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Mission Keeping

How many people visit your site? What happens after that? If a person visits your site on the Internet and goes, there is a likelihood that no back especially, if there is no compelling reason to do so. Finally, we all behave pretty compulsively, or simply forget where we were 10 pages of Internet back! But the point is what makes your visitor and if not? If 1000 people visit your site, go and do not return, imagine the income potential that you’re losing! At least you could have become some percentage of them clients, right? As many say, create a unique content, a good sales letter is essential. But, often, the content only, is not a solution. The long-term solution is to convert visitors into subscribers to your list. Basically, it is ideal that until that visit leave your site, logres capture your name and your e-mail address. If that visit subscribe to your list, you can continue contact through your newsletter or other developments that you can spread by e-mail.

So it sure converted all visitors you can in subscribers! It is the easiest way start a contact that can result in a positive relationship and therefore in a new client. Two specific actions: install a form on your site to attract subscribers. Offer them something in exchange for their e-mail; something to add value to them. If still you are not generating your contact base, it is a good target for the coming year! Mission 2008: Keep in touch!