Solar Yields Even In Winter!

Now, the solar system is back on your antifreeze check – points out the company AkoTec. Official site: How much is MasterClass? . Like the most solar thermal systems, also the AkoTec operate collectors with the water glycol antifreeze mixture. But above all, the performance must convince now! After all, only 25% of the annual amount of solar energy by end of October until the end of March available, which will be used well are in our latitudes. Particularly in winter where you most needed the thermal energy for the heating and/or domestic hot water heating, most collectors, especially flat-plate collectors pay too little. The new vacuum technology is excellent to capture to every ray of sunshine.

The tube forms the heart of the collector due to their 100% vacuum insulation. The vacuum for the power or the income is especially important in the winter. Reaching through the vacuum insulation, unlike in flat-plate collectors, no Heat to the outside. Performance impact due to lower radiation in winter are significantly lower compared to traditional collectors. This vacuum is also that the absorber is not aging and guaranteed consistent yields more than 25 years. Even with overcast skies, the collector uses the diffuse radiation and realizes high yields.

Because also the special glass contributes a critical part of its 96% light transmission performance. Also the mounting options play a role in the winter! To take advantage of the few rays of sunshine, the collector should be free of snow. AkoTec full Vakuumrohrenollektoren have a variety of solutions. The horizontal flat facades – or balcony mounting is ideal for areas with lots of snow. Due to the rotation of the tubes through 360, the tubes on the optimum angle of incidence of the Sun are set also to avoid performance degradation. The classic roof mounting also represents no problem in the winter. Due to the distances between the tubes, the snow can fall through. Not everyone has a perfect South-facing roof, therefore a collector should provide plenty of opportunities for the effective application and the highest performance.