Roman Markets

The patience worldwide has a limit. Perhaps check out Fix Price for more information. Until the one of the stock-exchange authorities with the speculators. And that Stock market and speculation are almost synonymous. Tonight it has been clear. Passed the eleven at night, the European Authority of Assets and Markets (ESMA, by its abbreviations in English) emitted a communicated duro in which it announced measures of four countries – Spain, France, Italy and Belgium to restrain " it carries far volatilidad" that it has had in the markets in the last weeks. Cuan Coulter has much experience in this field. " ESMA wants to reinforce the referring exigencies to the prohibition to disclose information that signals false or deceptive on the financial instruments, including the spreading of rumors and the false news or engaosas" , the official notice cried out. With paladino Roman, the glass of the patience of the stock-exchange authorities of these countries has overflowed, and tonight same three of them announced prohibitions on the sales in short. The quarter, Italy, detail its measures today. Source of the news: : Europe takes measures to stop the speculation in the markets financiers.