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Price the legislation is clear when it determines that the price is always at sight, rank that the ability to apply taxes of interests is exclusive of financial institutions. It has a great difference between price and mode of payment, this it can be parceled out and legally it could be applied the tax of interests, while that one even so many traders fracione the payment will not have to happen interests. Some establishments exist that still place acknowledgments alerting the consumers who the price of one determined product is R$ 30,00, but it will be for thirty days will be charged R$ 35,00. Very common this practical abusive in the interiors of the country. Approaching on the visible price, also it is verified that this must is visibly to the disposal of the consumer, also in the show windows. How much the guarantee this, is established in article 50 of the CDC which determines that the same one is contractual and of written form. How much to the validity stated period this information is respectable especially when one is about perishable products, rank that can cause damages the health case of ingestion is of the validity stated period.

Another important data are that in some products two stated periods of validity exist. When closed one and other after opened. This information, many times is omitted by the suppliers. CONCLUSION. Some conclusions can be observed in the research. The CDC, of inoxervel form is a great advance for the protection of the consumer. But, exactly knowing of the determination foreseen the suppliers there they are not gotten tired in trying to ludibriar the consumers. If thus it was not, the judiciary one would not be overloaded of action against suppliers.

Many are champion of demands appearing in the passive polar region, having until the necessity of mutires deal to decide it, face to the impossibility of the attendance to the monstrous number of claims. Another aspect, is that the proper State little invests in agencies fiscalizadores. In Brazil when if it deals with fiscalization in the protection of the vulnerable society, the indifference is bigger still, that is, of the much importance not remaining only to the wronged consumer to search the guardianship jurisdictional aiming at to support its liquid and certain right, for being of justice. BIBLIOGRAPHY. BARBOSA, Fernanda Nunes. Information: right and duty in the relations of Consumption. So Paulo RT 2008 NUNES, Luis Antonio Rizzato. Course of Right of the Consumer. 6 Ed So Paulo Hail, 2011. 1 Academic of Right Attending a course the sixth period in the College of Sciences Social Human beings and.