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(46) However, God is a personal God who acts individually with each one of us in personalized way despite he has millions of people to our redor with equal problems to ours. (47) God always acts in each one of us in different way in that he acted in another person, but God will always act the way of it and not to our way. He has people there saying for that Jesus Christ to act in the life of the individual, this necessary individual of an intermediary as one determined personal object, as clothes, handkerchiefs, photos keys of the car, the motion, the house or the office and etc. But he will be that officer of the king to have the son cured for Jesus needed to take a photo, a handkerchief or clothes of the boy for Jesus? Or he was until Jesus only with the full heart of faith. (48) the centurio when asked for the cure for its servant that was paralytic led what for Jesus? It did not take nothing not to be the faith that had and was an enormous faith, a so great faith that the only certification that we have of Jesus on a heathen one it is on this centurio. The centurio believed and only said something impresses that me until today, it said for Jesus: Sir I I am not worthy that you enter in my house, but only orders with a word and my youngster will be cured (49) if you to read the remaining portion of the text go to perceive that man recognized the authority of Jesus on the diseases that man wise person who Jesus could give orders to the dirty espritos and these espritos would obey the Jesus, and wise person that of where Jesus was it could command that the order was fulfilled there where the servant was. This is perhaps what it lacks the believing one very, to recognize the authority of Jesus on all the things.

Perhaps either the recognition of this authority that Jesus has on the dirty espritos, and on all the things that the believing one in the current days lacks very, we see the majority running of a side for another one in a search despaired for solutions, when the proper God says …….