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Housing Prices

According to data released by Knight Frank in its regular Global House Price Index, annual global growth in housing prices, except in Dubai declined to 3.8% in the third quarter of this year, while in the second it was 4.8%. Average quarterly prices lost 0.3%, this is actually the first quarterly drop in prices decrease average quarterly prices were recorded for more than half the countries represented in the index for one-third of the countries was also fixed annual price fall Investors are again close to an active acquisitions According to the head of Knight Frank International Studies, Nicholas Burns has now become clear that none of the parts of the world can not be avoid the credit crunch, property losing value in many parts of the globe. Despite the strong growth in 2007, housing prices in more than half the countries represented in the study fell in the third quarter of 2008 year. Expected to continue this trend for most regions while maintaining a zero or negative quarterly index by the end of this year. Dubai, being a newcomer to this list, it seems, will confront the general trends, but recent data for the second quarter of the year did not reflect the sudden shifts in the balance of supply and demand in the future figures are likely to bear witness significant growth slowdown prices .. Brie Williams is full of insight into the issues. Russia and a handful of Eastern European countries in the third quarter looks pretty cool, recorded a slight increase in growth of average prices in the Czech Republic. However, there are signs and that some of the strongest members of the circle begin to weaken. Thus, prices in Bulgaria in the third quarter rose by only 3%, which is only half of the indicators of the previous quarter.

Lithuania, Canada, Norway and United Kingdom saw the largest price drop of about 5% in just three months. The quarterly decline in home prices in the states at around 2.8%, the loss amounted to about 21% compared with the price index registered at its peak. While property owners may not agree with that statement, but the extent and rate of decline in prices are also positive, as investors can buy today are finding that some markets offer the acquisition on terms comparable to those before the crisis. Against the background of frustration caused by the state of the stock market and the painful uncertainty as to the segments of the banking sector, real estate is them safe enough and sufficiently tangible home for investment.

Konstantin Kovalev

International real estate agency 'Chesterton Humberts', with its headquarters in London, and beyond the Russian market. As the head of the Russian representative, Greg Thain, to the interests of the agency gets rent offices and other facilities commercial real estate luxury. By the same author: Sue Thompson. Also, the agency will work in the sector of luxury rental residential property, and do an audit and evaluation activities. Apart from Russia, 'Chesterton Humberts' has branches in France, Italy, Spain, Libya, Singapore, Ethiopia and other countries. The Moscow office is the eleventh place.

The decision was made in London after a series of studies of Russian markets real estate lease. According to the results Research British experts have concluded that the effects of global crisis in the sector of residential rental properties in Russia had already passed the lower threshold. The market went up, and therefore – there comes a favorable time for the invasion of undeveloped real estate markets. Moscow was a trial balloon for the British Realtors. In his statement, Mr. Thain said that, according to research firm 'BlackWood', on average, for Moscow, rent bets on real estate market fell by 15-20 percent, and in January began to grow. This and decided to take advantage of the British agency.

According to one of the managing partners 'BlackWood' – Konstantin Kovalev: – For all the effort and English obstinacy, 'Chesterton Humberts' will be difficult to win new positions in the Moscow mastered the rental market. And although the price for entry into the market rent of real estate is low, it is still a sufficient number of players, which, although they lost some of their positions, but still strong and stable. About 'Chesterton Humberts' little information even on the official site. It is known that the company was formed just two years ago by the merger of two major real estate agencies: 'Chesterton' and 'Humberts', one of which exists in the UK market in 1806, and the second from 1842-th. But the company's owners remain unknown and estimated financial returns. Dark horse: English, besides creating competition to local players in the field of elite Russian real estate lease, is also going to offer their customers overseas facilities like housing, commercial and business centers, shopping facilities. But now it becomes clear that the British realtors came to stay. As confirmation of these words can be considered a statement of Mr. Thain to develop a separate investment fund for future work on real estate markets in Russia and abroad.

Real Estate In Spain. What Is The Reason For The Popularity ?

Why buy property in Spain? Foreign Spanish property owners are entitled to receive for himself and all his family members annual benefits. Mortgage loans without a problem in Spain, foreigners can easily and unnecessary paperwork to get a mortgage. Furthermore, credit conditions are extremely attractive in themselves. For example, the interest rate of 6 – 6.5% loan term to 30 years. Of course, provided and the option of early redemption.

Low-cost real estate in Spain is relatively low compared to European prices. At the same time they are in long term steadily growing. This is especially advantageous for investors who are considering buying property in Spain, as a good long term investment. A temporary drop in prices, such as now, can extract benefit from short-term investment in Spanish real estate. In addition, a property in Spain it is easy to rent. This may be a good additional source of your income. Gay Friendly aliens want note that the Spanish – very friendly, hospitable people.

