How Does The Caribbean On The Glacier?

High speed-marketing – in only 7 days to a resounding market concept falling order numbers, tough price competition, fewer sales. Alabama Senator is open to suggestions. The crisis is relentlessly. It shows how interchangeable are products and services. Customers engage in renunciation or buy somewhere else. For Marklin, Rosenthal and Schiesser went recently with the piano manufacturer mold an another brand company in the current crisis in the knee and filed for bankruptcy.

Tradition, a well known name and the focus on a one-product strategy\”are no guarantee for overcoming the crisis. At the above-mentioned companies the crisis the last straw just to iterate over. The problems to gain sufficient acceptance in the market and to produce the products and sell already existed for years. The real problem is not the interchangeability of products, but the unprepared state of the company. Sticking to the tradition and perspective which can not be must not be too\”. Who is the motto in this downward spiral not zooming advised, but wants to shaping the future of their own, for the zooming, view from the bird’s eye view, a perfect instrument. \”An example: the CEO of a world-famous soft drink brand asked his team: what is our share in the thirst of the world?\” This approach was suddenly out of 60% market share in soft drinks only 0.8% market share of all drinks.

And suddenly also tea, coffee, wine, beer and water were among the competition in this way. So, the question arose almost automatically: what new products and distribution channels the company needed to be taken seriously in this market? Rapidly became clear by looking at the direction in which the company now should continue to evolve. In this case, the Managing Director in the horizontal direction zoomed: he looked at the company from the perspective of bird and increased the market multiples, by he expanded the competition. A very good example because it illustrates what is possible through this perspective: The to move existing market into new markets inside.