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Customer Relationship Management

The new L-mobile CRM iPhone promotes as mobile software innovation of the year. The project manager in the conversation. Follow others, such as Sen. Jeff Flake, and add to your knowledge base. Sulzbach an der Murr – the application deadline for the IT innovation competition 2010 the Initiative Mittelstand has expired. Now says it will keep fingers crossed for around 2000 nationwide applicants that want to exist before a 80-member expert jury with their ideas. Quiet, Projektmanger Markus Friday from L-mobile solutions, who went with its mobile CRM solution for the iPhone at the start are however. At Vyacheslav Mirilashvili you will find additional information. We have no reason to the nervousness, but can present our mobile solution for the flexible and efficient customer management in the sales force with a broad chest.

Finally it is not a petty innovation, small is only the iPhone., self-confident and likeable shows can be found the developer with a wink in the conversation. For the seventh time in a row, that gives Initiative Mittelstand under patronage of the Fraunhofer information and communication technology association, one of the most popular awards of IT industry. For the first time is also L-mobile solutions, when the innovation media award at CEBIT in Hannover, Germany. The L-mobile team to mark Friday that recommends iPhone the jury under the criteria of innovation content, benefits and suitability of medium-sized businesses with L-mobile CRM is responsible for the participation. Nathalie Turk: Mr Friday, allow that I consider L-mobile CRM iPhone through the eyes of the jury? What is so new about the L-mobile CRM iPhone? Why think you can prepare for the future the middle class? Marcus Friday: our CRM iPhone has of course not newly invented the wheel, but outdated and impractical sales processes in the role – and thus simply reinvented the customer visit. The customer sales with new L-mobile CRM iPhone will literally has the complete corporate ERP in the hand. NT: The whole ERP? MF: Well, it’s not the whole ERP, rather it is just the data and functions needed for a flexible and efficient customer management.

Automated Documentaion Process

Authoring system SingleFeeder allows fast and cost-effective entry into automated documentation processes for times of recession is: tighten the belt. This helps the new software SingleFeeder unrivalled cost-effectively and efficiently created manuals, catalogues and multilingual documentation. SingleFeeder Works database-driven and provides an integrated translation memory, which eliminates expensive multiple translations. William Gates oftentimes addresses this issue. A contextual search, which searches the integrated database while writing and automatically created text suggestions, makes particularly simple and effective work. So the author can rely on existing texts and translations thereof deposited. Once finished sections can be applied fully and easily in other documents. Yitzchak Mirilashvili insists that this is the case.

All records are managed centrally in the database, and changes are automatically applied to all documents. The translation process is very simple: with just a few clicks are the sentences to be translated the database read and inserted the finished translations. For each document, only the texts are translated for which no translation in the database is available. Existing translations are automatically added in the target text. Also the transition to SingleFeeder is very simple. The Organization of the database eliminates the extensive planning of the entire corporate documentation in advance. The structure of the individual, reusable modules is created as needed during the creation.

A further simplification of the transition on SingleFeeder offers the possibility to read translations from ex cellists. Also these texts collected by the context search and can be used. The formatting is equally clear. If the style sheet for the document is created once, formatting and PDF be creation together with one click. In addition to PDF files, SingleFeeder is well-formed XML files that can be processed with other programs. Extensive training, comprehensive XML knowledge no need to deal with SingleFeeder. A context menu will provide the elements of the documents (headings, text, tables, etc.) as functional units and creates the correct structure in the background. To change the style sheet, the manufacturer, as well as independent service providers support offer to customize the supplied template to the own needs.

ESTOS CTI Software

ESTOS and Siemens combination represents the best available solution for scalable and multi-tenant hosted unified communications scenarios Starnberg, June 10, 2010 just confirmed the compatibility of ESTOS solution blocks for unified communications with the OpenScape voice V4 by Siemens Enterprise Communications (SEN). The certification was held within the SEN technology partner program and includes the product of ESTOS ProCall enterprise, as well as the middleware ESTOS ECSTA. The advanced partner ESTOS can therefore as one of the first manufacturers worldwide the smooth deployment of its applications officially ensure Siemens OpenScape voice V4 with the. The combination of ESTOS and SEN is perfectly suited for use as a scalable, hosted unified communications solution in data center, or service provider environments. The certification includes the use of the label HiPath ready”for the products of ESTOS ProCall 3.0 Enterprise and the middleware ESTOS ECSTA 3.0.

