Guidelines Of The Turtles Attitude

With a correct attitude of their tortoise can live a very long the animal allow. The turtles often keep as a pet in the apartment. Some say that the turtles, unlike other reptiles, sympathy to good owners. Many turtles like when you caress them. You enter into our lives, to family members. If you can offer a proper care of the turtle, so buy one.

The turtle will become a real friend. The way of the turtle depends on your personal preferences and possibilities. Most of the time, water and Central Asian tortoises are sold. Young animals have a bright color (red or yellow stains on “the ears”), but by the time the animal is dark. The turtle is nimble and active, even in the relatively cool temperature. The turtle position, one must acquire some knowledge. For example, is useful to know that the turtles very fast grow. In five years they turn into adults by 30 cm.

Therefore attitude must be considered when a planned turtles a lot. If you have Central Asian tortoises at a young age, will find that they are more helpless than turtles. The Central Asian tortoises grow slower, but not smaller. They are slower when temperature is not high, although if the animals are in the heat, they are pretty flexible. When you choose a turtle, care must be taken on the behavior (activity, coordination of movements), the appearance of: there should be no injuries; the tanks must have the correct form. It is best to look into the mouth of the turtle: in the healthy reptiles, the mucous membrane will have a bright pink color, the saliva is not viscous. For the transportation of turtles at small distances, even a cardboard box will fit well, you put a little crumpled paper. In the cold season will be on the Bottom of the box put a hot water bottle. When a turtle, attitude is very important the terrarium, there must exist the corresponding equipment: lamps for heating and an ultraviolet lamp and filter.