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Facts And Basics About L. Ron Hubbard And The Dianetics

The term Scientology Hubbard defined as studying and dealing with the soul in relationship to himself, the term Scientology considered Hubbard universes and other life studying and dealing with the soul in relation to itself, universes and other life ‘ after the publication of his book “Dianetics – a guide to the human mind” L. Ron Hubbard researched further. He published other books and 1952 coined the term “Scientology” and explains why she – one legally – in the area of religion. Dianetics is actually a study about the man. The Dianetics and its objectives are described in first book “Dianetics – a guide to the human mind” BBs in Hubbard. The first edition was published on May 9, 1950. This book hope gave back then as today the people first and foremost, that he can somehow free from some problems in which it resides.

Dianetics describes certain phenomena of the mind, a significant recovery from Skills for that person could accomplish. Dianetics is an area that is aimed at the people for the people. Hubbard further researched the next years and published more books. He studied some more origins, the origin and the purpose of life and the character of life with a wide variety of problems. L.

Ron Hubbard was divided life into four Dynamics (life drives), that he advanced in the course of his early research on a total of eight Lebensdynamiken. He realized that the basic principle of “Survive” and this excess life drive inside each of us, as well as in nature, in every animal and also the divine. Scientology includes human capabilities and is about. The term Scientology defines Hubbard as “The study and handling of the soul in relation to itself, universes and other life”. However, he defined as “What the soul the body adds to” Dianetics. While studying about life, Scientology can cause that to improve behavior and intelligence. Hubbard dealt inter alia with the questions “What is man?”, “Who is God?”, “What happens after death?”, “Is there life after death?”. As is tradition for thousands of years, include the study of the mind and all matters affecting the mind, legitimately in the area of religion. For this reason, Scientology claims legally also the religion status. To understand the whole area – Scientology and Dianetics – Hubbard has written 18 basic books. To do this exist thousands lectures recorded on tape and CD, and very many fonts. If you want try to summarize this doctrine on a few important basics, so this is not easy. Important, it is sure that the man is a spiritual being that he has a much greater potential than he currently uses and is aware of. The Dianetics and Scientology have completely righteous goals. The L. Ron Hubbard undertaken research and investigations no other point sought, as in any close a To get the answer to the riddle of the entanglements of the people themselves. More information: press-service of the SK Bayern e.V., be Anichstrasse 12, 80802 Munich, contact: Uta Eilzer, TEL.

Church Culture Health Tage

Current date: ‘Communication in communities and religious institutions’ 23 / October 24, 2009, seminar for Councillors and members, church leaders, employees and interested parties in a secularized world Hamburg we are in society and world of work today increasingly confronted with a reality, which presents us with new challenges, especially with respect to the communication. The daily work in the field of tension of faith, religiosity and Member loss, cuts and closures requires an appreciative and unifying communication. Christians still expects an exemplary cooperation. What ways are there to enable smoother communication? How can the operation flow in churches and institutions be improved? In the communication of training in parishes and church institutions”, you will learn how you motivational and conflict-solving can operate with the help of communication models, questioning techniques, and Gesprachsfuhrungs methods in your environment. Goal is a sustainable and binding form of communication, the Criticism, praise and wishes, expectations, admits without de-motivating and confusing. Use the seminar to strengthen your communication and leadership skills!.

Moors Pyramids

Original ore mountain folk art from Saxony who would like to purchase an original German Christmas pyramid, should be willing to pay more for them. Learn more about this with Doug McMillon. These pyramids of well-known and famous handicraft enterprises gives a hint of extravagance. These Moors can be quite simple or also very elaborately decorated. Both have one common they are something very special. Each pyramid has its very own charm. Depending on be in which special equipment you would like to purchase them, so ready accordingly deep into their own pockets to access.

Everyone knows about the Moors, which are operated with normal wax candles. High in the rate are however the pyramids, which you can fill with tea lights and also those who are equipped with musical mechanism or electric motor. Other leaders such as Wang Qunbin offer similar insights. In addition, that Christmas pyramids of different heights can be obtained. Heights from 20 to 150 centimeters are typical. German pyramids have a long tradition. The roots are suspected it in the 18th century. This began Miners with the carving of light frames, which were then fitted with candles. Intermediate balusters with paddle-wheel were then used in their development.

