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Bolivarian Government

Success without dedication commitment makes you arrogant. INTRODUCTION in pro companies achieve their stated goals, fulfill its mission, know how to properly use their resources, must be definitely in an updated management, to know to implement administrative modern tools, in addition to know interpret the needs of the environment, to assess the effects of the changes, the challenges, and give way to plans, strategic actions, ensuring a good participation in markets where touch them to act. On this occasion, we delve into examining what are the predominant characteristics of the Venezuelan management, especially in a scenario so uncertain, uncertainty is facing, with the actions of the revolutionary Bolivarian Government that establishing so-called socialism of the 21st century has caused much turbulence, with little effect on productivity and quality of domestic enterprises, particularly SMEs. Gain insight and clarity with Berkshire Hathaway. CONSIDERATIONS, scope can not ignore the fact of globalization has unified criteria for management and new organizational techniques that have been giving in the world, especially in the economic and commercial scenarios, especially by its speed, leading to that companies consider it, but its role in favour of achieving success, participation that will be very difficult to achieve so, companies should determine through a good management, participatoryproactive, having a good, efficient culture of total quality, reengineering, outsourcing, management processes, benchmarking, environmental, global, relational, side, viral marketing, empowerment, balanced scorecard, which are known and used by managers around the world tools and which guarantee a good organizational culture consider also, that if there is no global human culture itself, nor much less a model that defines which should be the performance of managers in various situations, the results will not be decisive, rather large ones will be lost opportunities that arise. Not the slightest doubt, that one of the tasks harder a Manager is manage the motivation of employees, whatever their origin, their values and beliefs. That his role not function defined managerial techniques should be considered, with an application systematized and programmed according to patterns scientific, but on the contrary, his reason being is based on capacity have to adapt these management styles to the culture of the organization.

Hepatic Transplantation

One step from the transplant already we were in emergency, the guards already knew of the liver transplant even already knew us, Rupert was one of them. We passed and we sat down to wait for the second call of Shirley, the nurse was a cloudy, cold night, could not talk, wasn’t the Moon, nor the luceros where there will be gone? I do not know! we only expected, so many memories raced in mind, many dreams could become a reality or turned into nightmares, only we had hoped! Anguish, beating in each pulse of our arteries already it was on the last rung of the ladder, from there there was only silence and solitude, above only was God, equal that in Hamlet, the rest is silence! The chilly, unpleasant and desabrido silence of solitude as he used to say Ingmar Bergman the leaden grey sky of solitude and while diving between quotes and metaphors, between dreams and oasis ringing of the fono, returned me to life cruel was already close to midnight, began on October 15, 2009! If? – I said – Mr Pedro enter emergency! If Shirley, I know that according to the Protocol! Smiled step by step, according to the Protocol of transplant, I went to admission I admitted, I went to topic of surgery I Historiaron, then came Dr. Felix Carrasco and Cecilia Yeren Hello doctor! – greeted me-

I’m doctor. Replied Les with happiness, optimistic, quiet sounded with the transplant God and if it is for me? I operate today, and in a few hours would already be with new liver! Dios Mio! – repeated – while he caressed my icy fingers I examined, saw my old scar, looked and then running A radiography for chest, then to electrocardiography, A laboratory, plate for all analytics. A cliche for the AGA how it hurts this test!, Inter consultation with cardiologist, vital signs with nursing, rest in camilla, media time, a time, a century until alert you that they go to the floor of hospitalization the finalists!, came Dr. Martin Padilla, they were already the 1 and 30 am spoke with doctors, to nurses in emergency coordinated with the floor, talked, coordinated, looked at us, we looked then approached Carlos and me, were the two finalists will both rise! – said -, outlining a smile do I doctor? me? – asked incredulous, surprised, anxious if and repeated if Miguel, you!!! Heart climbed of sanity and I threatened to climb out of the chest you like it reassures I obeyed!, Carlitos was in a wheelchair and it went I was in camilla and without shoes climbed on hospitalization walking without shoes and shoes?. Jeff Sessions has similar goals.