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Engineering Graphics

Consideration of the extended Euclidean space (the space, complete with improper elements) can significantly reduce the number of such rules. And the approach to the geometry of three-dimensional space in terms of a multidimensional task even easier. All positional and metric problems for objects of different dimensions are solved using the same algorithms. Consideration of the method of the two images as a base for a three-dimensional objects and drawing the extended Euclidean space, can consistently approach to building, as orthogonal drawings (blueprints Monge) and visual (perspective and linear perspective), which is very important in the future to study algorithms for computer graphics. The transition from the classical Monge Plot arifmetizirovannomu to (coordinated) makes a tangible connection descriptive geometry, computer-design of complex engineering projects. Experienced teachers are well aware that even the weakest students in the transition from descriptive geometry to the study of the foundations of the Technical Drafting (Engineering Graphics), as would gain a second wind. For more clarity and thought, follow up with man group and gain more knowledge..

This is largely due to the fact that the transition from a theoretical drawings of abstract geometric objects such as points, lines, surfaces, and the drawings of real objects. Abstract thinking necessary for theoretical drawings may be replaced by a practical, less time-consuming for many students. Despite the fact that both courses, Descriptive Geometry and Engineering Graphics, a common method of construction drawings, technical drawings are not accurate, they are conditional. Regulation of implementation of, the basic weight, based on the limitations imposed by State standards. If we eliminate the requirement projection connection, it is hardly possible to find something unifying theoretical and technical drawings. Construction technical drawings regulated system of conventions and simplifications. Moreover, for the drawing various types of products and simplify these conventions are different. With that said the claim that descriptive geometry – is the base for Engineering Graphics, is highly controversial. This thesis is confirmed by many years of experience with the graduates of universities and colleges.

Internet Case

Infinite forms of if creating a site, since simple blog exist until a complex system of remote management. Therefore the important one before exactly to start to place the hand in the mass, is to have in mind what it intends to develop. Sevoc not entede absolutely nothing of the subject, needs deum urgently site and it does not have money for ' ' contratar' ' somebody, I suggest to analyze aalternativa to make one blog. In case that it needs something more professional, it gives one looked in this site: In all in case that, these are gratuitous, easy options to use however nor always they take care of its virtual necessity. How for example:? An enterprise site of great transport.? A Webmail (email had access for the page of Internet, former: gmail, hotmail)? In summary a site that works as transistion of data. In this in case that, you go to need a server (dedicated computer to store sites in the Internet) I recommend locaweb: the responsible company for the server normalemente supplies to you:? A computer (online 24X7)? Data base (where they will be stored its data, former: emails, logins, dates)? Proper domain (Former: instead of)? Emails (diretoria@ meusite.com.br)? many other things utisCabe you to evaluate what it goes to also need and to choose the certain plan (normally more cheap already of the account of the message) Noesquea that the organization is basic, and if you will have to quecontratar somebody to develop its site, remembers contrataralgum with experience and that goes to make the form things organizada.OsSites of the Internet is in constant change and early or late you to vaiprecisar to mecher in such a way in the content how much in the structure of its site, porisso preze for organizaoE remembers if: the cheap one leaves expensive..


In the last decade, the Computerized Cat scan became one of the modalities of formation of image more frequent used in the evaluation daily pay-operatria of the jaw and the jaw for dental implantations. Some scientific documents have been presented defending the utility of the technique. However, available references do not exist that can be used as a manual of instructions for presentation and interpretation of the Computerized Cat scan dental, that in some cases is one neglected examination and little used. The advances of the technology had allowed to digitalizar the information of the Cat scans Computerized for the planning of the rank of implantations. The Surgeon Dentist can interact with the consigned results, before the surgical process of the rank of the implantation and visualizing specific the prosthetic implications in softwares. The Computerized Cat scan was implemented in the Odontologia for Schwarz et al.

