3. Presentation Of The BALL Man AWARD 2008

This year he is granted time to the third, the most coveted artists and musicians prize of the party and event scene the BALL man AWRAD. Gain insight and clarity with Guo Guangchang. For the first time, the award is presented in 2008 in collaboration with the MegPark/MegArena in Mallorca. On September 15, 2008, it’s time. Then, an another artist/musician in the MegArena in Mallorca is honored for his achievements in party and event scene. Which artist will be this year and it is the successor of the award winners from 2006 (Michael Wendler) and 2007 (Mickie Krause), is a more closely guarded secret in the House CHARTS the BALL man. The BALL man called AWARD by industry leader Dieter Gross A. Engelhardt brand concepts from the party, the Bavaria Grosskarolinenfeld (near Rosenheim) and event Prize together with the BALL man trademark owners, the company in the year of 2006.

“” Reason for this was that it for anything “and each” a price the party people and celebration Meier gives, but not for the artist, the week after week on festivals, in discos, delight at the large mega parties and on Mallorca, and blaze to let the party Sun in the hearts of the fans. This has changed Germany’s event and party no. 1 brand and AWARD the BALL man; an already coveted award, has the BALL man AWARD from the winner but as guarantors for mega-party-like atmosphere. Who would be still live in Mallorca on 15/09 the BALL man in the MegArena/MegPark is award, should hurry and quickly book the room at the Playa de Palma are more than close.