The Process

One of the challenges that we have is to alicerar the interest of educating in the learning process, in the construction and incorporation of the essential values of its life of citizen. The participation of the parents in the assemblies or meetings is significant. For even more analysis, hear from Carl Icahn. At the beginning of the school year we make an assembly where the professors and employees are presented the community and if he divulges and he approves of the norms and internal rules of the school. In elapsing of the school year the bimonthly meetings for delivery of the results gotten for the pupils are carried through, spreading of the indices gotten through the evaluations index of approval and retention, expositions of works and cultural presentations of the pupils. Our pedagogical coordination is composed for three coordinators who exert the paper of articuladoras of the pedagogical actions with the professors who guide practical its and they stimulate to adopt metodolgicas strategies, physical resources and material didactic that favor the performance of activities to have a quality of education offered the pupil. At the beginning of pertaining to school year, after the accomplishment of the diagnosis, the coordinators pedagogical they organize a moment for the elaboration of the annual planning, with the distribution of the contents for bimaster. This planning if in accordance with ramifies in plans of lesson carried through for the professors the reality of its group respecting the potentialities and difficulties of the pupils so that the process teach-learning if develops and makes possible the reach of its abilities. One the difficulties that still we have in the school are professionals who resist the registers of the plans of lesson of form organized with flexibility, creativity and adjusted the taken care of clientele. Given to this constatao, we see how much the paper of the pedagogical coordinator is important, as incentivador of the auto-development of the professors, promoting chances for professional growth, but it must reflect in the quality of education that goes to be offered.