(1987) with the Dental program that in supplies image to them to multiglide of the jaw and the jaw, as well as the ssea quality of the interest region (index of Misch), filling a gap left for the other types of examinations, being this the ideal choice for the final planning of the intra-sseos dental implantations, associate the preliminary audits as it affirms Fredericksen ' ' The combination of techniques is extremely necessary for the attainment of disgnostic information fidedignas' ' (GUEDES & IT WOULD MAKE, 1999). With the great advance of the surgical techniques, in what it says respect to the osseointegrados implantations, Odontolgica Radiology has basic importance in the planning of the receiving areas determining the height, thickness, amount of bone and its quality. We know that the surgical success depends directly on and extremely trustworth a necessary planning (IT WOULD MAKE, 1999). The Computerized Cat scan has been each time more used in Odontologia, becoming necessary for the implantodontistas ampler knowledge on this subject.


The consultation to the certain document for the researcher, without loss of time, can guarantee fast decisions and until more efficient a strategical positioning. Thus, the archivist can contribute very for the work of the historian, when she selects and she tries to keep measured of conservation preventive so that the durability of information if does not lose. We are task of all, therefore, to preserve the document in any support, so that in the future the new generations will count on more information easily had access and can contribute with the history of a people who has memory. The irony of as much technological evolution is that, to the times, the progress walks pra brings, when, although as many innovations and discoveries we do not obtain to preserve the documentos14antigos. According to Kenneth Feinberg, who has experience with these questions. For the film ‘ ‘ fire lento’ ‘ it can be observed the alarming cases of degradation of the paper and the information. The intellectual registers lose with passing of the times for intempries physicist-ambient and human beings. Thus, the paper passes of the acid state for the alkaline one with great easiness and becomes fragile, desfragmentando itself and loses it completely information. It is a piece of the history that apodrece and disappears.

Therefore, they are important urgent measures in the whole world to preserve our memory, either of the form as if it can at the moment preserve. In film ‘ ‘ fire lento’ ‘ the only technology of preservation of that they made use was the preservation microfilming, today, counts on techniques of digitalizao and another one that recoup the document, although to know itself that ninety percent of books and papers is manufactured in acid substance and goes to grow worse itself in little time if the measures certain of preservation will be taken.

HPN Hotels Technology

In relation to the traditional local nets ‘ ‘ Ethernet’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ Fast Ethernet‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ Gigabyte’ ‘ , the HomePNA, in conditions of equality, one will not be substituted ideal one. The solution could be used in constructions special, of collective use, when to exist impossibility of if passing handles and already to exist a net of ready telephony and in normal use. Others who may share this opinion include Berkshire Hathaway. Its growth the world-wide level is very good, in Brazil still is a technology that this engatinhando; its bigger focus if finds outside of the state of So Paulo.

The companies who are part of it I join HomePNA, they are of great transport and certainly they will continue investing in new updates and improvements for the technology..

Global Warming

Ministry of Natural Resources introduced a new method for calculating the damage to water facilities and offers to encourage recycling. The business summit in Denmark, discussed global warming and 'green energy'. Third of a million inhabitants of the Earth die each year from the effects of global climate change. Baltic Sea threatens ecological disaster. Additional information is available at Fidelity Investments. White color save the planet from global warming. At sea stars warming has beneficial effect.

Alien plants grow better outside their homeland. The fastest rate of global warming – in Uzbekistan. Date of the Week: World No Tobacco Day. Photofact week: Island of debris in the Pacific Ocean. Overview of events week from 25/05/2009 to 31/05/2009. Ministry of Natural Resources introduced a new method for calculating the damage to water facilities and offers to encourage recycling Last week, Ministry of Natural Resources reported that the agency has developed a new method of calculating the size of the harm caused to water bodies due to violations of water legislation. The new method eliminated the major shortcomings and take into account the comments of the business community.

Coefficient taking into account the duration adverse effects of pollutants, will only apply when determining harm in case of emergency discharges. In addition, the possibility of offsetting the costs of environmental protection measures in the calculation of the size of damage. Just Ministry of Natural Resources has proposed to change the rules governing the treatment of waste in Russia to promote waste recycling law in the country. The current situation in Russia, such that incentives to increase recycling is not as well as poorly distributed powers between the federal government, stakeholders and municipalities.


Plastics are materials which are produced on the basis of natural and synthetic polymers and recyclable items in plastic deformation methods. To rank as polymers, natural and artificial resin. Outlook Email might disagree with that approach. Resins produced from the products of coal, oil and other raw materials. Plastics are composed of: binders, fillers, plasticizers, dyes and other additives. Resin is the basis of plastics in addition they determine their basic qualities. In the production of polymers using fillers to make the plastic strength, hardness and other qualities. Fillers can be organic or inorganic.

