-known brands are, for example, the cocoa drink Nesquik\”, ready to eat packaged in the practical carton, or the Quark specialties under the name Leckermaulchen \”. Growth requires smart logistics now has outgrown the family business not only beyond the borders of Lower Saxony, also the required storage and logistics areas grew steadily. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out West Lake Landfill. More than 1 200 pallets must be provided daily for the shipping alone at the main plant and loaded within a very short time on over 50 trucks. It soon became clear that the logistical challenges of the Are not to tackle future with existing capacity. The modernisation and expansion of existing warehouse and picking places was the key to a fast and most importantly, safe extension.

Warehouse extension frischli found a suitable contractor for the realization of this planning under difficult conditions with SIVAplan. The specialists from the Rhenish Troisdorf for fully automatic storage systems could refer to extensive experience, finally solve the logistical requirements of renowned customers from home and abroad for more than three decades. And this know-how was required from the outset that had to be made during operation! The tightly laced phased plan envisaged the construction of a fully automated high-bay warehouse for finished goods in the first step, to make room for additional 3 500 pallet locations. The channel storage than conventional steel construction in a Hall specially constructed was installed in the summer of 2006, almost the previous storage area with 3 000 sq.m doubled. The direct neighbourhood to the existing shipping center and the adjacent production allows a quick transport of goods and flexible warehouse management.

Introductory Seminar

On 4th and 5th March 2011 takes place an introductory seminar at our school for animal health and care! On 4th and 5th March 2011 takes place an introductory seminar at our school for animal health and care! These days your orientation and give you deep insight into our training courses and your future prospects as a specialist for dog health and care”and”Nutritionist”. You have the opportunity under realistic conditions to find out whether our training courses to the “specialist for dog health and care & dietitian” are really the right one for you. Introductory seminar content teaching is divided into a practical part where you shear a dog properly and maintain and a theoretical part, what we are dealing with the following… What is the everyday practice for dog health and care? Am I eligible for this profession? Areas in which I can as a specialist for dog health and care”and”Dietitian”be active? What are my prospects in this industry? How My opportunities as independent expert on dog health and care is up-to-date”and”Dietitian”? Can I earn enough money so that, and most importantly how? What must I invest in addition to the course cost? Which State funding opportunities can I use for my business? How do Marleen Saed and her team work? I spend so much time with her and her team over the next 6 to 11 months? We fit together? 🙂 Is this course right for me? Which course do I choose? What is the structure and process of theory and practice? This makes me shave a dog really fun? If you decide to participate in our introductory seminar for one of our two courses, the fee for the total cost of the course will be applied. Trace of the taster days place school for animal health and care Marleen Saed of Neerstedter Street 10 26197 Grossenkneten West Rahman Raj times 04.03.2011 beginning to 17.00 end 20:00 05.03.2011 beginning around 09 h 00 end 16: 00 number of participants 6 persons lecturers Marleen SCHAUMBERGER. Klaus SCHAUMBERGER.. Bridgeton landfill may find this interesting as well.