Make An Impression

And if the governor did not pay any attention to slave for several years, her go home with a large dowry, and even allowed to marry the coveted bride. However, most concubines preferred to a power struggle over the heart of the sultan or emperor – harems, like the giant stage, where the talented actors acted out the play for performance. Difficult was the victory in this battle – that's why tricks on which allowed harem beauty surpassed all imagination. Most of the time they spent at the mirror, brushing her long beautiful hair, picking up the jewels to the next addition of silk; prolonged washing, rubbing each piece of skin with sweet-scented oils and ointments have been a daily ritual. Behavior is also changing – concubine learned humility, a beautiful smooth gait, the art of random views But, of course, most focused on physical love – unlike evropeek who are used to keep success on the bed of passion on the responsibility of men, oriental concubines of the past did their best to impress and retain partners artful endearments, to make it again and again, much to the meeting. The main way to impress her lover were surprisingly intimate trained muscles, through which most experienced slaves could crack nuts. It is easy to manage them, they built a man on top of bliss – and the degree of satisfaction was directly proportional to the work, which she invested in mastering the science of love. Invented Several thousand years ago in ancient China, an unusual way to exercise the vaginal muscles quickly gained popularity and has reached our days in an unchanged form.