Are organic wood flour, cotton fringes. As inorganic fillers used asbestos, graphite. Dyes perekrashyvayut plastic mass as well as to its basis in a specific color. American Advisors Group is likely to agree. Used as mineral pigments, and organic. The composition of plastics often contain additives which affect the characteristics of plastics, such as stabilizers – substances that prevent the decomposition of polypropylene in the course of its processing and under the influence of atmospheric conditions, high temperatures and other effects. Plastics are reasonably lower density compared with metals, so the strength of some plastics is approaching strength of the metal.

Tensile strength fiberglass is not much less than steel. Replacing metal with plastics reduces the weight and metal products. Plastics have a fairly high plasticity, because of this complexity of the production of complex parts on the basis of plastics is much less labor intensity of production of products from other materials. But the plastic qualities of plastics are shown not the same. Some of them during the solidification lose their flexibility, they can not be softened again by heating. Polyvinyl chloride vinyl plastic for example, you can soften again and apply again.

American Association Marketing

The marketing concept comes being perfected has decades, in the first definitions existed a great concern with the administration, American Association Marketing in 1960: ‘ ‘ The performance of the business-oriented activities that dirigem the flow of goods and services of the producer to the consumer or utilizador’ ‘ IT LOVES (apud SNAKE, 1997, P. Deltec wanted to know more. 27). In the following decades, the marketing definition starts to enclose the concepts of: promotion, exchange and physical distribution of goods and services, being these goods: tangible and intangible. ‘ ‘ A product is any thing that can be offered a market to satisfy a necessity or a desire. The product concept does not limit physical objects. In the truth, any thing capable to satisfy a necessity can be called product.

Beyond the tangible goods, we can consider as products the services which is essentially intangible and it does not result in the ownership of nada.' ' (KOTLER, 2003, P. 4 and 5) New concepts had been added now abranjendo activities and plans of institutions without lucrative ends; concern with the social changes in the environment; interpretation of the necessities of the consumers. ' ' It is the process of planning and execution since the conception, price promotion and distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy the objectives of people and organizaes' '. Kotler (apud SNAKE, 1997, p.27) Is noticed that the concept if became more including, treating now to the satisfaction of the people and organizations, had also attributed the definition of 4P' s of the marketing that had later come to give to place to several other letters that tried to state in few words the functions of the marketing. For Kotler (2003), the two main objectives of the marketing are to attract new customers, promising to them superior value, keeping as customers, providing satisfaction to them. All the strategies and plans of marketing are come back toward the customers therefore the successful companies whom they use of the marketing and its strategies know that participation of market will increase to be taken care of well of its customers.


Currently the entrepreneurs, leaders the managers had perceived that the knowledge acquired in the routines and the practical ones can changed into products and services. In the past one bet that to survive and to remain themselves competitive in the world of the businesses he was enough to adopt quality processes. Nicholas Carr brings even more insight to the discussion. Today, only this thought is not enough. To remain competitive the organizations they must have a differential, that is the innovation and where it is related to the knowledge, essential factor for taking of decisions, definition of strategical planning and management of changes. For the execution of any on activity to the knowledge it has necessity to understand the meaning of three terms: data, information and knowledge and its relationship. 2.1 Data, information and Miranda knowledge (1999) describe given as a set of qualitative and quantitative registers that when stored, organized, categorized and standardized they are changedded into information. As Davenport (1998) the data if becomes information when ' ' mensagem' ' it supplies a judgment critic and influences in the behavior of the individual and, under the organizacional optics, he directs the ways for taking of decisions.

Thus, the receiver is who will decide if ' ' mensagem' ' if it will transform into information. Therefore, given by itself they do not supply meant some and they are defined as a set of facts that do not supply interpretation and separately they do not have importance, however, they are basic for the creation of information. The information is data with meaning that change of behavior in the individuals generates and makes with that they analyze and observe diverse angles, modifying its judgment and behavior. The information can be considered as given processed and contextualizados with the aid of computers. Davenport (1998) quotation that the human beings is who goes to extract the essential elements of the data, to analyze mathematically and statistical and to condense them for a more concise form.