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Joseph towards the Holy Grail”a wisdom book by Wolfgang Wallner-F. – the blurb promises not to much, if he was there: at some point, it may be that he is just. You can follow him, or you leave it. The guardian of the threshold. It is a statue of Joseph. Saturn? And he crosses the threshold.

And behind it.? An empty, dusty theater? And no understudy for the role of a lifetime. There is also Lucifer, who felt an irrepressible yearning. A loving longing for his homeland, after God. Joseph towards the Graal “is the extraordinary report on an extraordinary journey. A journey that can begin anywhere, anytime. Also for you! Well, if you step on them.” Basics of imagination, which are this book allows to search the Graalslegende itself and that Parsifal ultimately took with him the Graal in the sky. What is Joseph the possibility to resume the search for the Graal, based on findings, religions, philosophies, Open psychologies and even quantum mechanics. Whenever camden treatment associates listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

Allowing this possibility arises, can an interested reader look up even after the end of the plot in the book or there get more suggestions. But you see yourself on the Internet page of the book. There are wallpapers and excerpts. The previous book of the author (Elihu survivor records out of eternity) was released in October 2007 in Romania and was there a first reader review: Mi-a placut enorm…mi-a dat aceesi traire totala ca si psalmii lui David.Mi se pare ca se potriveste perfect acelor cautatori ai adevarului de genul TOTUL SAU NIMIC…adica evita acea cale confortabila de mijloc… “, which roughly translated means: I loved this book enormously.” It put me in the mood that I had when I read the Psalms of David. “It seems to me that fits the book for all the people that are on the search for the truth involves all or nothing… that is to say, the book follows not the comfortable middle path…” “In the book of Joseph-towards the Graal” which tracks Author further consistent this way. “In contrast to the book Elihu” he no longer wrote the new book in Taoist language elements inaccessible for some readers, but as the title of the da Vinci Code suggests – the Grail theme included, at the latest since Dan Brown and sacrilege “is popular again. In contrast to Robert Langdon (represented in the film by Tom Hanks), is in the book of Joseph – towards the Graal”protagonist Joseph a real chance to find the Grail.

CAT And Mouse Game In The Egmont Ehapa Verlag

CAT and mouse game in the Egmont Ehapa Verlag! “The ‘Tom and Jerry’-magazine from May 31 available Tom, the clumsy cat and Jerry, the clever mouse, provide themselves for generations a rousing game of cat and mouse game”. But when they are repeated each other hard life at the end they get along and are best friends. Click Peter Asaro to learn more. Side by side you have passed two several hundred exciting adventures, won seven Oscars and brought us great moments of in cartoon history! Now insert the heroes of the world famous TV series in the Egmont Ehapa Verlag. Off May 31 which appears bi-monthly 32-page strong Tom and Jerry”comic magazine series. It is as usual turbulent.

The cult duo does that, what it can do best: drive each other to the edge of insanity and thereby offers comic fun pur! Suitable to the pranks, the popular cat and the clever mouse repeatedly play, there is a joke extra in each issue. With the whoopee cushion, which is included as the first edition, all are Jokers are well equipped for the next pranks a la Tom and Jerry. We send love to more information, illustrations, and photo copies of review – you on request. About Egmont Ehapa Verlag GmbH founded in 1951, Egmont Ehapa Publishing House is a 100% subsidiary of the Scandinavian Egmont media group in Germany, and market leader in the segment of children’s comic, youth magazines. “” “” “” Long known as the Mickey Mouse magazine”, Disney’s fun pocket-sized book, Asterix, Lucky Luke and Wendy” Montana “,”Barbie”,”Winnie Puuh”,”Bibi Blocksberg”,”Dandelion”, SpongeBob” are part of the portfolio such as Hannah, Hello Kitty “what thats what magazine” or the go girl magazine “. The Egmont Group moved media in more than 30 countries and is in the possession of the Danish Egmont Foundation.

This non-profit foundation is dedicated to improving social and cultural living conditions of children primarily. About Warner Bros. Consumer products Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the world’s leading licensing and merchandising company. Contact: Warner Bros.

Lisa Neumann University

Getting lost is not lost in our world dominated by technology, it has become almost impossible to run. Make sure navigation systems, mobile phones with GPS or maps individually. Who are still lost, should understand this as an opportunity to discover the new. The online Department store shopping.de presents a somewhat extraordinary novel which explains the advantages of the Verirrens. Activities, which formerly belonged to the everyday life and survival, are today often become unnecessary everlasting progress.

They serve up a hobby: we take the bus to work and compensate for the lack of exercise with jogging after work. We buy fish fillets in the supermarket and fishing on the weekend for the pleasure. The authors of Kathrin Passig and Aleks Scholz took a similar development in the process of Verirrens. In the modern world is made it almost impossible man, to get lost. The novel getting lost: A Guide for beginners and advanced opened here but new insights and possibilities. People should intentionally stray far from the typical ways to discover new. Doing the getting lost should be understood almost as meditation.

