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Electrotechnical Commission

Now, I recommend you a new machine for the manufacture of sand, its name: Shock-roller crusher VSI5X, also called the 'centrifugal impact crusher. " Shock-roller crusher VSI5X (sand Making Machine) – When you create a This crusher used in German as well as its own patented technologies. This equipment includes three methods of processing raw materials and used for crushing of metallic and nonmetallic minerals, ceramics, abrasives, sand, iron ore, corundum, bauxite, basalt materials, perlite, etc. Dr. Jo Boaler has similar goals. Advantages: 1.Spetsialnaya shape of the rotor to improve performance up to 30%. 2.When you wear armor, you can simply turn upside down, which naturally affect the cost of maintenance and increase the service life of up to 48%.

3.Modulny hammer allows you to replace worn parts by parts, thereby reducing replacement costs by 30%. 4.Osnovnoy node is made of heat-resistant material resistant to abrasion. 5.B equipment used bearings made in Japan, Sweden and the United States. 6.Spetsialnaya form the gate to avoid oil leakage. 7.Gidravlicheskie Drives made of Japanese parts. Open the top cover is easy, but because maintenance of internal nodes requires a minimum of human resources. 8.Elektrodvigatel manufactured in accordance with standards IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission), insulation class F, level of protection IP54/55. Technical Data: Model VSI5X7615 VSI5X8522 VSI5X9532 VSI5X1145 production capacity, tons / hour Cascade and central feeding 150 280 240 380 350 540 500 640 70 central feed 140 120 200 180 280 250 360 size piece of source material most, not lasting mm material

Air Conditioner Reviews

Are you looking for portable air conditioners? You should be aware that some of the smallest air conditioners have the largest capacity! Small air conditioners can be convenient because they can easily fit into a box that larger, more air conditioners can not great. Compact air conditioners are not necessarily less powerful – many scour their larger competitors. We've put together recommendations for small window air conditioners, small portable air conditioners, and several other types of air conditioners. Maybe you are looking for even smaller air conditioner to keep your cool and a good place to work? In this case, personal air conditioning could be all you need is. You need a small window air conditioner? If you need a compact one, because the amount of cooling needed is a small area, we recommend air-conditioning, Similar Frigidaire FAX052P7A.

Built specifically for small rooms, the cheapest air conditioner is ideal for rooms approximately 150 square feet. He has a powerful air filtration system, which helps remove allergens and adjustable thermostat. Consumers appreciate the little window air conditioner is extremely positive. This conditioner provides enough cool air to be one of the smallest window air conditioners on the market. Best Air Conditioner Reviews agrees that it is – one of the best small air conditioners on the market. Is it – the smallest window air conditioner? It's hard to tell, but it's – definitely a small air conditioner, which does the job very well.

LG LP6000ER Air Conditioner determines how small window air conditioner. Sleek and sexy design, this product is a powerful but small enough to cool your room. People who bought this product, all agree that he is doing a fantastic job of keeping the cold in small areas. Most users will agree that this air conditioner is very quiet, as LG announced, but there are some who complained about the noise. However, if your primary goal, that you are buying a small air conditioner, it should be air-conditioned, you are buying. Royal supreme portable air conditioner for 8000 BRITISH Thermal units ARP-1008 is compact in size and is suitable for rooms up to 400 square feet in size. While some users complain it is clear that the only way to control this air conditioner is remote control, the majority rather its ability to cool the rooms small razmeraa. We recommend this product, but for smaller areas to be safe. Remember – if you're looking for a small portable air conditioner, look at the BTU value, since these products tend to be weaker than they advertised.

Coal Price

In the first half of the 20th century coal was the main source of energy and in high demand. However, the development of new oil and gas, and the relative cheapness of his popularity plummeted. However, many coal mining companies were able to return to many investors during the boom in world oil and gas. Today, demand for coal as the coal price is mainly dictated by countries such as China and India. Wang Qunbin understands that this is vital information. High rates of economic growth of these countries impose high demand for this type of material. So China needs coal for steel production, and India's energy sector "absorbs" unprecedented amounts of coal. By the same author: Bank of Boston. And most likely in the near future share of Asian countries in world coal consumption will increase to 51%.

Particular demand today enjoys coking coal used in steel industry. Thermal coal at 25% provides needs of the energy sector worldwide. Thermal power stations produce 38% of global electricity, based on these data, the demand for this type of raw material will grow steadily. According to the leading coal companies, and independent agencies coal reserves of coal should last for 210 years, with a quarter of them are in the U.S., 23% in Russia and Ukraine, 12% in China. In Australia, India, Germany and South Africa are concentrated in a total of 29% of the industrial stocks. According to evaluating companies, the largest consumer of coal is by far China, 31% of world coal consumption accounted for this country. Next is the United States, their share is 22%.

