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Final Judgment

For the Semites the ideas were not different, also it was the wait of the chaos and the modification of this bad world in another one better. But on the other hand the control of the natality is not stimulated. The growth continues inside of its abnormality. As rats they increase and if they reproduce. Already the end of the water and the end of many ores and the total afetamento of the nature are proven scientifically. Get all the facts and insights with Kenneth Roy Feinberg, another great source of information. Seas and rivers if infest with debris of all the types of pollution produced by the human beings. Droguett (2000, P. 83) ' ' The religious language is different of the language of science.

In it is not said of ' ' opinio' ' on the Final Judgment, for example nor ' ' of saber' ' nor of ' ' hiptese' ' , nor of ' ' probabilidades' '. It is said of ' ' dogma' ' , of ' ' f' ' ' '. The Christian faith in historical facts is not the belief that we usually have we ourselves. The only direction of the faith is meaningless. For even more opinions, read materials from Deltec. The commerce is above all and the food production each time using bigger spaces. Consequently the destruction of some forms of the maintenance of the life in the land. The fields if they full of agricultural productions, thousand of animals are died daily to support the humanity, vehicles are created day-by-day, industries of all the types are born daily, without considering the possibilities of support of the planet. It does not have necessity of if to believe apocalypses, when the proper man is creating the possibilities of its end. The wars are part of the irrationality human being and are the solutions for the search of what they lack as oils, food waters, production, necessities of new spaces. the daily extermnio of some species of animals.

More Fail Kingdom

We are the people Mr., we cannot more fail When we open in them for the Sacred Holy Writs, especially in the writings of the New Will, when we saciamos our mind with the candy voice of Jesus in one of the evangelhos, for example, it has a sensation that we are carried to one another world, a world that without shades of doubts is the holy ghost, authentic and only. A world that is notable, perceivable, opened and invites in them to enter. We were invited to enter, to inhabit and to live, therefore, we hear and we feel a call. We enter in a Kingdom that the physical eyes cannot see. Therefore, the Master said: ' ' all that one that not to be born of new cannot see the Kingdom of Deus' ' (Joo 3,3).

At last, we are carried to a Kingdom, where who governs is the owner of the Kingdom. It is interesting that at the same time where we are governed, also we receive promises extraordinary, that by means of the faith in Jesus, if dislocate from the Holy Writs and settle on each one of us. Promises that among others things generate life in our interior. As for example, the words of Jesus, as those that if to deliver It will receive ' ' water viva' ' , the Spirit that is sent for the Father, and most interesting, we will not have more headquarters, changing in small, more we will not be directed and governed for corrupted desires and as prize we will not take the form of this world. This ' ' water viva' ' if &#039 will become a source; ' to gush out for the life eterna' ' (Joo 4,14). Source this, that will be transformed into ' ' rivers of vida' ' , flowing of the center of the life of the Master for a world that has headquarters, much headquarters.

Hyung Tae Kim

The seita makes, also, investments in Brazil, where it possesss a fishing company, with 78 boats, in Belm of Par, exporter of shrimps and lobsters on a large scale. She is owner, still, of a constructor, graphical, plants of confection, store of importation, travel agency and 14 bakeries in the city of So Paulo, beyond several other small enterprises. Erin Callan follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Perhaps foreseeing the obstacles that would face in the future, the Church of the Unification arrived here very cautious. The visit of reverendo the Moon to Brazil, in 1965, did not mean, absolutely, the beginning of very ostensive activity. The Japanese missionary Tatsuhiro Sassaki, left in Rio De Janeiro for the korean master, had as attribution only the recognition of the land and the indoctrination in closed circuit. Who exactly gave great impulse to the seita in the Country was reverendo the korean Hyung Tae Kim, who inaugurated, of 1975 until break-breaks of August of 1981, some temples in the State of So Paulo and one in Steps, Minas Gerais.