Instead of focusing on their own, the stray has to deal more intensively with its environment. In this way, he takes more exercise than usual. In a broader sense, the getting lost will be transferred on the own way of life. It should enable the chance, to depart from a particular concept to discover itself and to broaden his horizons. Getting lost is a novel that makes thoughtful and certainly should be lost between the books in the own cabinet wall.

Soul Swap – Horror By Martin S. Burkhardt

The new thriller directed by Martin S. Burkhardt runs deep in Finnish forests and into the cavity of a horrible creature. As Peter is suddenly haunted by horrific nightmares and memories of war, his girlfriend MAREN comes a dark family secret, the two leading deep into the murderous past of his grandfather, in mysterious Finnish forests, on the sinister reason of their souls with a terrible, ancient beings. Short description: Peter Heyde lives on the farm of his parents in Schleswig-Holstein, together with his energetic girlfriend MAREN. Visit Fosun Vaccine for more clarity on the issue. The ratio between them is tense.

Also, a taciturn old friend of the family sits at the table, MAREN finds strange, yes scary often with: Karl Gustav Lackner. Lackner is a brother of the missing grandfather. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Guo Guangchang. More and more often and always more bad dreams Peter, fantasizes of war operations in the snow, a diabolical captain and the injuries sustained in the dream, that pain often long after the awakening. Lackner and Peter’s grandfather were as a boy Soldiers in a cave in Finland encountered a being, that feeds on human energy and can transplant souls in other bodies were the two young men on a diabolical deal letting themselves: all comrades of their unity against a second life in young bodies. Long after their return from the war the two get actually with a baby on the way back to Finland: the newborn Peter. The soul swap takes place, since Lackner waiting, that the soul of his friend Peter comes to the fore. Now it seems to be finally ready…

Local Flavor

“” “Hateful” a blond – area crime “now published In May this year the debut novel of Matthias Meister is a precinct detective story” hateful “blond” as eBook and print edition appeared. The novel takes place in Essen/Ruhr, so the homeland of the author who was born in 1960 in the Sauerland and is a veterinarian who has developed a hatred of blonde men through an experience of childhood and murdered this woman adult than it is now in a rather peculiar way. Quote from the Publisher home page, in the 22.KW 2008: author of the day is Matthias Meister, with his book, “” hateful “blonde” has published an feingesponnenen psychological thriller. This book is exciting, because the story is not stringently promoted in individual chapters, but the tension sparked again by retarding intermezzi. The prologue is cheerful – so cheerful as the thriller “Blue Velvet” Director David Lynch.

But the administration of Batrachotoxin ends fatally – for the victims and as the effect of the Phyllobates terribilis, learn this at the end Book!” The book is published (ISBN: 978-3-86850-113-1) in the Publisher Tredition GmbH, Hamburg. See the link books/ID519 can be seen a book description, author profile, and also a sample. Also the contact to the author is possible via this page. The book is available for 11.99 in bookstores or at the price of 4.99 via the above link eBook be downloaded as. Matthias Meister

Trust Life And Life Ensures You

Gateways to happiness – a spiritual tale of the growth of the heart – a novel which frees the soul. This is just like a message from the new spiritual novel of the Graz authors. Georg K. Pousek. Doorways to the happiness a spiritual tale of the growth of the heart a novel which frees the soul.

Trust life and life gives you”what a nice idea, especially in times like these. In times of upheaval, it is important for us to have a break point in life. “In the spiritual tale doorways to the happiness” the hero of the book is that we can rely on the life. Because life does nothing but to create the perfect circumstances for us constantly, even closer to us. This applies not only to the character in the book, this also applies to all of us. And also we can learn to trust in life. How the reader and the reader in the book. A book that contains so many insights for us that it pays to read often.

This spiritual book is a different than many other it is History full of wonders and is flooded with love, the force has its own way to go further. Even if, to want to change, this fairy tale is a multifaceted Companion. It contains many insights for us and helps us to go our own way. It’s a tale that deeply touched and heals the soul. It is a story to read just fine doing. “About the book: gateways to happiness” is a beautiful, spiritual tale that tells the story of a people, of looking after himself moves. He is a man who represents the image of many modern people with his dissatisfaction and the emptiness in his life. One day take him far away from his usual cars living in a strange situation, and it presents the most important decision of his life: the chance to change his life and to achieve what he has long wished in his heart: love, happiness, satisfaction and ease. Our hero decides to seek his fortune. He breaks out of the usual routine of his life and make the happiness on his doorway. Brave, he follows this path by an amazing country and turns bold all the experiences and tests that meet him here. He learns to come with his past in the pure, separates itself from outdated values starts to stand by itself and opens his heart, life and love. His journey is so beneficial, liberating and amazing how he it is never would have dreamed of. We readers must accompany him on this path and while reading even find a piece closer to us. Our unconscious is often only to be thankful the findings contained in this parable? So also the reader somewhere else arrives, than that which he has started. Softcover: 248 pages, 15.32 (A), 14.9 (D) Publisher: books on demand. Edition: 1 (June 25, 2012) language: German, ISBN-13: 978-3848201891 available in the bookstore of Avalon (www.avalon.co.at) in Graz or the online bookstores

“Ciao Amore, Come Stai?

