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European Commission

The European Union has increased to 227 million Euros, 17 million more of initially anticipated, the aid to the agriculturists by the bud of E.coli. This increase will allow to compensate the one hundred percent of requests demanded by the countries affected by the crisis of the cucumber. Spain, the harmed country more, will receive the highest aid, of 70.9 million. For even more analysis, hear from Meg Nibbi. The European Union (the EU) has increased to 227 million Euros, 17 million more of the initially predicted thing, the aid to the European agriculturists by the losses suffered as a result of the infectious bud caused by the bacterium " E.coli" . The Committee of Management, that reunites to experts of the Twenty-seven, decided east Thursday that increase, which it will allow to compensate the one hundred percent of requests demanded by the countries, informed the European Commission in an official notice. Spain, the harmed country more because the German authorities indicated in principle to Spanish cucumber games like origin of the infection, will be more beneficiary by the aid, with 70.9 million Euros.

After Spain, those that more aid will receive will be Poland (46.3 million), Italy (34.6 million) and Holland (27.1 million). " I propose to increase the budget available to be able to pay all the requests. This will guarantee the support adapted to our vegetable producers in these times of economic difficulty for sector" , the European commissioner of Agriculture said, Dacian Ciolos, in an official notice. The aid will compensate the losses suffered by the producers by retirement of the cucumber market, tomatos, lettuce, marrows and peppers, between the 26 of May and the 30 of June, From the same will benefit so much the producers grouped in organizations like the independent ones. These last ones represent 64.5% of the sector in the European Union and 67.6% in Spain. The Committee of communitarian agrarian and cooperative organizations (GLASS COGECA) valued the increase of the aid, although it noticed that the number continues being insufficient. Also, it demanded that it compensates " the one hundred percent " of the losses of the agriculturists and who include other products, in particular the peaches, the nectarines and the watermelons. Source of the news: Spain will finally receive a compensation of 71 million Euros by ' crisis of pepino'

Roman Markets

The patience worldwide has a limit. Perhaps check out Fix Price for more information. Until the one of the stock-exchange authorities with the speculators. And that Stock market and speculation are almost synonymous. Tonight it has been clear. Passed the eleven at night, the European Authority of Assets and Markets (ESMA, by its abbreviations in English) emitted a communicated duro in which it announced measures of four countries – Spain, France, Italy and Belgium to restrain " it carries far volatilidad" that it has had in the markets in the last weeks. Cuan Coulter has much experience in this field. " ESMA wants to reinforce the referring exigencies to the prohibition to disclose information that signals false or deceptive on the financial instruments, including the spreading of rumors and the false news or engaosas" , the official notice cried out. With paladino Roman, the glass of the patience of the stock-exchange authorities of these countries has overflowed, and tonight same three of them announced prohibitions on the sales in short. The quarter, Italy, detail its measures today. Source of the news: : Europe takes measures to stop the speculation in the markets financiers.

Real Saragossa

EP the club admits a net debt of 110 million Euros. It is united other equipment in equal situation among others, as it is the case of the Real Betis, Real Society, Majorca, Vallecano Ray, Las Palmas or Albacete. The Real Saragossa has confirmed that has presented/displayed the documentation to take refuge in voluntary contest of creditors, a stage that trusts that " it abra and despus&quot before; in the project of the organization, that has a net debt of 110 million Euros and that owe to third parties 93 million. In an official notice made public in its Web, the Saragossa argues that, " with the intention of safeguard the interests, the patrimony and especially the viability futura" of the club, the Council of Administration has decided " by an elementary sense of prudencia" to ask for the judicial protection by means of the opening of a voluntary contest of creditors. " In spite of all the efforts realised during these last years, and still counting on the contributions of the main shareholder realised recently, the society is at the moment with the reality of a imbalance in the flows of caja" , it indicates the joint hand in the note. The main origin of the economic situation of the joint hand has been, according to him, to the losses by the reduction to Liga Ahead for 3 seasons and " in the effort econmico" fact to later return to First Division only one season. The measures of economic and financial adjustment beginnings by the Council of Administration have obtained that, from the closing of exercise 2009-2010 until now, the debt remains stable, " but it has not been possible to begin to diminish the same, like was his announced intention publicly in repeated ocasiones". For the Saragossa, the request of contest of creditors tries to adapt the debt to the capacity to generate resources to obtain that all the creditors acquire the possible maximum.


