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Tribunal Constitutional

The judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal (TC) which ordered to reinstate the tariff of 12% to imported cement, is blatantly unconstitutional, since it is infringes against free trade treaties, fracture directly the constitutional ability that has the Executive, directing the general government policy, where is determined, which corresponds to the regular President of the tariff rates; and it collides frontally with the principles of the market, sitting once again, another serious precedent for the Constitutional Court, which once more is exceeded in its function, breaking the Constitution and of the State structures and the pillars of democracy, through an unacceptable interference in the country’s economy through tariff control, through a jurisdictional decision of the Constitutional Courtthat seriously undermines the economic order internal. as well as in the field of our international relations, violate the legal framework for the free trade agreements signed by the country. Details can be found by clicking Craig Menear or emailing the administrator. This sentence as others, places the country in a dangerous state of legal instability, when most required seriousness, wisdom and predictability in this aspect, more even in a time of global economic difficulties and when our country shows balance in its fiscal management we can not give wrong signs as who commits again the CT, it is obvious that the supposed benefits of this judgment they end up being harmful to the national industry itself and throughout the country.It is time that Congress assess members the Constitutional Court not only to their access to cargo, but also regulate objectively and clearly its functions, the consequence of its judgments and transparency in their performance, since if their jurisdictional actions damaging to the country or the democratic system, by abuse or excess that makes its functionsIt is proper that they respond for damages this cause to the country. Finally, in a democratic regime, no one can be above the village, self-government bodies are not autarchic. Learn more on the subject from Sen. Jeff Flake. The Congress of the Republic as he designates them, commissioned by the people, can also and must dismiss them, respecting due process, when these abusers, they exceed or do not comply with their duties. It cannot nor should there be Kings without crowns..


Years ago this process was recognized with the name of fibrositis, however it has not demonstrated that there is inflammation (the ending – itis means inflammation), by what has been adopted the current name. The word Fibromyalgia means pain in the muscles and fibrous tissue (ligaments and tendons). It is for this reason a rheumatic disease more among the many existing. The rheumatologist diagnosed Fibromyalgia when you are in a certain person a few alterations that are consistent with that have been recently fixed by experts, for their diagnosis. It is believed that this disease symptoms are due to a reduction of substances that normally protect human beings from the pain.Fibromyalgia is common, since he suffers from between 1 and 3% of the population, which represents between 400,000 and 1,200,000 people with fibromyalgia in Spain.

It may occur as single alteration (primary Fibromyalgia) or associated with other diseases (concomitant Fibromyalgia). Fibromyalgia has been recognized by the world Organization of the Health recently and so far has not been part of the subjects that were taught in the faculties of medicine. In addition the Fibromyalgia get confused, since almost all of your symptoms are common to other alterations and also does not have a known cause. It is common that until the definitive diagnosis is reached has gone to different doctors in different specialties (digestive system, heart, Psychiatry). Some people with fibromyalgia may be disappointed because doctors do not consider that this entity is a serious disease. Moreover, often the same relatives end up doubting the veracity of the discomfort that the patient concerned, since the doctor tells them that scans and x-rays are normal. The multiple inconvenience caused by Fibromyalgia who suffers it, along with the fact that is not often identified the process, cause anxiety in the patient. For this reason, many patients with fibromyalgia have lot of cattle if they receive an explanation about the nature of its process and thus include their own limitations and make the appropriate changes in your lifestyle.