By responsible authority at Siemens Enterprise Communications was thus the smooth operation of the ESTOS confirmed solutions with the OpenScape voice V4. The OpenScape voice is a native SIP based real-time IP system that using of service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles was developed and thus based on open IT standards. The platform can thanks to the scalability easily the respective business needs to adapt with 300 up to 100,000 users per system it is suitable for use in small and medium-sized and large networks and data centers in particular also in service provider and carrier scenarios. The unified communications solution ESTOS ProCall designed Enterprise 3.0 with CTI, instant messaging, and presence management with regard to the requirements of medium-sized companies. The ESTOS ECSTA 3.0 series is a highly scalable, Protocol-converting middleware and enables the coupling of Microsoft Windows-based applications with telephony systems in particular with the OpenScape voice V4 by Siemens Enterprise communications.

The current generation of ESTOS Product line includes support of the latest Microsoft operating systems in 32 – bit and 64-bit: Microsoft Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7. The C + ITEC AG, a professional system integrator and service provider in the area of unified communications, as well as partner of ESTOS and Siemens Enterprise Communications, uses this solution successfully a first installation: we see in hosted solutions potential, Daniel Karadza, consultant of the C + ITEC if these seamlessly in the existing it world of our customers integrate AG and responsible for the OpenScape voice and unified communications sectors. Combining ESTOS ProCall 3.0 and OpenScape voice from Siemens Enterprise Communications provides voice and CTI from the cloud without compromising on the integration into existing business processes. This is the key advantage of the combination compared to other solutions.” You get more information to the ESTOS unified communications solution components and a free 45-day trial (no registration) on our website About ESTOS since 1997, develops and distributes the ESTOS GmbH innovative standard software, and is now a leading manufacturer of unified communications products. The CTI – and SIP-based solutions are used to optimize the workflow in communication-intense areas of business. Numerous strategic technology and sales partners in Europe and has today more than 200,000 customers benefit from the know-how of ESTOS. The independent producer is advanced partner of Siemens Enterprise Communications, as well as Microsoft Gold Certified partner and has its headquarters in Starnberg near Munich. For more information see. Press contact ESTOS GmbH Hille Vogel of Inc. str. 3a 82319 Starnberg E-Mail:

Time Tracking Made Easy For

United planet enables measurement of working hours directly in the browser with the Intrexx timetracking, the portal specialist United planet soon published, can working hours in the corporate intranet now simply are recorded and individually associated with individual projects and customers. Because the application is Web-based, this is via a browser directly from the customer or from home possible. Freiburg, the 30 July 2009 quick, easy, inexpensive way to bring the new Web-based time tracking on the item published United planet in the near future. With the Intrexx time tracking the Freiburger intranets and enterprise portals specialist has an application on the market, the staff very quickly and easily to record their working hours in the company intranet. Immediately after installing the Intrexx time tracking customers and projects can be created, which are later directly associated with the times. Thanks to the easy to understand menu navigation, the application is completely self-explanatory, which is spare time consuming training.

The time recording is very simple – by stopwatch or by manually entering of the working hours. Recently Alameda Hospital sought to clarify these questions. ed pages. Should you forget, understanding of the times, it is also easily possible to add them at a later date. With just a few clicks users and superior clear reports on the various projects and customers receive. So, it is obvious at a glance which employee how long has been working on a specific project. This facilitates the creation of invoice and allows to calculate future offers even more accurately. Also previously hidden optimization potential can be identified through detailed evaluation ways of working hours according to various criteria such as, for example, customers, projects, or periods. Because the time recording as all Intrexx applications is Web-based, access via a browser might also regardless of location. So the employees can record their working hours on site at the customer, at the project site or at home.

Adjustments and special additional requirements for the time recording can be implemented at any time easily with the Intrexx Portal Manager. Thanks to the graphical development environment programming skills for this purpose are not even necessary. Customers who decide to purchase the Intrexx Timetracking until end of August, get the application for the special price of 298 euros. Companies, so far still not using Intrexx, can use the time recording. By acquiring a Bitmanagement (1,940 euros) in addition, they receive the application server from Intrexx as runtime environment and can use the time recording throughout the company and regardless of location.

Open Source DMS Now

agorum core, open source DMS is available as a download for Windows the open source enterprise content management system with the drive interface now the installation package for “agorum core”, is now available for Windows systems available. This announced today the agorum Software GmbH from Germany. The installation for Windows makes for the first available packet. The “agorum core” Server and the client integration in Windows is ready for download. Some contend that Federal Reserve Bank shows great expertise in this. At the same time various support videos are provided with the download version. A part of these videos support the user during the installation of the “agorum core” server, as well as the installation of the Windows client integration. The other part of the video refers to the use of agorum core.