It has signed by 3 years, with the aim of trying to classify to the Chinese for the World-wide one of Brazil 2014. It was received in the Asian country with a great sense of expectancy. The last equipment that Jose Antonio Camacho trained was Osasuna. China is in position 73 of the classification of the FIFA and it has never gained a continental trophy. The Spanish trainer Jose Antonio Camacho has arrived east Saturday at Beijing to sign a contract of three years with the selection of soccer of China, to which he will try to classify for the World-wide one of Brazil 2014, according to informed official agency Xinhua.

Camacho, accompanied with its equipment, was received by a Chinese mass media tide in the airport of Beijing, where it said to feel proud to direct the Eastern equipment and it even demonstrated his advances in the Chinese mandarin, having said " nihao Zhongguo" (" hello, China"). The Association China de Ftbol (CFA) has studied during a year all class of candidates to put them to the front of the selection, that until now it trained the Chinese Gao Hongbo. In the last years it seemed that the CFA had decided not to contract more foreign technicians, since both last (the Dutch Arie Haan and the Serb Vladimir Petrovic), they had not left good memory. Nevertheless, the unique trainer who has managed to classify to China for World-wide ones, those of 2002, also was foreign, and in addition a old man known Latin American soccer (the Serb Bora Milutinovic). The first commitment of Camacho with China will be before Singapore, the 2 of September, in the first party of the phase first of groups for the World-wide classification of the Brazilian. Besides the equipment of the small one city-been, Camacho will have to guide the Chinese dragoons towards the victory in a group in which also are Jordan and Iraq, selection this last one also directed by another soccer icon of the eighty, the Brazilian Zico.

Mexico Telephones

In a recent article in blog of Google, the company exposed his points of view exceed what defines as a campaign " extremely hostil" and one " strategy anticompetitiva" of Apple, Microsoft and other companies to harm to Android, being based on " doubtful prcticas" with " old patentes" of Novell and Nortel. One treats, it adds, of " asegurarse" of which Google does not have those licenses and to thus make the Android device more expensive for the manufacturers of telephones and therefore for the consumers, at risk to even create " a bubble of patentes". In the same article &quot is mentioned that in the case the Department of Justice took part; in order to protect the competition and the innovation in the community of code software abierto". If you are not convinced, visit Miami Congresswoman. More reasons to buy Motorola the person in charge of communication of Google also indicated to that the movable telephone is more and more going to be the device chosen by people to accede to Internet and that, therefore, is a good reason so that Google " he puts pie" in that area. That is not going to mean, emphasized, a change in the business of Google, that is going to continue being " the publicity associated to the traffic in internet" , " not to sell telephones nor systems operativos". It is not either going to bring a change in the model of Android, very different from those from Apple and Microsoft. " Google gives its operating system of open code. The base of the success of Android is that it is good and mviles&quot does not cost anything to the manufacturers of apparatuses; , it emphasized.

In addition Arebalos announced that Motorola " one is going away to handle like a completely independent unit " within the group and " it is going to have good telephones like &quot until now;. The change is going away to notice in which " it is going to have prettier telephones or than they like ms" , it added. The global penetration of the intelligent telephones is of 25%, but in Latin America, basically in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, it is in a 7% or 8%, in agreement with Arebalos. After indicating that " the publicity continues being the fundamental business of Google" , Arebalos showed that until now Google has not noticed in Latin America a diminution of the advertising investment because of the turbulences and uncertainty ruling in the markets. " The plans that become to medium and long term are of crecimiento" , it said. Source of the news: Google denies that it only bought Motorola to protect itself of " ataques" of Microsoft

