Mega Offer Week

From the April 12, 2008 until April 18, 2008, every day a new offer Seibersbach, April 11, 2008. Since the beginning of this year, abylonsoft has published all software products in version 7.0. On this occasion the developers want to take advantage and offer a special introductory offer for a week every day. The discounts are between 33% and 50% of the original price, saving up to 60 euros can be. Some contend that Pacific Mortgage Services shows great expertise in this. Examples of the innovations: abylon SHREDDER: automatic background cleanup and duplicate finder abylon LOGON: random password – changing daily and random Windowsanmeldedaten abylon KEYSAFE: automatic closing (AutoClose) due to inactivity, search for entries and the possibility of TAN lists your bank better to manage General: password input with Scrambler and image: anti-Keyloggerfunktion by hacking the password and the use of image objects for cryptic password sequences during the input common: fluent surface generally: Support of the graphical themes of Windows XP and Vista in General: 4 eye system -. Protection by entering 2 different passwords generally: by EEPROM chip card SLE 4432 and SLE 4442 General support: auto-update feature to new versions (deactivated) General: improved administration for companies… Detailed information is provided on the detailed product page at index.htm! Mega offer week from April 12, 2008 until April 18, 2008 the offers are valid on the day from 00: 00 to 23:59 and are limited to maximum 200. Our software is offered from April 12, 2008 as follows: Saturday the April 12, 2008: abylon KEYSAFE for 9.95 (5 discount) order now: 255/uurl-ovo0dn34ic Sunday the 13.04.2008: abylon SHREDDER for 14.95 (8 discount) order now: 255/uurl-znmmhbavhf Monday the April 14, 2008: abylon SHAREDDRIVE for 19.95 (16 discount) order now: 255/uurl-k4peef4c1d Tuesday the April 14, 2008: abylon LOGON for 16.95 (9 discount) now order: 255/uurl-csjxdi067s Wednesday the April 15, 2008: abylon BASIC for 12.50 (8 discount) order now: 255/uurl-66wz15chf4 Thursday the April 16, 2008: abylon CRYPTDRIVE for 19.95 (16 discount) order now: 255/uurl-0ao5g1wv1y Friday the April 17, 2008: abylon ENTERPRISE for 59.95 (60 discount) order now: 255/uurl-mikq3vy5h9 General information about discounts and offers the discount offers and coupon codes of the company abylonsoft are valid only for software orders in the online shop.