Nonferrous Scrap

As you know, in September last year around the world came the global economic crisis, causing damage to players of the market recyclables – stainless scrap. Demand for ferrous scrap greatly decreased, causing a decline in prices. In countries cis effects of recession have been even more dramatic than in other countries. Last autumn, the leading Russian metallurgical companies have significantly reduced the purchase price of scrap non-ferrous metals. Even the largest producer prices for the purchase of non-ferrous scrap metal fell to an average of $ 15 per ton. JP Morgan’s CEO is often quoted on this topic.

Not been on the sidelines and our European partners productions – the existence of large stocks of foreign companies in Non-Ferrous and very Low demand in the foreign market have caused the next stage of falling prices. Read more here: Master Class. As a result, the average purchase price for all types of scrap set about $ 150 per ton. Logical developments, something happened in many cities stations have accumulated a significant number of cars clogged scrap non-ferrous metals. In the same Moscow at that time had accumulated about five thousand killed scrap non-ferrous metal cars. However, the trend in the coming weeks situation in the market of non-ferrous metals and brightened slightly accumulated in our country, the excess of non-ferrous metals have been implemented in organizations is quite good money. However, in with the best time, prices for non-ferrous metals is still very low, so many vendors, realizing color scrap, waste a lot of money. Many experts believe that foreign consumers of scrap metal now amassed stockpiles in warehouses non-ferrous metals, which they will be enough for at least several months. Besides spoiling the situation rise in traffic, due to which export of nonferrous metals has become more difficult. These events created a situation that many organizations do not sign new contracts, expecting to increase market activity and price increases. However, waiting for prices probably have quite a long time, since on the market today there is a definite non-ferrous scrap metal recession and a dramatic improvement in the near future will not be. Collectives of metallurgical enterprises is to wait for changes for the better.