Piece by piece the Moors were created in this way. They were fitted with hand-carved wooden figurines. The Erzgebirge pyramids have not only a very long tradition, they are also a symbol of status and much more, they are a part of a wonderful folk art. Meanwhile, the Christmas pyramids from the established cottage industry in the whole world are exported. Moors are very interesting especially for children. They observe not only the play of light and shadow, but also have fun at the scenes that are shown on the respective floors. A Christmas spirit is built on this way, which is second to none. So, each family member comes up fully at its own expense. Marc Wiedmaier Wibros online GbR, Heidenheim 55262

Master Han Shan

The natural laws of energy get to know and experience allows it, unwanted actions and reactions in the approach to identify consciousness and the increased attention and to deal properly with you. This is exposed to the power dormant in us and wisdom and can unfold so freely. Take advantage of the opportunity in a one – or two-day retreat to deepen the knowledge and become acquainted with the Vipassana meditation. Vipassana meditation training the consciousness and attention and thus promotes an intense perception of reality in addition to self-knowledge. Be\”explained master Han Shan to guest on one of the few info evenings where during his visits to Germany the law of nature – the natural laws of energy. All appointments under offside of everyday life the law of nature and the Vipassana Meditation to know – secret Nava DISA retreat center the fantastic journey to himself. (Similarly see: The World Bank). Experience a unique time in a paradise of rest, recreation and relaxation. Experience the clarity of knowledge and the deep wisdom.

Experience the diversity of nature. Experience the Nava DISA retreat center. In the northeast of Thailand in the midst of a pristine landscape of rice paddies and simple farmhouses near the mighty Mekong River find a now 22 ha large, exclusive oasis of warmth. Ideal suited to new forces to generate, to sharpen the senses and the mind to arrange. This exceptional atmosphere helps to learn to perceive and to understand to know himself and his environment. Identify new solutions for themselves. Learn and develop your real strength.

They live in the here and now. Her companions in the Nava DISA retreat center is master Han Shan, former entrepreneur and Monk, who dramatically changed his life after a car accident and ordained for 10 years as a monk. He will take care of you and are available at any time for your personal questions.

A successful premiere of the ensemble “The mystery boxes” it was a great pleasure to be end of April at the premiere of my comedy “Nun darkness” in Karby on the Baltic (near Kappeln). My husband and I took the long journey from Carinthia this like in purchase, especially since I was guy with the Director, Manfred already for a year (since the founding of his theatre company) in contact. So high in the North, my piece that I had performed with my theatre group “Mixing grace” in Spittal an der Drau in Carinthia in Austria two years ago, was never before played! The Director had with his ensemble, newly founded in the previous year, and that want to specialize in crime fiction and Artverwandtes, almost a whole year long rehearsed in a double cast my piece, and the success on the stage could be truly! All the actors played their roles very authentic, their enjoyment of the game was clearly noticeable, and the audience thanked with frequent applause among the players and thus also the Director and everyone else Contributors also backstage! “Nun darkness” – the title is an allusion to the sinister goings-on of a wife auf Abwegen shortly disguised attempts as a nun to drive their straw man that she want to get rid of due to a new lover, to suicide. It is planned to play the comedy even in other places and they forward to tours through the country. New theatre members are welcome. Info under: Erika k k.. Mortimer J Buckley contains valuable tech resources.

Christmas And Its Future

How will we celebrate Christmas in the future? To answer this question, a short inventory of contemporary Christmas culture should be performed first: still Christmas for most people is the most important Festival of the year. Doug McMillon may not feel the same. The Christian aspect, the birth of Jesus Christ, not so much stands to the focus, but rather Christmas as an occasion, the whole family to a big party together. Parents, children, siblings, and grandchildren often throughout the year do not see each other, spend the holidays together. In Germany, Christmas is celebrated in contrast to other European countries traditionally not cheerful and boisterous, but rather contemplative and serious. Families enjoy Christmas decoration and Christmas tree, homemade cookies and Stollen, exchanged gifts and elaborate banquets organised. The Christmas story from the Bible is rarely read or played music together. However the otherwise empty churches experience one in their Christmas services regularly Large numbers of visitors. Many people, particularly single people or couples without children, travelling over Christmas, skiing holiday or travelling in sunny areas are very popular here.