Internet Multiple Advantages

Increasingly more people buy their travel online because they have realized the many advantages and benefits that can be achieved. A survey that made Colombia a prestigious radio station nationwide found that a very high percentage of people, men and women of various ages, buy airline tickets over the Internet and the main reasons are as follows in order of importance: get the best rates in the market buying on the Internet is the new trend and is essential to adapt to it there is an access in real time to all airlines information, routes and schedules and in addition you can make comparisons of rates purchase can be done directly to the airline which implies a greater guarantee of service and added support when traveling to shopping on the Internet is much more agile than do the process through a travel agency; is also very easy especially when you have a first experience contrary to what many people say, shopping on the Internet is quite safe if done in companies and recognized suppliers pages on Internet purchases are possible from the comfort of home these are the main advantages and benefits those who are already buying their travel on the Internet; If you do not thing doing this should seriously consider it. Airlines increasingly more focus its strategy towards online sales because they want to reduce the costs of operation involving offices of the customer service and call centers; Likewise they have drastically reduced the commissions that pay travel agencies that were once close to 10% and today they are at 1%. All this consequently allows airlines to have best rates on their Internet sites and the beneficiary turns out to be the final customer or traveler. Jeff Sessions often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The companies in the travel and tourism industry are rewarding people who purchase their travel online to collect less taxes or administrative fees and offer best rates by booking with enough time. An example of this are the airlines that in many countries even charge administrative fees, a species margin or additional income, when travel agencies often charge very high fees. In the case of Colombia, the rate it administrative they charge airlines to fly within the country is around USD 16 when travel agencies normally charge double and even triple. The case of the air tickets is only part of the entire offering of travel on the Internet that is already available to the traveller to make access better information in real time, at the best rates in the market and a large number of previous travel experiences, perhaps one of the most precious benefits which can already be found in Internet. I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, how is your experience with the Online travel Travel on the Internet? You already purchase your air tickets, hotels, car rental and other travel Internet services? What problems you have, what want to learn? Original author and source of the article.

Programs Advertising

There are three basic forms of radio advertising, they are: 1) wedges (intercolados ads between programs); 2) Programs sponsored and 3) ads by words (usually performed in the station, not so the wedges, which are generally prepared by advertising). Wedge presents several similarities with a TV spot, and both are advertising messages; It lasts for approximately 60 seconds, one and another issued intercalated programmes or between two successive, and the effectiveness of both, increases when they are issued in specially chosen moments. Elaboration of a pre-roll ad, requires a little less laborious process technically than a spot; but not complex, with the additional difficulty that on the radio there is the strength of the image, which requires enhancing and making the calls sound images. Steps for the elaboration of a cradle: 1) script and approval, specified dialogs, special effects, music, as well as on television, the customer must approve the sketches before moving to production. (2) Pre-production, through meetings between the agencies and the recording room, decide the special effects and how to get them, most appropriate speakers, music, which can be file or composed for the case. (3) Recording, is made in several bands, each band recorded a different recording, then mixing them all (special effects, music, words of the announcer, are recorded separately). 4) Copy and final copies, the first copy serves to make the client listen wedge as it would go on through the waves and its approval.

Then passes to the correction and then the copies as needed depending on the number of stations where you are going to broadcast. A wedge can vary from a simple voice that tells the message pure, authentic radio blockbusters. A crib must be expressive, so the receiver display product. You must resort to a single voice, it may be advisable. By tradition the radio advertising was the most important in the last few years. There is the resurguir of the radio as such and as advertising medium; which leads to many advertisers that choose it how hard core of their campaigns and as a complement to its advertising used television.

Advantages of the radio: for those people who are working in the home, such as housewives, the workshop leaders, dentists, traders, etc., for all that kind of work that will allow to hear without letting do what corresponds in time and form. Allows the use of jingles, to introduce a brand or create a particular image. Sponsored programs can become authentic advertorials, with live interviews and practical advice. Here you will find how to build commercials, musical phrases for jingles, commercial radio (Podcasts, Spot, Opening); In addition to other sections in central page: sports, computing, health, painting, languages and more, all items of quality checked for your development personal and spiritual.

European Commission

The bunker of Europe is taking body, writes a. Misse before the Presidency of the European Union which began on day 1. French President Nicolas Sarkozy goes ahead with its plan to close the doors to new immigrants not previously selected. Its immigration and asylum pact aims to introduce biometric identification in visas and collective flights to expel that do not have all the papers in rule and guaranteed a job. The opposite of what many countries in America, Africa and Asia made for centuries with millions of European immigrants that they welcomed and contributed to the development and to alleviate the needs of the European countries. (As opposed to Liberty Mutual).

