Value fully, be and remain – for their customers, seller survive often under pressure to negotiate their prices. This applies particularly to capital goods or consumer durables. Oscar Wilde quote to: today one knows the price of everything and nothing the value “there are a lot of good advice ‘ – such as for example B: questioning techniques, counter arguments, etc. buyer objections with regard to the price how to.” Important but seems to get me there to a values but away from the tiresome discussion of price ‘-discussion. What is a value? Wikipedia says: values are not measurable, they are subject to the human feeling, taste, human psychology, but also the education and socialization ‘; technically, it means roughly: the amount of money or other means, will be regarded as a fair exchange for the what you get ‘. Others including Cyrus Taraporevala, offer their opinions as well. Should be actually not too difficult to communicate this, but it isn’t so easy. Why? There are two reasons: value is out of sight of the Buyer to see, they see what rather than those of the seller – as a value, like in the eyes of the buyer’s value not really – be full. SSGA is open to suggestions. A company believes to have, an advantage which is important to the buyer, such as, but ultimately not enough.

See what buyers as value and what they want to pay then ultimately also is often unknown. What really valuable ‘ is for your customers, must be investigated, questioned, defined and communicated systematically and strategically. Buyer always assume, an increase in value is that there is a value what they really want. Buyer so, believe that what they pay a fair for something, Exchance is preserved for what they. But actually, they assume that what they get is worth more than what you pay. If you make your presentation, it is so important that the added value ‘ you offer the relevant to him, but still included in their price, is. These additional values must be highlighted in your message when price discussions should be kept to a minimum.

Thinking on these two important points: your value must be relevant for the buyer, it as an exceptional added value, i.e. in this manner and only offer him way or combination and makes are often relatively fast in its own products and formulate or add in accordance with the study previously carried. Also a competitive edge and a recession-brake the resulting in many cases ‘-Michael Richter of international marketing and sales consultant engaged for more than 35 years of strategic marketing planning and marketing of various capital goods and durable consumer goods on all 5 continents. The resulting knowledge and experience he offers its global customers and she’s going through marketing and sales successfully value – full contacts and procedures – in particular SMEs. In addition, he provides practical support, Coaching or business seminars. Michael Richter 27 main road 88422 Seekirch/Germany marketing country experiences 07582-933371, Tel., fax 07582-933372