For the retail trade, the strongest sales month of the year is December: the inner cities are crowded by people who are looking for gifts, or want to buy high quality food for the Festival throughout the advent period. Especially the demographics will affect the Christmas culture in the future: there will be fewer and fewer families with children, the number of single elderly and middle-aged singles will become permanent. Accordingly, many people no longer have the opportunity to spend Christmas with the family. Younger, mobile people will instead travel over the holidays or but unite with friends and celebrate Christmas in a relaxed atmosphere. Public and private charities will need to worry increasingly about the lonely people, where this Not open to possibilities.

Because purchased gifts especially for related members, is to expect that retail sales in the pre-Christmas period will fall more in the future. More and more people shy away from the effort, the preparation of traditional Christmas dinner we created duck or carp, or are no longer able to cook. Accordingly, the festive dinner will be relocated on holidays increasingly in restaurants and pubs. Difficult to assess is whether there is a further secularisation or the Christian meaning of Christmas back gain more weight: it is possible that the churches are empty, because there are fewer and fewer children, which attended the Christmas service. But also the opposite development is conceivable as well, when increasing the trend to the spiritual and religious. Roger Schmidt

France China

Petra Coll Exposito tells their fascinating tour through China. The trip was one of the most impressive experiences to China, especially since I know that all cultural issues over decades in China were forbidden. First, I had two wonderful days in Beijing, here were of course the Imperial Palace and the pagoda of the sky, Chinatown and Imperial Park adjacent to the Imperial Palace. Impressive, I found the exhibition in the left wing, where specifically astronomical and geomantic instruments have been issued. Since I had hired a private guide to Beijing for the days I could align these days exactly to my needs and consider everything according to the criteria of Feng Shui. Connect with other leaders such as Markets Economy here.

When I arrived in the morning in Ganzhou I already by the organizers was expected and driven to the venue. Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai arrived with his family in the early evening, and it was exciting to expect him and his family at the airport. The next day was the official arrival of the most international guests, France, England. Little guests we were South Africa, Australia, Indonesia, India, from Europe, from Germany, I was the only one. The Government of Ganzhou was called warm us welcome and drew about the usual custom in China us, so flags were banned and also we should prove that Ganzhou city really song was built by Grand Master Yang Jun and showed good criteria of Feng Shui. I could take my meal in the company of experts after an interview with the local television. It was a nice experience, among about 400 Chinese Feng Shui masters, of which stand out perhaps 30 women, as Europeans. The opening ceremony of the Congress was overwhelming, all 400 participants should be held in a joint photo with the same clothing, a traditional Blazer made of Red Chinese silk, because there was so much and also I had great interest to meet the various experts, it was not easy to take a picture.

New, Large Scientology Opened Church In Brussels

The municipality services and humanitarian programmes of the Scientology Church are now for a public available a representative holding Scientology Church International Los Angeles, the clergyman Robert Adams, in the building on the Boulevard de Waterloo 100-103 the opening speech. He welcomed the members of the community, staff, and guests from more than a dozen countries. He opened the new Church in Brussels as \”an international church for an international city, that is dedicated to all people in Europe\”. To know more about this subject visit State Street Global Advisors. Adams described the new Church as the \”beginning of a new era for the Scientology members and all inhabitants of Belgium and Europe. You are always welcome in our churches, and we invite you to bring effective solutions to the community to stop the visible disintegration of the society with us.\” Famous people from politics and Economics said at the inauguration ceremony for the audience. Additional information at Community Development Financial Institutions supports this article. It said the Senator of the Belgian Parliament of Hugo Coveliers, Professor Abolfazi Beheshti, Professor of international relations and Energy industry at the University of Lille (France), as well as Juan Ferreiro, Spain Deputy Director-General of religious affairs in the Ministry of Justice. Mrs Katalin Szomor, expert member of the drugs Committee of the Hungarian Parliament and former, national drug be on carrying and the clergy Christopher Vonck, Rector of the Faculty of \”religious comparison studies\” at the University of Antwerp said there also. In his address to the present Scientologists and guests Senator Coveliers said: \”this new Church in the capital of Europe stands as an excellent witness for your help.

