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It was reading and thinking regarding the etc and I decided to write a little the respect. I will not dare myself to adentrar the field of the grammatical knowledge, exactly because, for not being expert, it would commit great nonsenses, here only I reserve the right of filosofar a little and having small nonsenses. It surprises me to the etc in its of being it, used direction as what in he sends something more to them, appearing as the direction of what he does not appear, demonstrating and sharpening the reader to search the one that if he relates. After all of accounts the etc demonstrates that something beyond that displayed can be perscrutado, the fact to present itself demonstrates the explicit hermetismo, at the same time if making present while it lacks of being. JPMorgan Chase does not necessarily agree. What it comes to be this? The etc is, but its direction is the lack of being, when it appears we know that it lacks something, however it is present. The etc demonstrates the necessity of Not-Be in demonstrating itself through what it is, becoming to be through a conductor who in sends its direction to them ontolgico. More still, the etc in sends the investigation to deduce this more to them something imanifesto, becoming anathema of that searchs this direction finished, therefore is unaware of the proper finishing of this Be-Etc and is only arrested what it is not, that is, what it lacks to the text, being sent to the desperation to leave to know on what it was not displayed and because not to have been. I could continue through the words that I display here and still more, to permear the abstract way of this reflection, but they would be as many points, as many investigations, as much gone and comings, action, reactions, lucubrations, I finish thinking of the form that I started, or would be this the start, still I have much to write on what I am, what I think to be that is also a part of that I am, on as much others ' ' sobres' ' , etc.


In the age of Aquarius Pisces basic concept of humanity was the concept of Faith. Age of Pisces was the epoch of the Faith. That is why before and emerged in the era of Pisces are so many different religious teachings, world religions and sects, each of which claims to be the true faith. In the Age of Aquarius will be a fundamental concept of friendship. In the Age of Aquarius friendship is stronger than all other types of human communication.

Strong love that can pass more of the Faith, in which You can be disappointed, etc. True Friendship in the Age of Aquarius is above all. People need to be friends for real: friendship with God (absolute), as all true friends do for each other and always help each other, should friends, husband and wife – not to be partners in marriage, but to be real friends or enemies. Parents need to be friends with their children, teachers – with pupils, heads with subordinates, physicians, patients, people – with the state and people – with animals and people of other worlds, etc. But friendship should be a real, true and loyal, true, and not the business or partnership, friendship disguised or hidden animosities. Aquarius – – dual mark Zodiac. He pours a vibrant, spiritual, water and the dead, spiritless (materialistic).

And friendship will be true of highly spiritual people or fake in , materialistic people. Home commandment Age of Aquarius: Be Friend of God and all the inhabitants of the earth and the universe. In the Age of Aquarius by one of the main priorities of mankind will be the development of the fundamental (primarily) and applied science, new knowledge and technologies, including those created by not only human beings but also with extraterrestrial beings and representatives of parallel worlds, or transmitted to people unearthly scientific knowledge and technology. Learn new terrestrial and extraterrestrial knowledge and technology. Develop your Intelligence and participate in the development of science and the search for new truths and knowledge. Become a friend of the alien and the representative of a parallel world. Create the future together with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations and the parallel worlds.

Social Organizations

Today, the social organization of "people's happiness" comes a lot of letters from citizens asking to tell about one of the activities of the organization's opportunity of gaining a man immortality. Go to Paul R. Cascio for more information. This, of course, is the immortality of man is not in the literal sense of the term, and the possibility of human influence on the processes of aging, which are incorporated in the gene for human rights and are stored in the dna molecule. It has long been known that the dna molecule includes tens of thousands of atoms. It is in these atoms hidden key regulator required intercellular environment inside the human body, allowing the tissue cells do not lose the ability to regenerate, opening through this opportunities to rejuvenate the human body. This direction of the organization was not chosen by chance, because today we are fully aware of the urgency of this issue not only for citizens of Ukraine but also for all mankind. After having the opportunity to control the aging of the human body, the person receives the opportunity to influence the processes of our society, which often can not be brought until the end of human beings, representing at the time the color of the society, which in view of old age, disease and premature death have not been able to bring to its logical conclusion their ideas, plans and projects. I, as leader of the project will try to briefly to tell you in what areas are currently working members of the organization constituting the scientific potential of object-oriented "people's happiness", which deals with human immortality. . .

