Meditate Before The Mehrab

Scientists secure centuries old knowledge: meditation strengthens the self-confidence comes a fascinating method to the light of day. What is a Mehrab? How to meditate Sufis? How does meditation work? Why American scientists examine the methods of the Sufis? Interesting questions for the present. The dark room and the energy of life places before, they sit in a dark room. You are before a niche that has a certain curvature. The inside of the niche is weakly illuminated by a tiny light bulb, whose lighting gives rise to an interesting mosaic of light and shadow. Many writers such as European Commission offer more in-depth analysis.

Her eyes are half closed. Her head is empty. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Erin Callan. Your heart is quiet a specific and powerful stroke. You expect nothing, are focused entirely on this rhythm. All of a sudden, your soul caught up in the middle of nothing, in the eighth plane, in which time and space do not exist, where death is not known and there is eternity. This only a few known, hidden world is the source of life energy. The connection of the heart Sohrawardi led These spiritual exercises before his Mehrab already 900 years ago by.

His books describe many encounters with beings in the metaphysical world of the eighth dimension. When Alexander the great conquered the Persian territories, the Avesta, the only copy of the Scriptures was given the Zoroastrian community, the flames of the fire. 500 years later, a monk of Zoroastrian faith practiced his spiritual exercises before the Mehrab. He linked his heart with his master, and fell into deep meditation. Through the Mehrab he gained access to the other side and met Zoroaster in the eighth dimension. Their hearts are joined and Zoroaster described him the Avesta in a form appropriate to the time. The monk kept it in mind and wrote it down as soon as he returned to the material world of the seven levels.