Readers. When writing the article of last week, a reader made the following comment, ‘ ‘ The soldiers are the first ones to go embora’ ‘ it said that its commentary was motivated by the comment that when the things are badly in a company who this in ‘ ‘ operacional’ ‘ they are the first ones to go even so, it has a certain reason, but ‘ ‘ soldados’ ‘ it has a difference in relation to the friends of the king, these only know ‘ ‘ The wills of the Rei’ ‘. Sun Tzu is author of a phrase that very says well of this subject ‘ ‘ The enemy knows and itself exactly and you will get the victory without any danger; he knows land and the conditions of the nature, and you he will be always vitorioso.’ ‘ But what we can learn with this phrase? Knowing in the same ones, our difficulties, abilities and knowing to identify to a chance or a threat for our personal or professional life we are giving a step important not to be I catch of surprise. Knowing the enemies who are those that have envy and want in them to harm the cost all, these almost always are ‘ ‘ Friends of the Rei’ ‘ that they do not lose a chance to dim its brightness pulling its carpet. Knowing the land that you this, that is, its profession you always will be prepared to win the challenges day to day, those that perhaps take off the sleep of any an one new situation in the career, a problem in its area in the company, few sales or very work, can be that you are needing a course to improve its performance as professional or even though leader. Knowing the conditions of the nature of the people the subjects you will be if protecting of the adversities that are for coming in relation its fellow workers, its leader and mainly with its personal problems perhaps with its husband (a) son (a), financial difficulties or of health, can repair always all problem have a nature.

Thus it must be when we are welded, we must learn to fight with strategies, in always putting into motion them in the battlefield of the life looking for to always win the challenges (problems) knowing which its nature, what it can be fact, as can be fact, with who you can count what or who can harm to it. Knowing in the same ones, the enemies, the land (professional) or the natures of the problems we can plan our actions and thus, when we will have that to be excused I exercise from it of ‘ ‘ Rei’ ‘ we will know for where to go and as to go. Let us not be as the Silly one of the cut, the name for which was called ‘ ‘ funcionrio’ ‘ at the monarchy in charge entertaining the king and queen and making to laugh them. Many times were the only people who could criticize the king without running risks, but in the corporative world she is not thus! We go to reflect on this!