Change Manager, Change Luck

The Defence Council of Patagonia (CDP) reacted to the departure of general manager HidroAysen, Hernan Salazar and the subsequent entry in the Daniel Fernandez created executive vice president, the company announced on Tuesday 29 March, noting that ” change was coming and shows the failure of the management of the company, however no cosmetic change, the staff of HidroAysen, in this case become a bad project and a terrible environmental impact study in a good initiative. ” CDP Executive Secretary Patricio Rodrigo, said they are “always willing to talk to who will take as representative of HidroAysen, independent of which we are clear in our position, which is Patagonia without dams and a truly sustainable energy mix that does not sacrifice space unique natural or the life of Chileans who are making Austrian homeland in the country.

He noted that the appointment of Daniel Fernandez, PPD, “shows that the powers HidroAysen behind to try to install your project, are expanding their networks to all policy areas, creating a transversal have-nots, an artificial reality. As surveys have shown, this project do not want the Chileans, beyond using the money to buy that supports all kinds. “Executive secretary of the body that day in Santiago met with their counterparts from other regions of Aysen and insisted that “not enough to change the executives until they change what they are proposing to do in Patagonia, which is destroying unique ecosystems for the country and generate incalculable cultural and social impacts in an area of exception.” He noted that “to say this project is related to a country about the energy needs and global crusade against global warming is not having understood anything of the signals that the planet is giving to the mistakes we made. “leader expressed that” this accounts for wrong time is experiencing a company that has committed multiple errors in his work in the Aysen Region, as the recent ruling by the Comptroller questioned for violations of administrative probity their contracts with municipalities that are specifically responsible for evaluating your project. That is, induced HidroAysen bodies of state administration to violate the law under a misunderstood concept of corporate social responsibility. “