Fiery Summer Nights With Artepuro!

Fireplaces, grills, ethanol fireplaces & fireplace accessories fire makes artepuro! Fire for inside and outside. There is everything the heart desires fireplaces, grills, ethanol fireplaces and wood stoves, the summer collection by artepuro. The products achieve the highest customer satisfaction through high-quality, refined processed material, as well as exclusive design. Anyway, in archaic rust patina or elegant stainless steel surface in artepuro you will find the right guaranteed! New at artepuro! Cosy hours by the fire and balmy evenings on the terrace our latest patio heater offers lateNight. Recklessly you can enjoy the fire, because the oven offers optimum protection despite open and good looking burn. Down he is isolated by Firebrick and forward a removable disc provides the necessary spark protection. A special air control system provides the fire with enough air intake and bundles the flames so that an emissions-conscious combustion is ensured. At the top of the smoke through a will to top derived opening door to the rear.

It is closed to protect against rain. Stable, he is weighing 66 kg on your terrace and is to move through the enclosed roller mobile and agile. ubject. Sunset fire place: sunset with the fireplace ignited a fire that will enchant you and your friends even if evening the right Sun already has. (Up to 600) coated with a heat-resistant paint, the noble fire place invites sunset to, to gather with friends around her and to enjoy the beautiful summer evenings together out there. Whether in the garden or on the terrace alone, with a good drop of wine, sunset fire pit is in any case a hot eye-catcher and lit a fire of enthusiasm not only in the shell. The fire bowl rests firmly on a solid frame in painted steel with stainless steel feet. Rain water can flow out through a hole in the shell. Individual, stylish and secure! youFire is a Bioethanolkamin way you want it.