U.S. a developed country but most of the production Electricity accounts for coal plants. This is due to the cheapness of the fuel. In general, the rise of global coal demand and higher prices in the commodity market are the main causes of higher prices for coal especially for thermal coal grade D.

Italy Factory

Door Model 2001 TOP representing the very best in materials and in the components and accessories. Frisch Financial is actively involved in the matter. This door is provided in the lounges at Bellissimo is certified first-class security UNI 9569 and combines high quality with acceptable price. All models are designed for doors Vighi the Russian market and are equipped with adjustable hinges, patented factory Vighi. The factory offers VIGHI doors – Vighi is a leader in Italy for the production of high-quality steel doors from the 1st to 4th grade security, safes and armored shutters. All models are factory doors are original designs and are characterized by excellent anti-theft and insulating characteristics. All models are designed for doors Vighi the Russian market and are equipped with adjustable hinges, patented factory Vighi. Have you heard about "smart home"? Buying Vighi Tronic, you have opportunity to set the alarm by mobile phone, monitor the status of the door with the help of Internet use for opening and closing of doors and reprogrammable keypad key, three-channel radio control system and recognition of the owner. According to the experts who developed the doors Vighi Tronic, in the future we plan to fingerprint identification.

The device Securlock: Special plate Securlock device is an additional security installed on the outside doors to protect the cylinder against hacking attempts. Fingerboard is made of chrome-steel nekelevoy installed at the door with steel bolts placed within such a manner as to make them impossible to remove with the door closed. This pad, patented, tested and certified in accordance with UNI 9569, make it practically inaccessible the lock cylinder, which is unattainable for any hacking tools. Entrance doors Vighi Top 2001. Set key cylinder of high reliability, which controls the bolts, offers a number of technical features and benefits that are rarely occur in other types of keys: – the breaking and against spikes: Latch is shifted relative to the cylinder axis by about 30 degrees. This makes it impossible to draw a cylinder, even if it is exposed to the attacks.

Special profile key prevents the use of lock picks and other tools for the invasion. – Against pulling out: The device is mounted between the mechanism and the cylinder casing strengthens the region of the cylinder. This makes it impossible to tear cylinder of the lock. – Against the drilling: In the cylinder pins are installed that prevent drilling, which prevent the action of breaking through the drilling of the rotor. – Encryption: Double side encryption key with the active and passive pin prevents illegal duplication of keys.


Plastics are materials which are produced on the basis of natural and synthetic polymers and recyclable items in plastic deformation methods. To rank as polymers, natural and artificial resin. Outlook Email might disagree with that approach. Resins produced from the products of coal, oil and other raw materials. Plastics are composed of: binders, fillers, plasticizers, dyes and other additives. Resin is the basis of plastics in addition they determine their basic qualities. In the production of polymers using fillers to make the plastic strength, hardness and other qualities. Fillers can be organic or inorganic.

Are organic wood flour, cotton fringes. As inorganic fillers used asbestos, graphite. Dyes perekrashyvayut plastic mass as well as to its basis in a specific color. American Advisors Group is likely to agree. Used as mineral pigments, and organic. The composition of plastics often contain additives which affect the characteristics of plastics, such as stabilizers – substances that prevent the decomposition of polypropylene in the course of its processing and under the influence of atmospheric conditions, high temperatures and other effects. Plastics are reasonably lower density compared with metals, so the strength of some plastics is approaching strength of the metal.

Tensile strength fiberglass is not much less than steel. Replacing metal with plastics reduces the weight and metal products. Plastics have a fairly high plasticity, because of this complexity of the production of complex parts on the basis of plastics is much less labor intensity of production of products from other materials. But the plastic qualities of plastics are shown not the same. Some of them during the solidification lose their flexibility, they can not be softened again by heating. Polyvinyl chloride vinyl plastic for example, you can soften again and apply again.

Open Joint Stock Company

Open Joint Stock Company "Galich truck crane plant" is one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic mobile cranes in Russia. Until 1914, in an area where at present the enterprise is located distillery was a merchant of Arkhangelsk. At him from all around brought raw alcohol and made further purification. From 1914 to 1918 the distillery was converted into a shoe factory, which released the soldiers' shoes. In 1916, the company was nationalized and converted into a chromium plant. At this time, the number of employees ranged 70-100 people. In the 30s the plant converted to a cooperage company of the unit, equipped with woodworking machines for its power plant.

