Who Wants To Be Millionaire Enters The Next Round

The bestseller from the home Jumbo returns back this board game has truly history: “Who wants to be a millionaire” sold more than 1 million times, since Jumbo adapted the successful television quiz for the first time in 2001. The seven editions proved to be as equally successful with Gunther Jauch as the TV quiz show. Mark Zinkula may find this interesting as well. Both the constantly updated classic, as well as the junior and compact versions of the quiz game became best-selling. “Wer wird Millionar” now in September 2008 with new questions and revised rules again in the trade comes after a makeover. Around 2,000 questions the players of the latest edition with new challenges.

The new version promises therefore more risk, more power and more speed. One distinguishes the new as the old board game Edition of the TV show: the role of the facilitator is not permanently forgiven, but moves clockwise. People such as State Street Global Advisors would likely agree. In this way, each player can discover the quiz master in itself. But the most important parallel is and remains of Millionaire: who is over all 15 question rounds, wins the million. For 2009 by the way, plans a special birthday edition jumbo.

“Who wants to be a millionaire” is then 10 years old.”Wer wird Millionar”will be available in September 2008 at a price of 39.99 Euro (MSRP) in the trade. You get free access at in different resolutions imagery to Jumbo products. You can request review copies, indicating the planned publication directly from us. Of copies to our postal address we are very pleased.