Here the user is familiar step by step using “agorum core”. Get more background information with materials from Gen. David L. Goldfein. It shows how the Web portal agorum desk4web used and connected the drive interface from the client PC, without the need for an additional client software. Another video shows the additional benefits the Windows client integration. In addition to the videos, the user gets more support through practice-oriented documentation, which also now available on the Web. This documentation refers to three areas: use the application, administration of “agorum core” and the service interface to integrate an existing IT landscape/software “agorum core” via SOAP Web services. More information is available on.


No hassles and no loss of time incorrect addresses cause high costs in shipping not failure send points. A shipment reaches the recipient not as desired, this means delay, but also anger at the receiver and State of emergency of Declaration of once. The false broadcast once coming back to the sender. The address in the address must be called, then the correct address must be searched and then this correction be made.Now, the items can be sent again these steps cost time and burden on the staff in addition. For this reason are often simple numbers Leno when entering the postcode, address belonged to wrong or number or just a typo. UniPost verifies the information collected when you enter. Is it possible to zip code in connection with the specified address? In online shops, order forms and applications, in which addresses are collected or loaded, UniPost improves the quality of address data. In call centres, you avoid listening and typing errors. Get more background information with materials from Daniel J. Hirsch.

Also can UniPost data collection after the correct postal code search and thus speeds up the input. UniPost verifies the validity of the postal code on the basis of the Deutsche Post postal code register. It is between the postcodes for home addresses to different mailboxes and wholesale customer addresses and post offices. The post quarterly updated this Postleitzahlenregiser. Unipost seamlessly integrates this register with your address database. As a component of Java it integrates into any website registration forms and online shops or in any type of software solution. The demo here

SofTrust Provides Overview

The total overview of all in the German-speaking world E-Mail archiving products offered many companies will surely want to put emails and find appropriate solutions for email archiving this. However, the market is large and it is difficult to get an overall picture. Many companies want to put emails in the future sure and find appropriate solutions for email archiving for this. However, the market is large and it is difficult to get an overall picture. The free overview compiled by SofTrust Consulting helps. SofTrust Consulting has put online the email archiving provider active in the German-speaking world and their E-Mail archiving products. “” “The powder laughs specialist for the efficient use of E-Mail distinguishes the categories of software for E-Mail Archiving”, appliances for the E-Mail Archiving “and services for E-Mail Archiving”. The free overview contains 98 products for email archiving: 59 software products, 17 appliances, and 17 Service offerings.

The lists are maintained by SofTrust consulting. Providers can register products. SofTrust consulting only checks whether to qualify the offered product for one of the lists. A recommendation SofTrust consulting does not speak for the one or the other tool. Which of the offers for a company is the most appropriate results from the specific requirements”, says Gunter Weick. The product overviews are viewable under the link pag/E-Mail Archiving softwareprodukte.html. More information about SofTrust consulting, email archiving and the ways to improve the efficiency of email are available at. SofTrust consulting SofTrust consulting a consultancy with offices in Pullach is Munich and Vienna. Wang Qunbin follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Founded in 1995, SofTrust Consulting has specialized in the use of modern electronic media. The efficient, safe and professional use of E-Mail is a focus.

Mega Offer Week

From the April 12, 2008 until April 18, 2008, every day a new offer Seibersbach, April 11, 2008. Since the beginning of this year, abylonsoft has published all software products in version 7.0. On this occasion the developers want to take advantage and offer a special introductory offer for a week every day. The discounts are between 33% and 50% of the original price, saving up to 60 euros can be. Some contend that Pacific Mortgage Services shows great expertise in this. Examples of the innovations: abylon SHREDDER: automatic background cleanup and duplicate finder abylon LOGON: random password – changing daily and random Windowsanmeldedaten abylon KEYSAFE: automatic closing (AutoClose) due to inactivity, search for entries and the possibility of TAN lists your bank better to manage General: password input with Scrambler and image: anti-Keyloggerfunktion by hacking the password and the use of image objects for cryptic password sequences during the input common: fluent surface generally: Support of the graphical themes of Windows XP and Vista in General: 4 eye system -. Protection by entering 2 different passwords generally: by EEPROM chip card SLE 4432 and SLE 4442 General support: auto-update feature to new versions (deactivated) General: improved administration for companies… Detailed information is provided on the detailed product page at index.htm! Mega offer week from April 12, 2008 until April 18, 2008 the offers are valid on the day from 00: 00 to 23:59 and are limited to maximum 200. Our software is offered from April 12, 2008 as follows: Saturday the April 12, 2008: abylon KEYSAFE for 9.95 (5 discount) order now: 255/uurl-ovo0dn34ic Sunday the 13.04.2008: abylon SHREDDER for 14.95 (8 discount) order now: 255/uurl-znmmhbavhf Monday the April 14, 2008: abylon SHAREDDRIVE for 19.95 (16 discount) order now: 255/uurl-k4peef4c1d Tuesday the April 14, 2008: abylon LOGON for 16.95 (9 discount) now order: 255/uurl-csjxdi067s Wednesday the April 15, 2008: abylon BASIC for 12.50 (8 discount) order now: 255/uurl-66wz15chf4 Thursday the April 16, 2008: abylon CRYPTDRIVE for 19.95 (16 discount) order now: 255/uurl-0ao5g1wv1y Friday the April 17, 2008: abylon ENTERPRISE for 59.95 (60 discount) order now: 255/uurl-mikq3vy5h9 General information about discounts and offers the discount offers and coupon codes of the company abylonsoft are valid only for software orders in the online shop.