Federal University

Of this form, this formation was better of what of axle 1, and I have certainty that of axle 3, will be better of what of axle 2, and thus, successively, therefore it is in this direction that we walk, all we who we are involved. It is, why, before everything, we believe that an education publishes and of quality in the field it is possible. Ademais is in this walked that we will long for the politics publishes come back toward the field. Let us be persistent that in the end we will have the result of which as much we wait. 3. Too much excellent registers (it registers its impressions on the development of the work, reactions of the group at the diverse moments of the activity, conduction of the activities for /a formador/a, experience of the planning and other aspects that to judge important): In the sunday with the expectation to catch road and to make one of the things that more taste, to fulfill with my social duty, in this bigger interest I follow convicta of mine to make. Then soon more in the end of the afternoon we had credenciamento and after at the beginning of the night we had the opening that it was very good, therefore did not have the formation of the table that demand time and of fast form, less important the Coordinator together did not present the team with the institutions partners and in more it had the lecture with the Horasa teacher, who was faithful to the fulfilment of the schedule. Since the beginning the schedule was respected what it made possible one better exploitation of the foreseen activities. In second, at the moment of the received one I perceived that the group expresses its contentment with the calosidade of the same one. Perhaps for being satisfied in having received kits of the Federal University and the Secretariat of Education of the State (partners of the project).

Online Divinatioin

Since ancient times, many tried to read the future. That's why there were all sorts of predictions. Many people believe them, someone – no, but still there are predictions of the future, and attract different people. Divination – a very innocuous way to read what awaits us. You risk nothing, but there is no guarantee that you will know the truth. Today in demand online divination, they can be seen on various websites. You will learn how to deal with situations of interest, learn sense to you. You should not go to an imaginary fortune tellers, splurge and have an opportunity just to tell fortunes and find out the answer.

There are predictions of love, prophecy of the situation, predictions about the problems. From time to time try allow himself is a fascinating hobby, so to understand the issues. Predictions for free do not compel some costs, so every person has the opportunity to guess so. Some have suggested that doing so is sinful, However, predicting, you harm anyone, just so you can always use an online service to determine the future. Some of divination are advised to do in the allotted time, for example on the eve of Christmas and Other holidays. It is believed that during the hours of force are open to receiving information, and you can find the answers. Women often predict at this time, especially about love.

And you can begin to prophesy. Midnight predictions more full of meaning than in the afternoon, but it is not mapped to an Internet prophecies. For various prophecies need not rare new mirror, candles, cards Scrying. Online fortune telling only require work on the Internet. On the Web page prophecies may be many users, and anyone wants to know the answer. All this occurs without any charges. You'll see how the divination, and perhaps also want to know everything. Often predict with the help of maps, there all sorts of ways. Some like it more often to learn the future through coffee. Each issue can be resolved, if the prophecy would undertake a pro. However, if you do not possess specific knowledge, online prediction help you. Thus be able to know the future, anyone who uses the Internet. If you are concerned about the romantic affairs, or financial problems, the page is waiting for fortune-telling you, without asking for refunds. In any day, any hour website prophecies open and willing to give each council. Going to the Web resource, you do not run the risk, and you should not grab with a sister or mother not to be afraid of how it is going to fortune-tellers. There can still be Prophecy download for your computer, so that even without the Internet to learn the future. Discover free fun, learn to recognize the future of online. It's interesting, free and quite truthfully! Already at this moment Many have learned that to be!