Master Materials

Nails affected by a permanent building, gradually thins, breaks may uncover some of the surface of the nail bed, which is accompanied by unpleasant sensations. Recovery process of the nail would require a full update. The correction of nails required sawing material near cuticle, here involuntarily already regrown part of the nail. If the same procedure was rude, it is possible to damage the root of the nail, so that may be as uneven nail (wavy growth nail), and slowing its growth. In addition to mechanical damage are also allergic reactions to materials.

For example, even the various components of nail polish can provoke them, for example, can be observed atopic dermatitis in okolonogtevoy zone. It is also possible the rash of urticaria in areas such as varnishing. Allergic reactions to acrylics may appear after a long time from 2 to 16 months. They are accompanied by itch in the nail bed and the development of a felon. Nail bed becomes dry, thickened, and the nail plate itself and crack. For more clarity and thought, follow up with author and gain more knowledge..

Treatment of this reaction continues for several months. It should be considered that even the material, positioned as “hypoallergenic,” All the same can cause allergic reactions. To avoid such problems is important to choose a good master to whom you will trust your nails. Here’s what to draw account, if you came to the procedure of nail the first time: – Master inquire whether you have an allergic reaction to any of the materials and look of your nails, if you have any medical conditions, increase the nails he refuses. – Pay attention to how he will prepare your home fingernails to the procedure. Experienced master must ask you to wash your hands and treated them disinfectant spray, it is necessary for to prevent the ingress of bacteria during the procedure. – Remember that there is no need zapilivat nail plate to the state of the paper, it abused uncertain in its result, the master and beginners. Quite simply degreased nail nail polish remover and nail file to remove only the shine. – Between the natural nail and the material should not be air, if you’ve noticed, immediately ask the master to alter this nail. – All tools should be disinfected. – Materials themselves for nail should be the same company! Since the mixing of materials of different companies causes a chemical reaction that may not explicitly positive impact on nails. – No acrylic or gel cuticle is not “filled”, otherwise the nail will peel off! – The correction (an average of once every 2 weeks), the master must return the nails in their ideal state, that is washed down all irregularities to report material regrown part of the nail. – Work with a professional master-quality materials can not be cheap, so it is also necessary to take into account the health still is not worth saving. If you decide to make your nails very special, it is important to remember about these guidelines to keep your beauty and health. After all, beautiful nails – one of the components of feminine beauty. If you do not have much free time, there are a number of high-quality services to nail home.