Lisa Neumann University

Getting lost is not lost in our world dominated by technology, it has become almost impossible to run. Make sure navigation systems, mobile phones with GPS or maps individually. Who are still lost, should understand this as an opportunity to discover the new. The online Department store presents a somewhat extraordinary novel which explains the advantages of the Verirrens. Activities, which formerly belonged to the everyday life and survival, are today often become unnecessary everlasting progress.

They serve up a hobby: we take the bus to work and compensate for the lack of exercise with jogging after work. We buy fish fillets in the supermarket and fishing on the weekend for the pleasure. The authors of Kathrin Passig and Aleks Scholz took a similar development in the process of Verirrens. In the modern world is made it almost impossible man, to get lost. The novel getting lost: A Guide for beginners and advanced opened here but new insights and possibilities. People should intentionally stray far from the typical ways to discover new. Doing the getting lost should be understood almost as meditation.

Instead of focusing on their own, the stray has to deal more intensively with its environment. In this way, he takes more exercise than usual. In a broader sense, the getting lost will be transferred on the own way of life. It should enable the chance, to depart from a particular concept to discover itself and to broaden his horizons. Getting lost is a novel that makes thoughtful and certainly should be lost between the books in the own cabinet wall.