Currently the entrepreneurs, leaders the managers had perceived that the knowledge acquired in the routines and the practical ones can changed into products and services. In the past one bet that to survive and to remain themselves competitive in the world of the businesses he was enough to adopt quality processes. Nicholas Carr brings even more insight to the discussion. Today, only this thought is not enough. To remain competitive the organizations they must have a differential, that is the innovation and where it is related to the knowledge, essential factor for taking of decisions, definition of strategical planning and management of changes. For the execution of any on activity to the knowledge it has necessity to understand the meaning of three terms: data, information and knowledge and its relationship. 2.1 Data, information and Miranda knowledge (1999) describe given as a set of qualitative and quantitative registers that when stored, organized, categorized and standardized they are changedded into information. As Davenport (1998) the data if becomes information when ' ' mensagem' ' it supplies a judgment critic and influences in the behavior of the individual and, under the organizacional optics, he directs the ways for taking of decisions.

Thus, the receiver is who will decide if ' ' mensagem' ' if it will transform into information. Therefore, given by itself they do not supply meant some and they are defined as a set of facts that do not supply interpretation and separately they do not have importance, however, they are basic for the creation of information. The information is data with meaning that change of behavior in the individuals generates and makes with that they analyze and observe diverse angles, modifying its judgment and behavior. The information can be considered as given processed and contextualizados with the aid of computers. Davenport (1998) quotation that the human beings is who goes to extract the essential elements of the data, to analyze mathematically and statistical and to condense them for a more concise form.