They are friendly towards the Ukrainians and people from other former Soviet republics. Such an attitude is an act of gratitude for the salvation of Spanish children from the Nazis in 1936-39 years. A great place to stay! Prefer to relax in the summer? The hotel offers many luxurious sandy and pebbly beaches. Love the winter holidays? You are waiting for well-known ski resorts – such as the Sierra Nevada. Gourmets will appreciate Spanish cuisine – in every region of the special, and some of the best in the world of wine – red, dry, nutmeg and sherry.

Professional Damage Assessment

In life it is impossible to insure against absolutely all the trouble. Therefore, you should be ready for the need to protect their rights and defend interests. And to do it best with the support of professionals. How do I do if you have filled in the neighbors, there was a fire, you are involved in an accident or the victim of vandalism? The answer is simple – call an independent expert, which will be made competent assessment of the damage. It is based on its Finally, you can subsequently claim damages in court or pay them become themselves.

In what specific cases would be appropriate this assessment? First of all if: – there is disagreement about the value of the object to which the damage occurred – require an independent assessment for loss of profits – should be as accurate as possible to determine the extent of compensation claims for damages. It should be noted that damage assessment after the Gulf apartments, fire or accidents may be ordered not only the injured party, but to blame the accident. Indeed, despite the fact that you, through negligence or violation of law, has caused damage to others, you also have law. To obtain assurance that the extent of damage is not repaired too high, will professionally performed damage assessment. Credo of our company – this is just based on the norms of current legislation approach and clear results that are the basis for protecting the rights of citizens have turned to us. With our help, assessment of damage from a fire after the Gulf and the assessment of lost profits or damage assessment will be against vandalism made as soon as possible. A hands on the documents received to help defend its interests.

But they themselves can take several actions to protect their own rights. In particular, they should make an immediate commit event officials, which may make the role of traffic police officers or representatives of public utilities. And of course, to avoid unnecessary conflict, as soon as possible notify the owner of the property damage to his property. This is especially important when it comes to the Bay Apartments. And it needs to be done, even if guilty of what happened were not you, and utilities. Compliance with these simple rules and support professionals ensure that the damage assessment after the Gulf as a result of an accident or fire damage assessment will take place without further complications and conflicts. And remember, we're always on your side, no matter what!

Warehouse Custody

Often, individuals and many companies of various sizes, whose professional activities are related to transport logistics, delivery of goods, their handling and the like, is required where possible to place next shipment for temporary storage. Not unimportant in this case the conditions are collectively safeguard of goods, facilities compliance with the criteria for the conditions of storage of goods – in necessary, special equipment (refrigeration, heating, etc.), as determined by category and type of goods, and, of course, low cost of this service. What to choose in this case? There are several solutions to the issue of placement of goods. These include: the construction or purchase of an existing warehouse, rent warehouse space. However, these options are not all companies are cost-effective because they require significant investment, so costs may be sunk – this solution is suitable for most likely quite large companies with high turnover and the constant need to store goods in warehouses. In other cases, it is recommended to use a service like escrow. This will avoid a lot of problems associated with the organization storage, since all duties and responsibilities of the organization, maintenance and warehouse management takes on a professional organization at the time, as you have the opportunity to focus on business. The main advantage of safe storage warehouse is that it does not require any additional significant investment, unlike renting a warehouse, where the cost of required maintenance costs, labor costs of personnel, that takes a significant financial and managerial resources of the company.

Another advantage is the secure storage warehouse that the customer only pays for the goods in storage after the fact, that is, if storage area for goods temporarily not required, the customer will not have to spend money on an empty warehouse. In other words, pay only for the space that is just your product. Another good quality stores Escrow is the fact that they are able to provide appropriate conditions for storage: the presence of buildings of different classes and types, including a shipment requiring special storage conditions, the availability of special equipment and qualified personnel. Where can I find stores in St. Petersburg? – You ask. There are many companies that specialize in warehousing. For example, one such bridge is ooo, which provides secure storage in St.

Petersburg for the past ten years and has an excellent reputation. For its customers the company offers a wide range of services, loading and unloading operation, custody, carriage road and rail, picking and packing of goods, and others. Warehouses are located in close proximity to St. Petersburg, there is convenient access. Perhaps safekeeping of goods in heated rooms, unheated warehouses, as well as outdoors. Turning to the company, you can be sure we made the right choice. It is important to escrow agreement, under which are warehousing services. A formal document certifying the relationship between the customer and the company will yavlyatsya reliable guarantee safety of your load. It will be described in terms of service and their collection. In addition to storage, can be packed goods, processing, delivery or other operations, as further outlined in the document. And also, of course, indicates responsible parties (for example, losses due to properties of the cargo, which was not previously known or damages by reason of force majeure) – Who will repair the damage.