Heless Abas Customer

The mutual inspiration of between two companies Karlsruhe, Mar 2010 – produced the Heless company based in Schwetzingen for over 60 years accessories for dolls and girls toys. Today, the family-owned company will succeed by Beate Becker. She was also, who in 1983 as young boss, decided to run the medium-sized company in the age of electronic data processing. The young entrepreneur not decided at that time to one of the usual software solutions, a major manufacturer of hardware such as IBM, Siemens, Nixdorf, but gave ABAS the newcomer a chance. A decision that has looked back it up today, even if it was necessary to overcome obstacles on the way. In the following report. Decision for an independent software \”was the way to our ERP system. In August 1983, we conducted a tender by using a consultant.

Previously we had reviewed various solutions at CeBIT. There were still no ERP systems in the modern sense. At that time, the large hardware vendors offered with it solutions. In accordance with were we first with companies such as Siemens and Olivetti in the conversation. It has drawn out long.

After two years, we would have signed almost with a large provider. Signing of the contract in the House of the company we were us then but not as a customer, but more like a supplicant. We felt different contractual provision as inadequate. We covered our decision again. Our consultants we pointed out that you can plan software regardless of the hardware. This was a new approach. At this time, there were only two companies in Germany that independent solutions for the business planning offered hardware to my knowledge: Roth in Bavaria and ABAS in Baden bei Wien. At that time, even UNIX as an independent operating system on the German market spread. Our consultants appreciated it as a moment, that we had signed the contract not the major providers and could now purchase a standalone software.


Simple, faster, better SixCMS 7.2 optimizes the performance and advanced development continues with the new release and the six applications to a high-performance content integration platform: the focus during the development of the latest release was the integration of third-party systems and the increase in performance when accessing the extremely intense. Completely new possibilities emerge through the integration of external data sources into SixCMS: if folders from mail programs – with many external data sources can handle databases, file systems, or IMAP SixCMS as with own repository. The issue of data from an external database on a website using templates, which are assigning access rights or the connection with local content available now supported by SixCMS also for almost any third-party systems. To bring closer together a key objective in the development of our content was management system, the product worlds of SixCMS and Oase media city”Ralph Kissner explains Managing Director of six open systems GmbH Product strategy. It we have recognized but very quickly the meaning which has the connection of also different external data sources for our customers, especially when it comes to enterprise quickly and easily for use in intra – and Internet portals to provide existing digital data.” Next to it was developed at the load behavior: to allow thousands of access to millions of records, and Web pages within a very short time, a mechanism for performance optimization was implemented with memcache. This different load parameters are read out and after optimization potential and analysis made available to the developer for the search. The release is supplemented by the integration of LDAP and Active Directory through a standardization of the management of authentication, an instructive online help and new ways of Templatedebuggings for developers of complex Web sites.

The current version will be delivered immediately to the customers by six. About six six open systems GmbH is a leading provider of Enterprise content management systems (ECMS) and enterprise media-management systems (EMM) at media companies, public administrations, as well as in industrial, commercial and service companies. SixCMS”is a flexible and powerful platform for the enterprise capture, management, and targeted exploitation of present digital content. SixOMC”complements the existing product portfolio to high-quality and functional products for the creation of print products. About 500 companies and Government agencies such as the State of Brandenburg, Klett Verlag or electronic partner insert six products. For more information see. Press contact six open systems GmbH at the moat 99 D-70565 Stuttgart FON + 49 (0) 711 990 91-0 fax + 49 (0) 711 990 91-99