Effective Sun Protection With The Awning

Protection from the Sun and light – awnings from the Interior who wants to protect from Sun and light on warm summer days the can itself through various methods help. One of them is the awning. The following text is closer on the awning started and explains some variants. An awning is attached to an object frame construction with corn, which is used among other things as a Sun, heat, glare and object protection. She can also, depending on the type and equipment as and rain Protection Act. Awnings fall within the competence of the roller shutters, blinds and sun protection industry. Already in the ancient times there was the of today’s awning-like Sun-blind systems.

Mid-18th century the awning in France gained increasing popularity. The term awning is derived from the French word for noble ladies, marquise. Traditions according to the sun protection system should be has been extended in a camp whenever, when the wife of the officer was present. In the following centuries, the simple evolved Sun protection clothing to today’s awnings. With more and more technological innovations, awnings, products today are high-tech.

Types of awning we essentially distinguish between 3 types of awning. The roll awning where the cloth on a wave of cloth can be rolled, the folding awning, which is indeed portable, but has no roller tube and the fixed awning, which in its form is not resizable. The best known awning is probably the articulated arm awning. When the articulated arm awning, the awning is pushed away by two or more arms from the roller tube. A horizontal failure of the awning fabric is therefore possible with but usually a slight incline. The basic design is usually made of aluminium. The arms used by means of steel – or gas pressure spring under tension, press the cloth while driving out to the outside and hold it taut.