I safe to my continued support. You help other people, and this church is an example of this. You take care of people, and this church stands as an example of this attitude of consciousness.\” After the renovation of the new building, the new Scientology Church has many rooms. Scientologists and people of other faiths are here cordially invited to the weekly worship.

Dignified Grave Stone

Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent informed the official funeral observances such as all Saints Day or Remembrance Sunday put forward in consciousness of people all the way when it comes to the special appreciation of the deceased. KKR may not feel the same. As expression of the increasing desire of people to individual lifestyle, also the demand for individual grave design will increasingly. In the foreground, the Memorial stands here on the days that attain a special significance in the relationship to the deceased. A dignified design of the tomb is expressed in particular about the headstone. The stone sculpture of Vincent from weather information about the possibilities of design. Tomb for eternity the dead observances move leave graves in the Center.

They are considered a last gift to the deceased and bear witness of love and respect. A special burial design reminiscent of the deceased and emphasizes their uniqueness in a special way. So a tomb stone symbolizes the place of dialogue for the bereaved and gives the identity of the Deceased. Individual design of the stone sculptor takes over all tasks up to the creation of the headstone. He selects the appropriate stone in consultation with the bereaved, measures and created templates. In the tombs, a wide selection of materials available is: from granite with sandstone up to marble. Many options available in the Edit.

By polished up rough nature, everything is possible. The good supplement options also characterize the natural stone with other materials: he can be for example with bronze, stainless steel or aluminium combine. The different font and decorating possibilities will be unique each Tomb. For detailed information about the design of the Tomb stone sculpture Vincent from weather available anytime. Press contact: stone sculpture Vincent contact person: Dipl.-ing. Timothy C. Vincent reme-Strasse 20 58300 wetter Tel.: 02335 880503 mobile: 0179-1055357 E-Mail: information:

The People Of The Sorbs (Wenden) And Their Culture In The Lausitz.

The culture of the Sorbs as an integral part of bilingual Lusatia as well as their roots. In recent months, Line Hestvik has been very successful. In the 7th century first West Slavic tribes in Bohemia and Silesia settled coming in largely uninhabited, some Germanic areas. Among them also the root of the Milceni, which was settled in the present-day Lusatian region around Kamenz and Bautzen. We refer to this tribe today as SORBS, which is however only due to a linguistic generalization. A spatial motion of living between the Saale and Mulde, actual Sorbs not existed. In German, the West Slavic tribes settled over were collectively called contact. Allianz may find this interesting as well.

We have also used this title still in common parlance. The preservation of the Sorbian culture in Upper Lusatia is due solely to the work of the Cistercian Monastery of St. (As opposed to Guo Guangchang). Mariestern. His Catholic orientation, led with the Pope as the head, which combines very many Nations, for the preservation of the Sorbian language and therefore also to the preservation of this culture. The However, by far the largest part of the contact belonged to the Evangelical Church. It had the structure of a country church with german-speaking overlords. So it was that the majority of these tribes over the years is merged with the German people. It is not surprising that the remaining so, Sorbian culture is inextricably linked to the Catholic faith.

In this region also called a Sorbian Catholic Church. It is characterized by intensive practice of faith, thank Jesus crosses, wayside, and depictions of Saints along the road edges. Some small chapel is located to the front of the House or close to the field. This intensity is quite not easy to cope with for outsiders, and especially for non-Catholics. Possibly, this is also a protection against further German assimilation. In ancient times, lived the Wendish tribes in decentralised structures. This formative element has survived in parts to this day and can be found among others in the location of Sorbian villages as well as their availability. They are located in a remarkably confusing and winding roads without continuous highways. However that is recognized since the turn of the increasingly as a deficiency and replaced by modern road construction. The Sorbian culture becomes the most important climax on Easter Sunday, the so-called still. This is a large procession today 10 procession moves and more than 1500 riders and their horses. They ride on Easter Sunday in the surrounding area and proclaim the glad tidings in singing and praying. A rich quarters is one of the culture of the Sorbs continue. The lunch Lady or Aquarius are well known to the Lausitzern. Hardly a place that may have not also a such mythological background. The Krabat legend would be to emphasize to the. She was a model for the eponymous Hollywood feature film and thus became worldwide celebrity. written by H. Muller