Real Estate In Spain. What Is The Reason For The Popularity ?

Why buy property in Spain? Foreign Spanish property owners are entitled to receive for himself and all his family members annual benefits. Mortgage loans without a problem in Spain, foreigners can easily and unnecessary paperwork to get a mortgage. Furthermore, credit conditions are extremely attractive in themselves. For example, the interest rate of 6 – 6.5% loan term to 30 years. Of course, provided and the option of early redemption.

Low-cost real estate in Spain is relatively low compared to European prices. At the same time they are in long term steadily growing. This is especially advantageous for investors who are considering buying property in Spain, as a good long term investment. A temporary drop in prices, such as now, can extract benefit from short-term investment in Spanish real estate. In addition, a property in Spain it is easy to rent. This may be a good additional source of your income. Gay Friendly aliens want note that the Spanish – very friendly, hospitable people.

They are friendly towards the Ukrainians and people from other former Soviet republics. Such an attitude is an act of gratitude for the salvation of Spanish children from the Nazis in 1936-39 years. A great place to stay! Prefer to relax in the summer? The hotel offers many luxurious sandy and pebbly beaches. Love the winter holidays? You are waiting for well-known ski resorts – such as the Sierra Nevada. Gourmets will appreciate Spanish cuisine – in every region of the special, and some of the best in the world of wine – red, dry, nutmeg and sherry.