Of the eight million of undocumented migrants that are in the EU only will be regularized some exceptionally for humanitarian and economic reasons. The President of the League of human rights considers that these ideas of the Covenant treat immigrants as commodities and favours rich countries at the expense of the poor, i.e. Hear other arguments on the topic with Pacific Mortgage Services. contrary to the development. The final wording of the document of the Covenant, the text of which should be approved in October by EU leaders, recalls that it is for each Member State decide on the conditions of admission of legal immigrants and fix if possible in collaboration with the countries of origin, their number. It calls on States members who put in practice a policy of chosen immigration, especially with regard to the needs of the labour market, and taking into account the impact that may have on other Member States. Leaders of organizations of civil society complain that this approach to immigration is more based on ideological reasons which in reality because economic emigration to prepend to family reunification is condemning the immigrants to live separately from their families. The European Union is debated in a profound contradiction before immigration. On the one hand, the European Commission publishes studies that indicate the urgent need for foreigners to compensate the unstoppable ageing of the population.


Until the 99 years? If you read well, most people have the belief that, to go older, our mind also will deteriorate, partly this is true by nature. Let me tell you the extraordinary case of the nuns of Mankato to demonstrate that memory can be kept forever young. It is true that a young brain can solve or memorize data faster than an adult, but this is not a negative thing in its entirety, since the slowness that occurs in an adult is in the amount of experience which has been acquired, which has been stored in his mind, and this leads him to analyze the response by the greatest amount that has. However to divide the 30 (on average) a sedentary brain, and exercised neck begins to have memory problems. Hear from experts in the field like Euro Pacific Precious Metals for a more varied view. See the importance of having a healthy and exercised minds, believe me that doing so will keep it productive for more years, regardless of age. Productivity = money the nuns of Mankato longevity intellectual does sound weird? If my head also flew to the listen to this concept.

The convent of Mankato in Minnesota United States, has been case of thousands scholars of the mind and the brain, why? Many of the nuns who live there have more than 90 years there are even a few that exceed the 100 which possess a wonderful mental agility, continue to be productive and have generated millions in resources for foundations that support them. Among the most outstanding are Marcella Zachman nun who left of classes until the age of 97, Mary Esther Boor stop working until the age of 99. Really surprising does as it achieved? Researchers from the University of Kentucky showed as they reduced their level of mental deterioration caused by the passage of time, the nuns performed many memorization exercises to keep an active mind and transformed them into habits: they had pastimes, wrote, read much (very important) taught classes and seminars, they practiced many activities such as: ceramic, painting, etc. These activities kept the neurons his brain connected and always working, it is as if the connections become them in steel and thus make it impossible to its deterioration. Brain Neuronales networks are strengthened depending on our activity. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Pacific Mortgage Services.

Each activity each strengthens and weakens others so it is indispensable to make our daily life activities, exercises in memorizing that lead us to have a Mega memory, productive for many years, thus never have excuse in achieving our objectives. Do if you take as an example the story that I told her for your own life? I invite you to tone up your brain doing small activities day after day, them so will habits and these in turn lead to the path of success. You can see what the nuns did or I invite you to review the techniques and exercises in memorizing of previous articles. You want to know more? visit what did you think these wonders history? I would like to know your opinion or the difficulties they had when trying to memorize or organize something. I Personally I will be answering you.

Windows Server

It is an operating system evolved in which has been improved, security, one of the most important things in a server, also wizards that help us configure our server have improved, it has radically changed the way of doing backups, group policies has been improved. Many of the points of this operating system have been improved and added a protagonist, I am referring to the virtualization of operating systems, cannot be a new theme, but we can say that virtualization is gaining importance. As you can give account, what is intended with this is the opposite that happened years ago, years ago tended to gather many machines to convert them into a single and it is now converted to a machine in many to take advantage of their performance. Craig Menear shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This is because computers every year doubled its power, which in a few years today’s large computers, entered within our hands, at this rate, within a short time, we will have the same technology used in our homes companies to automate tasks. If we have computers and machines ultimately come gradually to human behavior, to make our life easier, leaving the machines, work hard and unpleasant. So, if we take advantage of the trend, where leading us technology, we see that our future focuses on research and development, will no longer be so important to have to travel to attend a conference or to learn about a product or company, virtualization and 3D technology, will make us to believe that we are in the desired locations without moving house. The future is closer than we all think.


