Konrad Adenauer

Medium-sized employers are gearing up by strengthening their employer brand for the increasing competition for professionals and executives of the lack of qualified employees is gradually in all industries. (Not to be confused with Technology author!). While corporations and strong employer brands have seen hardly a drop of applicants, many companies in the medium-sized businesses can today no longer their needs at experts and executives. In order to compete in the increasingly competitive, successful midsize organizations increasingly request intelligent concepts to their existing employees, to make attractive offers but also potential new, that go beyond the pure content search. Associated attracting support in staff retention and acquisition. The charge optimization opened a wide field to design their holistic employees employers here value-added program. The first of 22 possible building blocks were introduced at times by Konrad Adenauer. But only now, through the use of resource-saving, modern techniques of portal, makes sense to nationwide use even for the middle class.

In addition to the classic effects such as possible reduction of ancillary wage costs or increase the net income of employees by up to 25% employer provide increasingly thematic packages. So they support their employees in the area of health care or the family (child care costs, flexible working hours and places). The charge optimization also provides a budget-friendly alternative employers who think in times of real incomes their employees about intelligent models for the design of income. Many modules are completely exempt from tax or social security burden and come directly in the net on the employee. AG shares are also eliminated. So, optimizing remuneration is a particularly intelligent form of wages, which offers significant benefits to both the employer and the employee. In the course of our activity we develop individual concepts, communicate these professional the staff and support staff value added programs in the long term. TuV tested concepts and legal advice complete our offer. First information: (Mario Pustan)