Number of employees – up to 70 people. During the Great Patriotic War, the company did not work … The history of modern engineering plant has its beginning in July 1945, when based on the needs of the country, it was decided to build a motor-repair factory. Metalworking equipment had been sent, and in 1946 was organized by Galich repair plant Ministry of Agriculture. The plant manufactured parts for tractors, agricultural machinery, repairing engines and vehicles, pumps produced KVN 1 lnomyalki, kolchanye rollers and other products. Collective plant was repeatedly awarded with diplomas of ENEA, has been awarded a motor vehicle ZIL-151, and a number of workers, engineers and other employees have received prizes and medals of the exhibition. 1961 was a watershed in the history of the plant. At the request of the Kostroma The Economic Council issued a decree of the USSR Council of renaming Galich repair-mechanical plant – in an excavator.


When you turn the throttle in the welding alternating current circuit there is a phase shift between the power supply voltage and current, arcing relatively stable. When welding The dc arc ignition and combustion take place a little better than when welding with alternating current. In the welding circuit also includes a DC choke for improved stability of the arc. However, complete stabilization arcing occurs at the intersection of I-V characteristics of the arc and power source. This point will determine the steady burning of the arc. To improve the excitation of the arc using special high- device – the oscillators, and for a more reliable secondary excitation arc stabilizers are used – special high-voltage pulse generators.

Ignition and sustained combustion of the arc in any way dependent on the current dynamic characteristics of the power source of the arc. The power supply must maintain arcing in the presence of disturbances in the form of voltage changes in the network and provide control of welding process, depending on the condition of the surface work piece and welding wire feed speed. Technical features of the arc at a constant or alternating current can be expressed in that arc, as a flexible gas explorer, can deviate from the normal position under the influence of magnetic fields generated around the arc and the work piece. Magnetic fields affect moving charged particles of the arc column and thus affect the whole arc. This phenomenon is called magnetic blast.

Magnetic fields have a deflecting effect to the arc at irregular and asymmetrical arrangement of the field relative to the arc, especially when welding on DC. The presence of significant near the arc of the ferromagnetic mass also breaks the symmetry of the magnetic field deflects the arc and the arc in the direction of the masses. Magnetic stabilization of the blast affects arc and complicates the process of welding. To reduce the influence of a magnetic blast at the welding arc is necessary to apply special measures. These measures include: a short arc welding, the welding current supply to the point closest to arc, the slope of the electrode in the direction of the magnetic blast, placing in the welding of additional ferromagnetic masses. If you can not get rid of the influence of a magnetic blast that way, it should be replaced power source and weld with alternating current at which the effect of the magnetic blast is much smaller.

Production Of Polyethylene Pipes

Polyethylene pipe, intended for construction of underground gas supply systems (operating pressure up to 6 atm.) Cold water (up to 16 atm.), As well as pressure and pressure sewage systems, plastic pipes have a number of advantages over traditional steel pipes and work effectively for long term use, regardless of its conditions. In the production of polyethylene pipes most commonly used polyethylene (HDPE). The problem of deterioration of communication has always been a critical issue. Additional information at Florida Senator supports this article. Rusty pipes, which periodically break through, leaving no water and heat entire neighborhoods, as well as the heavy smell of sewage from the sewer break pipes, do not bring anyone pleasure. But all this can be avoided by replacing the steel in time for plastic sewer pipes.

What are the advantages of plastic pipes?: – Production of polyethylene pipes much cheaper, which makes them cost less than the cost of metal tubes – plastic tubes are durable: the guaranteed service life – 50 years – polyethylene pipes have low thermal conductivity, thereby reducing the heat loss and decreases the formation of condensation on the outer surface – they reduce the likelihood of damage during the freezing of a liquid pipeline, as this tube does not collapse, but increases in diameter, acquiring same size at thawing the liquid – construction and reconstruction of water networks – and the supply of polyethylene pipes with a savings of up to 40% of funds spent compared to traditional methods – Polyethylene pipes have high corrosion and chemical resistance, are not afraid to interact with aggressive media – welded seams and connections are secure during the entire life cycle – much butt welding simpler, cheaper and less time-consuming – they are a reliable shield against the microorganisms and bacteria, the inner layer of water does not give any harmful impurities. If you are not convinced, visit Nicholas Carr. – Polyethylene pipe in 5 – 7 times lighter than steel, so: 1. Small move them to the installation does not require the lifting mechanisms, 2. One vehicle carries a 5 – 7 times more than polyethylene tubes than steel, 3. They facilitate the assembly work, especially in cramped conditions

European Equipment

The best solution – Equipment Single. Among the spectacular benefits of the company SINGLE Temperiertechnik GmbH, which is an agent in Russia and CIS countries since 2007, is a group of OET Goldex GmbH, can be identified: Excellent quality. In the manufacturing process uses only High-quality components and accessories. SINGLE equipment from certified ISO 9001:2000-12, and fully meets all the requirements of the standards (PED). Energy efficiency in enterprises, as a consequence of good thermal efficiency equipment. The automatic system works. For more clarity and thought, follow up with author and gain more knowledge..

