It was reading and thinking regarding the etc and I decided to write a little the respect. I will not dare myself to adentrar the field of the grammatical knowledge, exactly because, for not being expert, it would commit great nonsenses, here only I reserve the right of filosofar a little and having small nonsenses. It surprises me to the etc in its of being it, used direction as what in he sends something more to them, appearing as the direction of what he does not appear, demonstrating and sharpening the reader to search the one that if he relates. After all of accounts the etc demonstrates that something beyond that displayed can be perscrutado, the fact to present itself demonstrates the explicit hermetismo, at the same time if making present while it lacks of being. JPMorgan Chase does not necessarily agree. What it comes to be this? The etc is, but its direction is the lack of being, when it appears we know that it lacks something, however it is present. The etc demonstrates the necessity of Not-Be in demonstrating itself through what it is, becoming to be through a conductor who in sends its direction to them ontolgico. More still, the etc in sends the investigation to deduce this more to them something imanifesto, becoming anathema of that searchs this direction finished, therefore is unaware of the proper finishing of this Be-Etc and is only arrested what it is not, that is, what it lacks to the text, being sent to the desperation to leave to know on what it was not displayed and because not to have been. I could continue through the words that I display here and still more, to permear the abstract way of this reflection, but they would be as many points, as many investigations, as much gone and comings, action, reactions, lucubrations, I finish thinking of the form that I started, or would be this the start, still I have much to write on what I am, what I think to be that is also a part of that I am, on as much others ' ' sobres' ' , etc.