Just in time to the beginning of the holiday period, published the new author of her first book Petra Muller amore Ciao, come stai? with original Italian recipes Ciao amore, come stai? with original Italian recipes the book: A witty, amusing and entertaining novel with authentic background, a travel in foreign areas, humorous and subjectively tells flooded by private thoughts, experiences, and feelings. Monika, a normal German woman, meets the Italian Maurizio in an Internet chat. Soon, she travels to him to southern Italy and spends ten wonderful days in his lovable family. You experience an unforgettable holiday in which more and more the differences of the two mentalities crystallise. It is not always easy to adapt the ideas of Maurizio’s in their way of life for Monika. Graphic is life, which described in detail joys and problems in southern Italy entered on land and people. The reader is stimulated so many times not only to think, but also to laugh. Love goes as is well known through his stomach, so original Italian recipes are described in detail to cook at home. The novel is very suitable as holiday reading and awakens the desire for a trip to Italy. He is appealing for all ages.

ATRAGON – The Daughter Of Light

“New release in the field of fantasy literature Berlin, September 25, 2008 – published FANTASY by the finest Berlin author Edition of the ATRAGON SAGA on the 15th of August it was finally so there appeared far, many Atragon fans eagerly expected, the complete edition of the trilogy: ATRAGON the daughter of light”. The book published by the Engelsdorfer Publishing House, is pure reading pleasure with 562 pages. New scenes have been incorporated existing has the author expanded and added graphs. Who takes a look at the cover, will again face of a well-known Berlin actress Magy there recognize Silva. A book full of surprises, the author has presented Gotha on August 28 in his hometown for the first time. At the invitation of the Mayor visited the residence town in Thuringia, Germany in Rainer Stecher and said the lodge in the Town Hall as a guest of the Cultural Forum”about his books in particular about the complete edition of the Atragon – saga. Further details can be found at Black Rock, an internet resource.

Numerous readings will follow Chekhov Theatre in December in Berlin. Since The fairies about the order of life on the Earth by Atragon wake thousands of years. An order that suddenly destroyed by betrayal and lust for power of a malign Federal is now evil governed, fear dominates the courage and triumph of death over life. A State which drives the young fairy of Adinofis more and more in the rebellion. Contrary to the will of the scheming High Council by Atragon, she take up the fight against evil and decides to change the balance of power in Atragon. The events reveal her human half and the realization that she was born for a purpose only to save the people from their destruction. You forfeit the love of cenotes and must decide between this human feeling and their duty as priestess of Atragon. Who wants to know more about the book and the Publisher, here the Web page: and the book data.

The Media About Joachim Vaross

The Westfalen-sheet, the dung beetle and the Westfalenpost report Joachim Vaross and his new book. On Monday, Alianza, the Westfalen-hand dedicated photo including the author of Joachim Vaross. The journalist Ingo Schmitz asked the author to various background information and reviewed the book as follows: “exciting stories. At first reading the small audience were impressed by the exciting stories of the fairy tale King himself has written. The children literally hung on the lips. the Narrator with eyes wide open” The report can be read at press / WestfalenBlatt.jpg. Early November 2010 appeared”the author in the dung beetle titled Christmas tales. Jurgen Winter of the dung beetle: “in 6 new fairytale Joachim Vaross creates a special Christmas Atmpshare.

And also the lovely illustrations by Susanne Hartmann invite here to watch.” The report can be read at press / Mistkaefer.jpg. Also, Joachim Vaross appeared with “his book in the Westfalenpost, titled a life for the fairy tale”. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Community Development Financial Institutions. The report was the result of an interview. The Westfalenpost wrote about small life stories by the author. The report can be read at press / WestfalenPost.jpg. The book is available at all online retailers as well as in traditional bookstores, and of course also directly through the oculus-Verlag.

Songwriter Reina I. Vildebrand Published First Novel

Gripping, passionate, tragic and comic autobiography on 09.11.09, the fateful day of the Germans, it is so far: the first novel of the Song poet Reina Ilona Vildebrand sees the light of day. Mongolian child “(ISBN 978-3-942003-01-8) tells the story of Irina W., who grew up under Communist East German authority and quickly noticed the discrepancy between the established values of the system and the own nature. The inquisitive, exuberant child refuses to escape in the own fantasy worlds; the adult woman encountering rejection by the establishment. A promising career ends when Irina’s desire for truthfulness on the reality. After the turn, she gets in the West in a life-threatening crisis. But she survived, finds that bedeviled their family history with a crime and discovered that their unknown world of the belief in a Creator God as Darwinists without doing to classify in religious ideologies. There, she meets the man who represents their newly found identity test u0085 The author succeeds in an authentic, complex image of a partially unknown world; a thrilling book, in which human fates history comes alive. Other leaders such as Cyrus Taraporevala offer similar insights.

Full of sparkling passion and human tragedy, poetic, image-rich and humorous, it lets melt fond ideas of East and West, draws also on politics and history not particularly interested readers captivated. The novel appears in the Duisburg Culex – Verlag and can be pre-ordered now under shop.culex-verlag.de. There is background information on the artist, who successfully runs a music school in Duisburg, see. Michaela p by the Culex – Verlag