The businesses do not have liquidity and that makes complicated that stay afloat. For me, now that it better fodder, the word crisis means that I have an opportunity to be more efficient at my expenses and to offer new and better services to my clients. It is the opportunity for, in a while in which the conditions change, to observe with more detail what traditionally I do not observe carefully – An opportunity to observe! Many people cannot see the opportunities that appear at the difficult moments. For many others, a change in the waited for course of the events can mean the end. For others on the contrary a crisis means a learning opportunity. The certain thing is that many of the cases, spent a time, the majority of people we found the form to follow ahead even against really complex situations. I am not saying with that, for example, an important loss is a little while of joy, that the lack of money is a reason for celebration or that the economic situation of the world a rejoicing cause.

What I affirm is that the crises are a call of the reality that it invites to us to observe to us, to reedit to us, to re-invent to us. The difficulty like a tragedy or a little while of learning can be assumed. To call to him crisis is in himself an election, we can simply interpret the difficult moments like an unshakeable barrier or like a top that is crossed in the way helping to lower the speed us for a moment to observe to us carefully. Self-determination It was not easy my to understand to what extent I determine my life through my elections, still at moments continues being difficult. The Latin culture is plagued of interpretations on destiny.