European Equipment

The best solution – Equipment Single. Among the spectacular benefits of the company SINGLE Temperiertechnik GmbH, which is an agent in Russia and CIS countries since 2007, is a group of OET Goldex GmbH, can be identified: Excellent quality. In the manufacturing process uses only High-quality components and accessories. SINGLE equipment from certified ISO 9001:2000-12, and fully meets all the requirements of the standards (PED). Energy efficiency in enterprises, as a consequence of good thermal efficiency equipment. The automatic system works. For more clarity and thought, follow up with author and gain more knowledge..

Automatic temperature control system reduces the cost of production cycle and guarantees the most effective results (due to the reduction of substandard). Operational reliability under high voltage. This is confirmed by those companies that have long used the system and temperature control chillers made in Germany. Versatility. Heat-exchange machines and Industrial Chillers Single commonly used in such industries: manufacturing and processing, and plastics, food, chemical, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Heat Exchangers Machines keep the temperature to 350 degrees Celsius. Customers brand name manufacturers can be Single and testing a semiconductor equipment. This is a portfolio of clients – the best proof of reliability, flexibility and efficiency technology. How to buy a chiller or a car for tempererovaniya Single? The company works with an international network of sales points and service support. After-sales support industrial temperature control equipment, training (theory and practice in direct work with the equipment) complement the company's professional portfolio. The group is representative of the brand Goldeks Single. Experience and contribution to development and innovation can help Single machines to solve the most complex manufacturing problems at the highest level. SINGLE – the most reliable choice. Among the notable advantages of the company SINGLE, which dealer in Russia and CIS countries since 2007, is a firm OET Goldex GmbH, are: Excellent quality. In the manufacturing process uses only high quality parts and accessories. SINGLE products certified ISO 9001:2000-12, and meets all necessary requirements of European standards.