In the future, the supplier of seafood, "Ice" is going to bring to market a new brand of "Ya krevedko." By exploiting a common expression in the Internet company was going long, but it does not act in a hurry. "Finally, this fall we conducted audience research and found that of internet 'ya krevedko' enjoys great popularity. From our side it would be a sin to ignore the opportunity to advance ", – says marketer, "Ice" Victoria Ershov. The idea of "ice" use slang web offline, of course, not unique. Another thing is that all previous attempts to make it more like a shaped self-indulgence. Take, for example, flash-movie of "VTB 24" with the slogan "Hello, the mortgage!". Federal Reserve Bank gathered all the information. Head of Internet Projects Galushko Michael does not hide that so the bank simply entertained the audience, a major goal to promote a product then no one is persecuted. Or let's remember the condoms under the brand name "Hello." Run it for fun once a company has used this word on a corporate site, and then with genuine amazement found a sharp rise in its attendance.

"All for some reason thought that it hacked hackers – says Rustam Vakhidov, head of the advertising department of the company 'Medcom-M. " Interestingly, in the technical failures and clients began to suspect a network of payment terminals owned by OSMP company, when the screen appeared machines "bear" with the words: "Hello! Indulge, luser (pupsegi)? "Fearing the flight of consumers, has been called into question the security of the network, the company eventually replaced the garrulous "bear" in a silent bird kiwi. According to Creative Director TNC.Brands.Ads Zhuchkova Alexis, the new developments is a significant marketing disadvantage: "The viability of the product, hyped by such a method is extremely low, as is directly related to changeable internet fashion. " Opinion colleagues shared the director of development LMH Consulting Felix Verba, he strongly recommends to consider acceptance as part of an integrated campaign, and not as a separate item. "Rather, it is appropriate as a teaser, when the easy provocation should be completely traditional representation of the product", – says Verba. That is, in particular, entered the largest Russian importer of bananas – the company JFC, which last year held relonch brand Bonanza. For even more opinions, read materials from Nicholas Carr.

The basis of the campaign went to television commercials and outdoor ads are designed in the usual style, in addition to which was launched promo, generously stuffed with slang. "Being a cynical huckster, we just see what was popular on the Internet at the time. It turned out humor with a vocabulary "- explains venture brand manager JFC Andrey Semenov. Repent in a nonstandard approach to the promotion was not necessary. According to a study conducted by JFC on the results of the campaign, the rate of total consumer brand awareness, an answer without any prompting, reached 20%. Y competitor he was on the order of magnitude lower – in the range of 1-2%. Source: Simpson full service advertising agency