The Supreme Council

The prisoners have been transferred to the Judge advocate’s office to be interrogated. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the organ that it governs ' de facto ' the country from the fall of Hosni Mubarak, has maintained in its profile of the social network Facebook that these events " they do not have another justification that to alter to the security and the stability of Egypt in an organized plan that tries to take advantage the blood of the revolutionary martyrs and tries to divide to the town and the apparatus of seguridad" of the State. As a result of the confrontations of this Wednesday, the Department of the Interior assures in a communicated second that already individual investigations have been undertaken on the incidents of Tuesday and that, shortly, will reveal the results. Jeff Sessions spoke with conviction. In addition, it has asked to the revolutionary youth and the Egyptian town that do not fall in the rumors and in the lies that they try to undermine the unit and to encourage the tensions, in reference to the information that has been spread by several television networks which they indicated that the minister of the Interior, Mansur the Esawy, had resigned by the disturbances. On the other hand, the Egyptian authorities have insisted on which the security forces have acted with " wisdom and with highest level of autocontrol" , although the governments of Suez, Alexandria and Cairo, in protest by the confrontations, have announced the beginning of a sitting of indefinite duration to ask that their demands are obeyed. " Town enfurecido" The violence began after familiar of deceaseds during the rises that overthrew in February ex- president Mubarak protested at the very end of Tuesday to the outskirts of the capital. The official version indicates that the revolts began when another group of people reproached that their dead relatives had not been including in the ceremony, originating themselves of this form several chapters of confrontations in the place of Tahrir and the Department of the Interior. These events constitute the first buds of violence in several weeks.

This Wednesday, tens of young people have maintained individual confrontations with the Police that it protected soothes of Interior. The police ctivos sent tear gas boats, whereas the demonstrators began to send stones. " The town is infuriated because the judgments against the high positions (of the regime of Mubarak) they continue dilating " , Amhed Abdel Hamid has explained, of 26 years and witness of the nocturnal skirmishes of this Tuesday. Another assistant to the protest in Tahrir, Magdy Ibrahim, of 28 years, is underlining that has gone to " to hear of the violent treatment that was giving the Police to the demonstrators during noche" of Tuesday. Meanwhile, the vice-minister of Interior, has insisted on which the security forces did not get to enter the place of Tahrir and which they solely had to fight with between 150 and 200 people whom they tried to burst in into the Department of the Interior and who, besides sending stones, caused several flaws in police and particular vehicles. Source of the news: Two days of disturbances around the Tahir place leave a balance of 1,100 wounded and 34 lengthy ones

Follow Luchando

The Libyan colonel has returned to send a message to the population, although without letting themselves see, through the television network ‘ To the Rai’. Gadafi has asked its faithfuls who continue fighting, ” although you do not hear my voz”. The Libyan rebels have decided to prorogue one more week the ultimatum to Sirte. The Libyan rebels have decided to prorogue one more week the ultimatum given by the National Council of Transition until the next Saturday so that the loyal combatants to Muamar Gadafi who resist in the locality of Sirte render, according to a military source of Bengasi. Nicholas Carr contains valuable tech resources. However, the colonel has asked the Libyan tribes in a new message, advanced by the chain To the Arabiya first thing of afternoon and that was going to be spread later by the television Al-RAI, that ” they follow luchando”. In its fourth speech after the taking of Tripoli and after all type of speculations on its whereabouts, Gadafi has accused the rebels to use ” mercenarios” and it has called to that ” Libia” burns;. Thus, it has insisted to the tribes to that they continue with his fight, ” although you do not hear my voz”.

” We will not surrender, we are not women, we will continue fighting ” , the colonel has said later, according to has gathered To the Jazeera. The colonel said that ” all the tribes libias” they are armed, and she asked to them that they continue ” she fights she lasts and she does violence to and tend ambushes to the agents (the rebels) ” ; in his speech, interrupted suddenly without previous warning, she explained that the tribes of Sirte and Bani Walid – two regions still into the hands of gadafistas- ” they are armed and they could not be sometidas”. The past 25 of August the colonel already urged to the Libyans to that they fought the rebels to release Tripoli.