The Firebird

This goes to chase the bird and reaches when it perches in a tree, to which the rays of the Moon give a metallic appearance. To see prisoner, bird He implores his freedom and the Prince gives way is; and as a reward, this gives you one of their beautiful feathers. The new day appears, and then a fence surrounding a mysterious Castle is located. Learn more at: Peter Asaro. Ivan pushed the door and enters the garden. Leave the Castle thirteen maidens, informing you that you are in the Kingdom of Kotschei, the immortal monster, which was nothing more than a huge giant of green fingers that petrified all who arrive there, holding them as prisoners. However, one of the maidens falls in love with the Prince, inviting him to flee, but Ivan does not attend the Council and decide to venture to the garden by curiosity.

To be inside, a rattling of campaigns through their gong, denounces the presence of an intruder; then, the inhabitants of the Castle, come to surround the Prince with a hellish dance. This ceases when he makes his appearance Kotschei, who throws about Ivan to convert it into stone. At that time the Prince understands your situation and called to his aid to the Firebird. Then, unexpectedly, the monster falters and stops, because he has seen the feather bird had given to Ivan. The inhabitants of the Castle back to dance, until finally all the ground, falling with them also Kotschei.

The Firebird sings a song of cradle, which plunges into deep sleep to the monster and its people. Is known to be in a secret place, an egg containing the soul of Kotschei and, on the advice of the Firebird, Ivan should it catch; but this goes hand in hand, falling on the floor and breaks. Kotschei, then dies and crumbles the infernal charm. Without any doubt, as indicated by the experts, from the musical point of view, is the first major work of Stravinsky and perhaps the first work in where good some of the stylistic characters, which then manifest themselves with an extraordinary originality in Petruchka are profiled.