Automatic temperature control system reduces the cost of production cycle and guarantees the most effective results (due to the reduction of substandard). Operational reliability under high voltage. This is confirmed by those companies that have long used the system and temperature control chillers made in Germany. Versatility. Heat-exchange machines and Industrial Chillers Single commonly used in such industries: manufacturing and processing, and plastics, food, chemical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Heat Exchangers Machines keep the temperature to 350 degrees Celsius. Customers brand name manufacturers can be Single and testing a semiconductor equipment. This is a portfolio of clients – the best proof of reliability, flexibility and efficiency technology. How to buy a chiller or a car for tempererovaniya Single? The company works with an international network of sales points and service support. After-sales support industrial temperature control equipment, training (theory and practice in direct work with the equipment) complement the company's professional portfolio. The group is representative of the brand Goldeks Single. Experience and contribution to development and innovation can help Single machines to solve the most complex manufacturing problems at the highest level. SINGLE – the most reliable choice. Among the notable advantages of the company SINGLE, which dealer in Russia and CIS countries since 2007, is a firm OET Goldex GmbH, are: Excellent quality. In the manufacturing process uses only high quality parts and accessories. SINGLE products certified ISO 9001:2000-12, and meets all necessary requirements of European standards.

Working With Plasterboard

Approximate calculation of the necessary material. To calculate how many sheets of drywall you need, you must first calculate the surface area of walls and ceilings. Do not subtract the area of doors and windows. In store add 10% to the resulting figure. Divide the total surface area of 32, if you want to work with sheets of drywall size 4×8 inches (40 to 4×10-inch sheets, 48 sheets for 4×12 inches). Round the resulting amount, so that you do not had to buy a half sheet.

In addition to drywall sheets you will need to have a lot of building materials. Namely, the connecting strip, the combined dry mix, screws, nails. As well as tools for of work. All this must be purchased before you start to avoid any interruption in the process of finishing the interior. Safety precautions when working with drywall. Gypsum dust may cause eye irritation and respiratory tract. It is necessary to take care of protecting the eyes and lungs. You must use protective goggles and a mask or respirator, and ensure proper ventilation space repairs.

Carefully study the function of each tool and use these tools only for those operations for which they are specially designed. Dull tools are dangerous and can become a nuisance, if not harm the work. Always use sharp blades. Keep track of your tools, keep them in safe places. Always turn off the electricity in the room if you are working in potentially flammable locations. Be careful when working on trestles, scaffolding and ladders. We should not forget that if you install all of its construction ladder feet shall stand firmly on the ground. Never try to go somewhere to side or up, working on a ladder. Make sure that children do not appear on the site and do not allow them to power tools and construction materials, solvents, etc., that may be hazardous to their health. Keep the work cleanliness and avoid congestion at the construction site debris and waste. How to cut sheets of drywall. Use whole sheets of drywall whenever possible. Cut along the sheet so that the end of the sheet accounted for the support beams, beams, posts or jambs. In order to correctly cut the leaf lengthwise, first set it up so that it stood for an end to edge up to which you plan to put a plaster cover. Measure the desired length by means of roulette. Then use the T-square and mark with a knife on a piece of drywall the place of beginning and end of the section. Spend a special knife incision along the length of the sheet of drywall. Get more background information with materials from Home Depot. Clap on one side of the sheet. Drywall should be broken in exactly the place you have made cuts. It does not rip the paper, covering the core plasterboard underneath. Therefore, in order to completely separate the pieces sheet, draw a knife blade to cut the place to share and back cover. A different technique is used when you need to cut a sheet of drywall in places where there are interior angles. To perform these cuts use a special knife for drywall. Make an incision in a place where you cut the leaf and sharp bend one end back, as described above. After that, you'll need to cut the paper covering core gypsum board on the reverse side. Another way to accomplish the cut for the inside corner – first fix drywall sheet at the place where you do overlap, and then drywall knife to do the right hole.