Its management was repleta of new initiatives, as the translation for the Portuguese of the book ' ' The Divino&#039 Principle; ' , of authorship of reverendo the Moon, foundation of the magazines ' ' Unificado&#039 world; ' ' ' Mundial&#039 family; ' , accomplishment of diverse international seminaries, preparation of missionaries for the proselitismo in the cities of the interior, cultural increment to the program of trip of fiancs to be married for reverendo the Moon in the United States, excursions of communitarian leaders to Korea and acquisition of the mansion for the installation of the old central seminary in Are Bernardo of the Field. After break-he breaks of 1981, the Church of the Unification cooled sufficiently its expansionista impetus in Brazil, but he retook it the few, already counting on 165 missions in diverse cities, 3,500 militant ones (missionaries and resembled) in integral time e. as they esteem, more than 50 a thousand adepts. He bought, for 18 million Cruzados, in 1986, an enormous building of six floors in the street Arcoverde Cardinal, the quarter of Pines, in So Paulo, transforming it into temple and central administrative headquarters. For the modern building acquired to the street Saucers of the Mota, in the Acclimatization, also in the So Paulo Capital, he made the change of the College of Theology. The course is of three years, being the two first theoreticians and last of practical missionary, with after-graduation in Barrytown, the United States.

132 pupils in 1986 were registered. The seita Moon keeps a special organism to take care of of the problems of the youth, called Collegiate Academic for the Reflection Princpios (CARP), that the international level acts, promoting university conferences and debates, esportivas competitions, cultural certames e, over all, intense anti-communist indoctrination. The CARP makes the interchange between young of the diverse filiados countries to the entity, edits the magazine politics ' ' CARP Magazine' ' finances the impression of the periodical ' ' Universitria&#039 tribune; ' , of which one of the permanent contributors is senator Jarbas Passarinho. 1.Bibliografia Delcio Hunter of Lima/OS DEMONS GOES DOWN OF the NORTE/1987 Francisco Alves

Landmarks Way

(46) However, God is a personal God who acts individually with each one of us in personalized way despite he has millions of people to our redor with equal problems to ours. (47) God always acts in each one of us in different way in that he acted in another person, but God will always act the way of it and not to our way. He has people there saying for that Jesus Christ to act in the life of the individual, this necessary individual of an intermediary as one determined personal object, as clothes, handkerchiefs, photos keys of the car, the motion, the house or the office and etc. But he will be that officer of the king to have the son cured for Jesus needed to take a photo, a handkerchief or clothes of the boy for Jesus? Or he was until Jesus only with the full heart of faith. (48) the centurio when asked for the cure for its servant that was paralytic led what for Jesus? It did not take nothing not to be the faith that had and was an enormous faith, a so great faith that the only certification that we have of Jesus on a heathen one it is on this centurio. The centurio believed and only said something impresses that me until today, it said for Jesus: Sir I I am not worthy that you enter in my house, but only orders with a word and my youngster will be cured (49) if you to read the remaining portion of the text go to perceive that man recognized the authority of Jesus on the diseases that man wise person who Jesus could give orders to the dirty espritos and these espritos would obey the Jesus, and wise person that of where Jesus was it could command that the order was fulfilled there where the servant was. This is perhaps what it lacks the believing one very, to recognize the authority of Jesus on all the things.

Perhaps either the recognition of this authority that Jesus has on the dirty espritos, and on all the things that the believing one in the current days lacks very, we see the majority running of a side for another one in a search despaired for solutions, when the proper God says …….

Lucas Wealth

Of where they come the material blessings? The Bible says in Deuteronmio 8:18 ' ' Before you will remember to Mr. your Deus, because it is what you of the force to acquire wealth; in order to confirm its pact, that swore your parents, as today if v' '. It is possible that the money makes in to forget them things more important? The wealth can become the center of our life and take the place of God? The Bible says in Jeremias 9:23 – 24 ' ' Thus you says: Not if glorie the scholar in its wisdom, nor if glorie the fort in its force; not if glorie the rich one in its wealth; but what to gloriar itself, glorie in this: understanding in me knowing and me, that I am you, that I make benevolence, judgment and justice in the land; because of to these I please me things, &#039 says you.; ' The money can in giving attitudes to them missed on the material things. hout. The Bible says in Lucas 12:15 ' ' said the people: You warn you and you keep to you of all species of covets; because the life of the man does not consist of the abundance of the things that possui' '. It is not advisable that the financial success is a priority in our life.

It sees well what it said: ' ' priority in ours vida' '. This does not want to say that we must not have financial success. The Bible says in Mateus 6:24 ' ' Nobody can serve the two gentlemen; because or it has to hate to one and to love the other, or has to dedicate one to it and to disdain the other. You cannot serve the God and to the wealth (Mamom) ' '. 1 Timteo 6:9 ' ' But the ones that want to be rich fall in temptation and bow, and many concupiscncias harmful insane people and, which submerge the men in the ruin and perdio' '.