Exotic Straws For More Drinking

Revalue drinks through straws beautiful straws: the thin, colorful tubes made of polyethylene or polypropylene are popular with adults and children. Colourful, exotic and multiform they are not only optically a feast for the eyes, they are still somewhat practical, allow it but the klecker – and drip-free hot and cold drinks from glasses or cups. In special disposable or returnable cups with lid ensures the straw also sure that in a sense by the round lid can be drunk. The usually sweet content remains locked in the cups, protected from insects and the like, while through the straw can be drunk safely. In addition, the straw protects the teeth. Drinking without blade, the entire mouth is filled by the sweet drink and the teeth come over a large area with the most sugary liquid in contact. “When drinking through the straw, however, soda, iced tea, or Cola to the teeth be passed by without another tooth contact” promptly swallowed. Drinking straws for exuberant parties and fun events – are particularly popular and classic cocktails of the stylish straw is also an essential accessory.

Serves colourful cocktails, with Obstdeko and umbrella in the extravagant glass – what fits better as an exotic curved spiral straw! Also exotic straws with colorful Hawaiian shirt or Palmendeko paper make you want on fruity summery drinks. There are straws in different strengths. Usually special straws used for cocktails. You have a slightly larger diameter and allow significantly more”straws with a smaller diameter. Creamy drinks, crushed ice or fine flesh – cocktail straws or Jumbo straws no problem.

Although, the straw – rumored – should be blame that man is drunk faster when drinking alcoholic beverages. Scientific evidence for this so far but still stand. The claim of any good Strohhalmes is special types of the Trinkhalmes without a doubt, the taste of the drink not to distort. But that is very different in the so-called straw with taste”. This magical straw brings its own flavor in the form of taste pearls”directly. Immersed in pure milk, he transformed the flavour of milk while drinking in a sweet dream of children. “Caramel is available the magical blade of magic with banana, strawberry and vanilla taste, but also the varieties” and chocolate “are available. The artificial flavors are concentrated in this straw version however quite high, also the flavor content of the drink according to the individual drinking speed varies. The glasses straw is no less exotic. Frame and straw in one – at this party gag is pulled through the glasses-like shaped, transparent straw the beverage of choice. The glasses straw offers not only an exclusive drinking pleasure, it also ensures a very strange sight. The straw: It gives him in all imaginable colours and Variations – from transparent to black, from straight to curved, articulated, with integrated spoon or individual advertising message printed. Mostly, the drinking straw is a disposable product. However, there are also models in stainless steel or shatter-proof glass, are perfectly designed for multiple uses. However, the thorough cleaning of a Trinkhalmes is a relatively difficult matter. Therefore the single straw, whose hygienic advantage that is clearly in the hand prevails in the gastronomy. vishesh editorial