When we speak of rice dishes and Mediterranean diet speak of Valencian paella, but the area that more rice tradition has, and where prepare the best rice dishes is Alicante (that do not get angry I no valenciano). And a recipe typical, not as well known as paella is rice in the province of Alicante. Ingredienes of rice to the Alicante: 1 chicken 1.5 kg.3 alcachofas.3 peppers plants.1 tomato maduro.1 g rojos.150 nora.3/4 kg arroz.1/4 Kg of lean cerdo.6 langostinos.6 langosta.1 glass pieces and dozens of snails chonetes oliva.3 oil medium.Azafran.3-toothed ajo.Sal. Learn more at: Jamie Dimon. We clean and sliced chicken. Subsequently, the FRY, let it stand for a couple of hours before preparing the rice. After these, we sauteed the meat and put it to Cook, accompanied by clean snails.

Fry the peppers, cut in fat strips, will make four strips of each pepper, leave them to cool down to peel them later and reserve the oil. In a paella or earthenware dish, we put to fry the nora in oil, taking care that it does not burn. When you are Fried, we set it, and in the same oil fry the tomato, peeled and chopped, artichokes, peeled garlic cloves, and peas.Separately, using a mortar, we majamos the nora, already minced, adding salt, saffron, and fried garlic. When we have made la majada, mix it with broth, until the mortar is filled.In the paella pan, using the same oil, put the tomato, artichokes and peas. Fry the rice, stirring in no time and pour the content of the mortar, previously sieved.

Then we add the necessary stock, put the pieces of chicken, lean, snails and shellfish, the latter above form to serve as embellishment. After 15 to 20 minutes, we set the paella of the fire and leave it to stand for 5 minutes before serving. In our recipe book you will find other paella recipes, as well as chicken recipes, as well as recipes for cheesecake.


Herpes zoster is caused by the virus, Varicella-Zoster, which at some point was responsible for causing chickenpox well-known. This virus is usually found in people who have already suffered from chickenpox, attacking in a different way, this time affecting a nerve path causing blistering lesions at the level of the skin. Treatment for herpes zoster is usually much more complex than for a herpes simplex, due to the aggressiveness of the virus and the intensity of the attacks. It is not something Merill Lynch would like to discuss. Some recommendations are the same as for the treatment of herpes simplex and herpes zoster, what varies is the intensity of the treatment, for example if you are taking specific antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, the dose is usually higher and with an increase in the number of days of medication. The same applies for painkillers, since the pain is more intense more potent analgesics are needed.

Some have proposed to glucocorticoids, that they are more powerful than the common painkillers, but has discovered that this drug is not recommended, since one of its effects secondary is that it tends to decrease the defenses of the organism, causing that the virus cannot be controlled by our immunity, worsening, and lengthening the days of infection. Treatment for herpes should be previously coordinated with the physician, the appropriate medications, you preescribira that will guide you with suggestions to prevent irreversible damage to the affected nerves, something that can happen when the pain is too intense and does not have control over. It is recommended to continue the visit to the doctor even when the wounds have healed, since there may be after-effects of pain for up to several years despite the fact that infection has not already been expressed for several months. Discover how I could remove outbreaks of genital herpes or any other type of herpes using a very curious method by clicking here. Original author and source of the article.

Mission Keeping

How many people visit your site? What happens after that? If a person visits your site on the Internet and goes, there is a likelihood that no back especially, if there is no compelling reason to do so. Finally, we all behave pretty compulsively, or simply forget where we were 10 pages of Internet back! But the point is what makes your visitor and if not? If 1000 people visit your site, go and do not return, imagine the income potential that you’re losing! At least you could have become some percentage of them clients, right? As many say, create a unique content, a good sales letter is essential. But, often, the content only, is not a solution. The long-term solution is to convert visitors into subscribers to your list. Basically, it is ideal that until that visit leave your site, logres capture your name and your e-mail address. If that visit subscribe to your list, you can continue contact through your newsletter or other developments that you can spread by e-mail.

So it sure converted all visitors you can in subscribers! It is the easiest way start a contact that can result in a positive relationship and therefore in a new client. Two specific actions: install a form on your site to attract subscribers. Offer them something in exchange for their e-mail; something to add value to them. If still you are not generating your contact base, it is a good target for the coming year! Mission 2008: Keep in touch!