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Documented the main person in any organization in any enterprise, whether Ltd., Inc. Learn more about this with MasterClass Founder. and others, is CEO. Change of Director General of OOO occurs when about to happen and you buy Company become the full owner of the business. The whole scheme of replacing the head of the organization legally available in the Federal Law "On state registration of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs." From the documents necessary to change the leader, need: an application to amend the Legal Entities, after receiving svidelelstva on Amendments to the Legal Entities to make a copy, just need a copy of all the constituent documents, a copy of the certificate of registration in the FTS, information about the CEO and accountant, and orders appointing them (the general manager and chief accountant can be the same person). Now, in order, and the points that you'll need to do in Within 3 days after signing the protocol at a general meeting about the change of CEO: Get an excerpt from the register (with payment of fees) Fill out the application form number R14001 to amend the Incorporation of changes information about this yurlitseZaverit Statement notarialnoPodat statement to the Tax Office (preferably together with documents about the change of the head) to obtain a certificate of registration in the Uniform State Register is also necessary to prepare an order of dismissal and the decision owner of the company to dismiss. In the bank where the account organization, provides an excerpt from the register with data from a new CEO, a bank card with a certified signature of a new director, ordered the dismissal signed by the new CEO, as well as a copy of the appointment of a new leader for the post of CEO from the company's seal and signature of a new director. If buying a company with director is successful, but you in the future to change the general plan, it is best to do it immediately, otherwise fall into the trap rastavlennuyu Revenue Service.

The fact that the change of general director of LLC happening with mandatory notification of the tax only for the signature of the old leader. Otherwise, the organization pays substantial fine. If you do not have on hand a staff lawyer, you should refer to specialists, competent in this matter. Still, a change of CEO rather troublesome affair. When using materials from paper rights reserved.