Technical Regulation

Exemption Letter – is not a certificate of compliance (or fire), but often refusal pismoa used as a kind of certificate. One should not confuse refusal Letter to the document in which the certification body reports that are not in a position to issue a certificate (due to lack of production in the area of accreditation, or in connection with ‘sunken’ trials, ie when the output of test results do not meet the requirements). For the exemption letter does not exist any particular form. Letters of exemption to use the usual A4-sheets. As a holder of a letter (similar to the applicant at certification) may appear in one entity. In one refusal letter may not list a large number of items. There are two types of exemption letter. The former is used for Customs. It confirms that products imported into the territory of the Russian Federation are not subject to mandatory certification by the code of hs. The second letter is used for domestic production. It confirms that the product does not fall within the range of products subject to mandatory certification under okp code. A letter on okp code is sometimes called refusal letters to trade. okp code was developed State standards.

All work on the certification is based on the codes of ecv. For different letters of exemption (OCP and HS) requires a different set of documents. To find out what documents are needed better to turn to that organization, which will draw up refusal letter. In any case, need a product code (TFC or HS), as well as the application for registration of the letter with these details of the legal entity holder of the letter. Refusal letters are issued certification bodies accredited by the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology. Also, refusal letters are issued vniis (Institute Certification), and Rostest. It often happens that different structures are not take the refusal letters issued by the ‘just anyone’. For example, the Customs is best to get a letter drawn up vniis. Better to know beforehand what exemption letter you need. In January 2004 introduced compulsory holographic stickers for abandoned customs letters issued vniis. The maximum period for which the exemption letter is issued, is 1 year. Also, the exemption letter may be issued and for a shorter period.